Find the best mic position

  • How do you do it?

    Best is to have the cabinet in a separate room with the option to move the mic from the control room.

    If I profile in the same room were the amp is I do like this:

    1 ) Record some riff and chords into a looper
    2 ) Setup your preamp, connect an isolation headphone to the Kemper
    3 ) Play the loop
    4 ) Move your mic - until you find a great position
    5 ) Profile
    6 ) If the profile sounds great - fine - if not - goto 3
    7 ) Take some pictures of the mic and cabinet to remember the position
    8 ) Profile all the amp settings you like to profile

    btw. sometimes I need different mic positions for clean and distorted sounds

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  • Number 2) Is great! Much more effective than running to and fro after each millimeter. I use small walkmen type of earplugs under heavy industry earmuffs (Howard Leight T3) - very good isolation. (I had them lying around because I had some strange kind of Karma for attracting road works in front of my house for several summers.)

    Between 4) and 5) I would do a test recording.

    Does anyone have experience with this Radial Engineering Phazer for phase alignment of two mics?
    I have been away for quite a while. A few years ago I sold my KPA and since then played my own small tube amp with a Bad Cat Unleash. Now I am back because the DI-profile that I made from my amp sounds very much convincing to me.

  • ...Between 4) and 5) I would do a test recording...

    Agree 100%.

    Before each profiling session, I cue up Logic (my DAW) and import a couple CD guitar reference tracks for comparison.

    Then I mic up my rig and make some test recordings, comparing my sound against the studio recordings.

    Once I'm happy with the test recording I go through the profiling process.

    Then I A/B the profile with my original direct recorded track, the profile and the CD reference track.