Profiler Rigs Tags Editor

  • Trying to create an html document instead of readme.txt

    Let me know if it works for you,

    By the way ,as i don't own a kpa i'm still searching for testers to.. test a new feature, linked to midi programs assignment,
    a midi foot controller is necessary for the test, send me a PM if you are interested.

    There is no danger, only trying to add/change a text file into a backup and import it.

  • Hi All,

    The following is related to the use of a midi foot controller:

    I noticed that in some user backups, there is in the root directory (same level than "Rigs"), a file MIDIAssignments.xml
    that seems to be the Backup of the MIDI Program Change map

    Having a look at this file, it is made of several "slots".
    Each slot has a number , a program name, and an associated rig file

    Normally it should be possible to create from your pc/mac several files like this one, let's take for example : set1.xml, set2.xml, rock_rigs.xml, high_gain_rigs.xml, ... so that when copying high_gain_rigs.xml for example to MIDIAssignments.xml in the backup and then restoring it from the kemper, all high gain rigs should be available from the midi foot controller.But this is supposition

    This is what I would like to test this, and if successful, to integrate such file generation in the "Basic Rig Tags Extractor/Editor"
    That's why I 'm searching for people willing to test this, if you are interested, PM me

    Thank you,

    Edit : first test performed by lbarrington:
    passed with a midi foot controller, the rigs follow the same order than the one described in this xml file

  • Hi Laurent,

    Back from a long vacation I just tested your software ( I did not test midi part ). My kpa is in 1.1.1 version.

    I could load a standard rig , retag it then import it without flaws.

    I then imported the whole 457 rigs batch you edited , it took a while but it's fully functionnal !! :thumbup: I was able to browse thru all marshalls regardless of the creator (sorted by amp, all rigs)

    Guys, what a major step it is !! It is so cool to be able to use the sorting options like they were intended to, by amp brand name etc ...

    Great work;

    Thanks a lot, Laurent. You really deserve your future KPA !!

  • Thanks a lot for the kind words !!

    Keep in mind that it is not a professional tool, simply a potential solution to edit tags while waiting for an official one that will certainly come one of these days, this is my personal feeling

    By the way, I should deliver a last version allowing to perform some MIDI program assignments (but limited to 96 programs)
    The tests are not yet finished, but creating or changing a MIDIAssignments.xml file in a backup allows when restoring it to have rigs arranged in the desired order.

    Then, I think I should soon play more guitar...:)


  • Thanks for the kind words,

    My kpa arrived one week ago, i'm starting to read the fabulous manual

    Any advice about how to correctly set the clean and disto sense parameters for a strat, a les paul, a jtv variax ?

    What are the values you set ?


  • Hey :)

    I am happy for you - it was about time you got one!
    Make sure you bookmark the link to

    The wiKPA thread

    as this will lead you to the WiKPA Document, that contains most of the additional info about the Kemper, that has been posted on this board at some point.


  • I have tried to follow these instructions on my mac, but just can't get it to install.

    I have downloaded the file.
    Uncompressed it in the downloads folder
    opened up the terminal
    entered the commands

    I just get these responses:

    Admins-MacBook-Pro-4:~ tk$ cd kpa_tag_inspector
    -bash: cd: kpa_tag_inspector: No such file or directory
    Admins-MacBook-Pro-4:~ tk$ cd kpa_tag_inspector
    -bash: cd: kpa_tag_inspector: No such file or directory
    Admins-MacBook-Pro-4:~ tk$ python
    python: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory
    Admins-MacBook-Pro-4:~ tk$ cd kpa_tag_inspector
    -bash: cd: kpa_tag_inspector: No such file or directory
    Admins-MacBook-Pro-4:~ tk$ python kpa_tag_inspector.
    python: can't open file 'kpa_tag_inspector.': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

    I know it must be something obvious. What am I missing?

  • HI,

    The problem is certainly that after opening the terminal, you are not into the "Downloads" directory..
    You need to know what is the path to the Downloads directory : on my mac, it is /Users/laurent/Downloads.

    1 - Open the terminal
    2 - run : pwd
    3 - if the result does not match the Downloads directory, you need to go into it by running : cd /Users/XXX/Downloads
    4 - run : pwd
    5 - Now you should see the "kpa_tag_inspector" directory, run : ls

    Can you please try and answer me using the private mail (as long as we didn't solve this issue, there is no need to share this with everybody) ?
    By the way, what is the Os on your mac ?

    I'll be waiting for your feedback,

  • Hey Troy,

    It seems that you didn't enable your PM so that i can not contact you, please activate this feature in your profile.

    Since yesterday, i've got an iMac running OsX 10.8.3 (and python 2.7.2) and i succeeded to launch the tool.

    Can you please try the following steps using this url (i accidentally destroyed the original zip file under dropbox) and let me know the results using Private Message ?

    1 - Copy https://dl.dropboxusercontent.…749/ in your "Downloads" directory. (forget the url given in the html page, i need to change it)
    2 - Using the finder, double-click on this zip file, it should be uncompressed and you should get a "kpa_tag_inspector" directory
    3 - Open the terminal utility
    4 - goto the kpa_tag_inspector directory that should be in your "Downloads" directory.
    5 - Run : python
    6 - Hope it works...

    Waiting to hear from you,

  • I'm not sure this can be useful, but i made an excel sheet for my own needs from the rig packs, it is available here :…WFcybTctMDRIb3dQZGc#gid=0

    And some extracted tags from rig exchange rigs are available here :…MUlfMTdFM1BoT0N6ekE#gid=0

    The 2 sheets are sorted by Rig Author, but you can sort using other tags ( at first row of every column, you can change the filter)


  • Hi Laurent,
    yes it's late but just want to let you know. I tested your Rig Tags extractor on Windows Vista with exactly your Instructions. WOW!!! Fantastic job right here.
    Amazing how much effort you put into it AND IT WORKS GREAT!!! I did change a lot of my RIG's using your Rig Tags extractor, NO ERRORS, NO PROBLEMS at all.
    Just did the changes I want it saved the RIG's back and brought it back into my KEMPER (v2.0). Even in this version of my Kemper.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING WITH US this FANTASTIC TOOL!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    SWEET... RockOn

    Thanks again,

  • in the case you are interested, i performed some changes to the basic rig tags extractor so that it is possible to read not only rig files but also amps and cabinets kipr files.
    csv import works also for kipr files containing either cabinets or amps only.

    Here is an example :…ZqY2dhU1I0TlE&usp=sharing
    and an other one :…JYRGJ4TV8xY0E&usp=sharing

    Be aware that the field separator in csv files is "," instead of ";".

    The link remains the same, and i didn't communicate on this since i didn't think it could interest someone :

    I hope it works for you, i tested from an uncompressed backup performed on my kpa

    NOTE : when generating a csv file from either Stomp, Delay or Reverb kipr files, only the effect name is reported into the file (but it should not generate an error)
    Here is an example :…85cWI3QmltNXc&usp=sharing