Find Your Tone Profiles

  • Hello Kemper users!

    I'm very happy to present you our first profiles "Find Your Tone" for Kemper.

    These profiles were created in a professional studio in Belgium - The Noise Factory Studio.

    The studio has high quality equipment and very good acoustics.

    The first amp pack is the Mesa Boogie JP2C (limited edition) with a 4X12 Mesa Boogie OS.

    The pack contains 36 studio profiles "RAW" with raw sound (mic only or different mix created by a professionnal sound engineer) and 4 presets ready to play.

    Microphones used = Royer R121, Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD421, Neumann U87

    Preamps used = API 3124, Neve 8801, Amek Angela with top quality converters.

    We are just starting but we plan to create dozens of packs with several amps (Two Rock, Bogner, HK, Fender,...)

    Here's a video of comparison between the profile and the real amp during the studio recording:

    The result is impressive and more demos are coming.

    We don't have a sales platform yet, if (and only if) the first pack sells well we will start the next one!

    If you're interested, there is one preset in attached file then send me a private message and I'll give the information to get the full pack at a ridiculous introductory price.

    I'm available to hear your feedbacks and help you to find the best tone possible.

    Thanks to all,

    We hope you'll enjoy the pack!

    Anthony for "Find Your Tone" project.