SOLVED - Public Beta Possible Bug detected

  • It has happened twice (not always):

    Stage connected to iOS RM on an iPad. I select from the stage another performace, press the switch of the slot that I want, it activates...but the Rig remains the one that was previously active (it even shows the name of the previous Rig on display together with the new performance name). If I go back and forth still remains the same Rig. If I select a third performance and switch on a slot, and then go back to the one I wanted, then it works again all normally.

    Anybody else?

  • Update: it does saves from alone the rigs that gets "dragged" in the new (unwanted) position. After 30 minutes playing all my performances where messed up and had to restore from backup. Disconnected from iOS RM and all normal again. Going to downgrade to 8.7.4 tomorrow because during sessions I use only the iPad to make adjustments.

  • I could track down the exact behavior. It happen only with iOS RM connected (1.2.1 running on iPad air gen 2 connected through the local WLAN) and when changing from a slot within a performance to the same slot in the other performance (ex: performance 12, slot 3 going in to performance 11 slot 3), then the original Rig is keeped and substitute the one that was originally saved. It happen pretty much consistently also with today's release version.

    is anybody able to replicate it?

  • Our developers have investigated and do understand this issue. Will be fixed in next version.

    Be aware a few conditions need to be met altogether:

    1. Rig Manager needs to be connected

    2. Performance Load=Pending - doesn't happen with "Keep Slot" nor "Rig 1"

    3. you need to change Performance and load the same Slot e.g. coming from Performance 3 Slot 4 moving to Performance 2 loading again Slot 4.

    I guess, this offers opportunities for work-arounds.

  • Thanks Burhard for the answer, i guess this is more of an issue for my specific workflow for studio sessions (we make a lot of jingles, adds and backing tracks for shows, nothing fancy) that requires a lot of quick adjustments and gives time only for a couple of takes after it (studio time is money).

    I'll keep using the front panel in the meantime, but glad to hear it is in progress.

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