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  • Awesome reply. Did you get the 8 for more inputs and flexibility? The ua tech replied that he thought the apollo would be s significant improvement over the duet. I'm leaning apollo because of that and the plug-ins that can happen at the box vs hitting the cpu of the computer. I've also reconfigured my set up so that the monitors and xitone can play simultaneously, that 12" speaker really fills out the lower volume sounds that I'm looking for. It seems like the apollo provides more options than the focusrite clarette 2pre, especially with the ua plug ins, correct? Thanks again for your help! Fun journey...

  • Hi Kinucleor,

    When I had the Apollo Twin, I went Coaxial cable (RCA jacks) to a converter. It converted Coaxial -> Optical
    So you'd need a converter similar to this:

    And of course, an optical cable, which is all the Apollo takes. Inside the Apollo mix software (called "Console") you'd have to make sure it was set to receive S/PDIF over that Optical cable and NOT be set to the ADAT protocol, which is more typical of that Optical cable.

    I now have the Apollo 8 which has a direct Coaxial input, so I just go straight cable. I miss having that Optical cable option because it's a very thin cable and you can route it a very long ways, under rugs, w/o seeing/feeling it under your foot.

    You can also look into the Focusrite Clarett which works just as well for S/PDIF.

    This will get the best possible signal into your computer. The key here is to tame the Kemper's OUTPUT SPDIF to about -10dB so it doesn't overload your inputs. Overload them, and it sounds like shit. That's because you are going too hot (a no-no with digital, unlike the old analog days) and this art of proper volume through the various components is called "Gain-Staging", something to look up and get an idea about. Sometimes it's just a gain-staging issue, why things don't sound right.

    As always, if the Kemper sounds better in Headphones than the OUTPUT wires, do a Global Reset. Sometimes settings make for a bad sound. Sometimes an update can do it, too. Headphones are my reference. Or memory, if I remember a particular amp sounding fantastic and now it sounds thin: Global Reset! haha

    Now, the BEST sound I've gotten for just playing in the room was/is to use a real guitar cabinet. I have an Avalon 2x12 that are 8 Ohms. I use a simple ISP Stealth that I got locally used on Craigslist. It's pretty LOUD and very cheap compared to most amplifiers. Unless you have a built-in power amp from your Kemper.

    The key here is to remember to get an AMP cable, not use a Guitar Cable for going out the Stealth->2x12 CABINET
    Read up on Ohm Impedance matching between Power Amp and Cabinet.
    Also, remember that the Distortion is to come from the Kemper profiler and NOT the speaker. Turning up the volume until it distorts can destroy your speaker if you have a very powerful power amplifier (the Kemper Power Amp Class D can do this!)

    If a profile isn't distorting, its either a clean profile, or the GAIN on the Kemper isn't turned up. It's not a volume thing on the Kemper. It CAN be a volume thing on your guitar. That's what I love about the Kemper. That you can dial back, get clean, dial back up, and get dirty.

    Playing out a cabinet is HOW the Kemper is meant to be heard live, IMO. Playing it into a computer is for recording. Not re-playing back out your monitors. You CAN do this, but it will sound more sterile because monitors aren't EQ shaped like a Guitar Cab is. It won't push air to feel it in your chest like a real amp. (Unless you have a Subwoofer which comes close!)

    Last issue, when playing to a real guitar cabinet, turn the KPA's CAB section off. Remember to do this for every profile. You don't want to force a Marshall emulation through a Fender cabinet, or vice-versa. It just sound better turning the CAB section off. Less muddy.

    Hope some of that helps!

  • Hi!
    Saw your post on high end interfaces from last year...

    I am wondering/researching if I can improve my kemper sound by changing my interface from an apogee duet usb to something like ua apollo twin mkII, and if so how would this be accomplished...xlr, 1/4", spdif, guitar output into kemper and apollo interface...

    My current setup: In my project studio I have Kemper xlr outs into event 20/20p (circa 2000) monitors; kemper line outs into apogee duet usb into iMac/apogee outs into a pair of genelec 8030b. I use logic x as my daw. I also use the mac/apogee/kemper set up to practice/study/playback with yousician. I also have a xitone powered 1x12 cabinet that is connected to the monitor out from the kemper.

    I’d like to improve the kemper sound into the 2 pair of monitors (into the xitone it sounds great): being able to play both pairs simultaneously or independently. I am trying to achieve awesome sounds, from clean to mean at bedroom volumes. I’m pretty much there with this setup, but there is some fidelity and control that is lacking.

    So I’m wondering if I should look at something like the united audio apollo twin mkII, which would replace the duet and provide some of their acclaimed tools for dialing in better sounds. (I want to be able to use both pairs of monitors simultaneously).

    Also does the included ua software work with logic x or are these independent software tools that are used/standalone outside any daw?

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks! Dan

  • Hi. I've read in some threads that you have a high opinion of both TAF and Soundside profiles. I bought some profiles from TAF and I do like them a lot, esp. the Grand Finale pack. Have you tried the Soundside Vibrolux, 59 Plexi and the Tone King? Are there anything gems in Soundside that TAF or Britt have not improved upon? Thanks.

  • Hi db, long time. What do you think of the latest Britt packs? DId you pick up either of the newest (2)? curious, I'm tempted with the vintage pack but have so many good profiles ATM just whittled down to about 470. :)