KPA and Rocktron Velocity

  • Hi there,

    i know there are some discussions about the right power amp for the KPA going on.

    I recently connected my KPA to my old Rocktron Velocity 120 into an Marshall 1960 4x12.
    I can only say that i was very, very pleased with the result. For me, there is no need for another amp like Matrix etc.
    The velocity does the job perfectly.

    I also checked the KPA with my Marshall 9200 2x100 Watt poweramp and it was just fine. But the Rocktron is the better fit.

    Last test was to play the KPA through the Return of my Mesa Mark V head feeding my Mesa Recto 4x12. And again: Win for the Rocktron.

    I just wanted to share my experience with you all who are looking for a power amp and i can speak only positive about the Velocity.

    Take care,

  • Had a velocity when I had the XT Pro, intellifex and BBE running a Marshall 1922 cab. I didn't liked it and traded it in for a Marshall 20/20 tube amp

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