Dist sense better than gain ?

  • Hi!

    Found some good Marshall crunch tones and wanted to add some gain to them.

    turning up the gain knob in the amp section act really weird, not working at all the way I expected.

    But increasing the distortion sense was really better to keep the original tone of the amp.

    What’s your thoughts on that?

  • Should not be a difference - except different scaling. And Distortion Sense is only affecting distorted sounds, not clean tones.

    Or are you using stomps? Distortion Sense affects both - stomps and the amp! If you only add gain to the amp and not to the Green Scream for example, it will be different than using Distortion Sense of course.

  • It takes some time to set up for a particular sound but I highly recommend stomp boxes - rather than the distortion sense feature though that might work. The important thing here is to never have the mix button at 100% because it already modifies the original sound of the amplifier that you want to keep. Try Lead Booster in this position: mix 40-50%, tone 4.0-4.5, Ducking 0.0, Volume 0.0-0.5 and put Green Scream next to it if needed but the mix button should be at max 40%, the Volume is max 0.0, Tone should not be higher than 3.0-3.5. (This obviously depends on how much gain the profile originally has.) Another useful option is the Definition knob (in the Amplifier menu) which allows you to give the amplifier more "force" if you set lower values - in addition to tightness if you set higher values. A value that is too low blurs the sound but between 5.0 and 7.0 is worth checking out. These are worth using together (Stomp box + Definition) and of course the sound depends on a lot of other things.