SEARCH Fails to Return Query on Content that Exists & Private Forum is not Private.

  • I've had trouble finding some things through search. Thought it was me.

    I praised the recent work of "viabcroce" for his tips and tricks manual. Even got a reply that I'd do just as good using "search" which I was perplexed by, since I'd found immediate answers in his document that I could NOT find on the forum. (that is, it didn't come up in the first so many threads returned from the query)

    But now I have proof that SEARCH is not returning some itesm, so HA!

    I searched for "EP1-KP", result: nothing
    Then I searched for "EP1", result: nothing

    Yet here is a thread:…page=Thread&threadID=7149

    Thus, the Kemper forum can't even search for it's OWN pedal!

    I then searched google for the Kemper pedal:…&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    Google can find what the Kemper forum search can't.

    I even took text from the "private" forum thread subject and put it into google.
    Google gave me the link to the same thread. This was in another web browser I was not signed into, I could still view it.

    So while I have to sign into the Kemper website to see the private forum, I can just see it by searching google.

    So the "private" forum is not private at all.

  • Everyone can see the private forum. Only registered and logged in users can post in private forum.

    The search function needs obviously a minimal search string length of 4 characters. Characters like "-" are ignored.

    They use a veeeeery old forum script from Woltlab. I think it is massive customized and it would be a pain in the ass to upgrade the script to a actual release with all those nice gimmicks we know from modern forums.

    Best way is to not spend too much time here. :P