TheAmpFactory PACK 2

  • Hello one and all!.

    Its been some time since the last release of the ampfactory, although rest assured Ive not been silent.
    I can now Proudly announce the release of the 2nd pack. labeled " Your Pack" - as mostly every one of these amps has been requested by you in one way or another over on my forum, or via email etc.

    Ive tried to get as many as I could, but still there is a lot of holes, so dont worry if your request is not here yet, I#ll get to them dont worry. - some amps are hard as gold to get hold off. whilst some are easy and quick.

    I thank you all for the suggestions, and Ive even found a few new favorite amps out of this...


    Here are the list of new amps.

    Fender Bassman
    Fender Twin
    Fender VibroVerb
    Vox AC30 Top Boost
    Marshall 1987x
    Peavey 5150
    HiWatt DR103
    Bogner Goldfinger
    Bogner Uberschall
    TwoRock Studio Pro 35
    Evil Robot
    H&K Statesman EL84
    Cornford Carrera
    Supro 1624T
    TrainWreck Express
    Orange RockerVerb
    FreidMan BrownEye
    Splawn StreedRod
    TwoRock Scholfeild
    AFD Slash #2
    ToneKIng Falcon
    DieZel VH4
    DieZel Herbert
    D/13 FRT37

    As always each one carefully printed to Kemper format, using top end equip/mics and cabs.

    Ive done it a bit differently this time, and listed to your feedback. - so there are less profiles (less stomps) but plenty of scope within each one. - as always I will be sure to find ways to improve on them and send them out as I did before if needed.

    Needles to say, Previous pack holders will get a discount that will be mailed to you shortly after I write this.

    Thanks to Andertons UK for helping supply some of these great amps, and to Joes Pedals for supplying me with top end stomp pedals.

    Also want to thank DieZel amps for helping support me, in a hectic time with the VH4, and were kind enough to ship me a replacement for this purpose.

    As always My service to you will always be here, and I always want to get better at my craft, so please if you have any questions about setup or problems please feel free to mail me, message me, hell phone me or hunt me down, whatever your method I'm here to help. - also can try my forum too


    All the best.. and Please Enjoy!

    EDIT - Some Photos took place, I didn't get all the amps, as often time was thin..was simply get amps, drag to studio, drag back, send back. - the studio is dimly lit, so pics came out terrible. - if I had a good camera would of helped :)

    about 6 or 7 amps in pic format, bit arty.. but guess thats just my style..

    EDIT: The samples will be going up over the next week...

  • Nice. I bought the bundle. Can't wait to play.


    MY GEAR:
    Taylor T5 Koa, Taylor SBS1, Fender Select Koa Telecaster | PRS SE 50 w/ 2x12 Cab | Kemper Profiling Amp | 2x Tannoy 601a Monitors

  • The Trainwreck is all you think it should be and then some. And it's the friggin' real deal, no Ceriatone clone.

    The new '66 AC30 is IMHO the best AC30 profile to date and all vintage lovers should check out the Supro.

    And finally we have some decent profiles of a real '59 Bassman - although I haven't figure out if it's really 2x12 or just a typo in the tags. Anyway: That was one classic amp that was seriously missing in the Kemper.

    Now that pack brings many of my personal favorites. I don't care too much about the Friedman or the H&K, but that frigging Trainwreck, the Supro and the Bassman is worth that pack alone.

  • Great! I love new profiles :P .
    I still think you should take a picture of the amps?

    See the Link in the first post :)
    added a few porn pics for you to glare at.. these are all pre-studio - in the only bit of good light I get in my home!. (Yeah yeah I live in london, I get it.. its always dark!)

  • Wow, so many great amps in that one! Have to pack now for a gig tonight but will definitely buy some of these (or maybe the whole pack) tomorrow!!!!

    Btw. The Two Rock is a "Matt Schofield Signature" and not Paul Schofield as stated on your site!! But as I love Matt Schofield and especially his guitar sound that's even so much better!! ;)


  • When will all of the amps, such as the TW, be available separately? I'm good with springing for some, but all aren't in my wheelhouse. :) Very interested in the Streetrod, Friedman, and the Express. BTW, what name did Ken give the Express? <They were always "girls">


  • they are all separate now, btw.. just the site is undergoing a few changes so it may look odd for a few days. but still working just fine :)

    the TW was called Daisy, (itanbull)

    Regarding that Trainwreck:

    When I fired it up with my Strat the first thing I thought was "Aerosmiths" early 90s sound. It has a very special attack and a growling bark that is so distinctive. It was another experience of "oh, that's how they did it". Another striking similarity is the lead sound of Keith Scott in the 80s on the first Bryan Adams albums. It was always said he used the Trainwreck of a studio back then but when I tried the profile with my Les Paul I was convinced he really used a Trainwreck.

    I know you won't disclose who owns the amp you profiled, but I think I've got a vague idea and I'm downloading an album on which he supposedly played that amp ;)

    Also great is the Supro. Plugged in an old Tele and it was Led Zeppelin I all the way. And for those of you who still won't believe that Stairway to heaven was a Tele with a Supro, just try that profile ;)

  • "Btw. The Two Rock is a "Matt Schofield Signature" and not Paul Schofield
    as stated on your site!! But as I love Matt Schofield and especially
    his guitar sound that's even so much better!! ;) "

    I hoped that it was a typing error. I realy love Matts sound and playing. Now only the John Mayer and Eric Gales Signature Two Rock is missing in my collection.

  • Yes indeed, its a 4x10 Jensons. black edition. - 2 typos in this pack :) - proves how stressful and on the wire it was.. rocknroll! haha!

    Incidentally..speakers, Im massive on Crank legends currently, just installed these into my personal orange cab, and really sound amazing, im going to be adding that as a bonus for all soon too. (aswell as many others)