STAGE Stereo routing with MIMIC

  • I have the mimiq with a powerrack. I have my stereo main outs going into the mimiq. Then the mimiq outs going to the Interface ins. So, you would basically "splice" the mimiq in between your stage outs and speaker cabs ins using TS cables (or to FOH ins depending on your setup. Then you would need TS to XLR cables).

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  • Would someone be kind enough to walk me through routing my MIMIC pedal in STEREO?

    I need to know how to route the cables AND how to configure for it...


    I used to use the Mimiq with my Kemper. I ended up taking it out and just using the delay widener feature because the Mimiq didn’t really have much of an impact on the sound out front (I was running in stereo). It actually had a slightly metallic sound to it that I didn’t like. The delay widener sounded slightly better through the mains without this metallic sound. I still use the delay widener instead of the double tracker feature of the Kemper.

    As far as how to configure the Mimiq, it’s been a while, but I know you need to run it through the effects loop, put it in the “x” slot as a stereo loop. Make sure you’re running in stereo or it’ll sound awful. The part I can’t quite remember how I had hooked up was which inputs to use on the back of the Kemper. I’m pretty sure I know I was using some combination of the direct out, and alternative input.