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    The cab on the bottom is a Spark (2x10 + 2 tweeter). The one on the top has one Kone inside and is all I need (active cab). The Spark is great for cleans but for distortion I prefer imprints.

    Both together sound alone great as well but not in the context of band sound. Maybe one day I return to the Spark but currently the Kone provides more dirt and is not as tidy as the Spark.

    oh cool man.
    :) so 1 Kone seems to be enough eh? Interesting that it performs better for you in the distorted territory, that works for me.

    that’s the main reason I gave up on 4x12 cabs. To get to a level where I was happy on stage the front of the audience get blown away like being in the blast zone of a nuclear bomb.

    I’m not a metal guy but I can tell you that a 5 piece brass section right behind your head is pretty &£*@in’ loud 🤣

    I friend of mine recently posted a photo of his old rig from his stadium days on Facebook. he is a Kemper stage user now but that rig was a pair of in stereo for crunch and a Fender Twin for clean. He said it was so loud he couldn’t stand in front of it even on those gigs. The funny thing was he pointed out the clips on the front of stage set which were used to hang the dummy 412 grills for the audience 🤣

    I hear ya... lol no pun intended... I used to play in the brass section before guitar entered my life... were the Mesa Lonestars 1x12 or 2x12, not that it matters I guess... lol I am just trying to rationalize a 1x12 being enough - without pluggin into the powered kab it is hard to know without trying it out.

    Thank you guys for continuing this thread with valuable info. Personally, not that I am not a fan of a 1x12 I just don't see in a rock/metal situation how it can deliver. lol I'm not a jazz guy or even a blues man - mostly rock/metal when it comes to getting my kicks and my drummers have and usually are pounders and yes I am deaf from 40 years of it but that said, I've always had to turn up a 100w Marshall 1/2 stack (or full stack) to the bleeding edge just to hear wth I'm doing next to a guy beating the daylights out of his kit and bass player eating up the rest of the frequencies. So if I was in a quieter bar band or "controlled" stage environment (the way they do things now) I could imagine the power kab 1x12 doing great at keeping up but in an untamed metal thing??? Please keep me updated.

    200W in 1x12 for guitar, is more than enough to be heard over loud drummer imo.

    What you would gain with a 2x12 or 4x12 has more to do with tone than loudness... it would give a "thicker" sound, since there are more speakers moving air.

    I'm used to either 2x12 or 4x12 cabs with a 100w head, they do move more air but never really had a 1x12 that could conquer a drummer.

    Well, as of this writing looks like we finally have a Kemper Kab with built in power amp... Is 1x12 / 200w enough to be heard over a loud drummer or is it best to load a 2x12 cab with kemper kones/ or celestion and have bigger power supply like the Duncan 700w? options???

    By "pushing it back" I didn't mean reducing the level of the guitars. In mixing parlance it means placing it further away from the listener.

    This is why you lost that definition. The vox needed to come forward, which you achieved by reducing the reverb. It didn't require a rise in volume necessarily; it was simply living too far away. Raising its volume is probably partly why you lost that bit of guitar intelligibility.

    Damn lol I should just hire you to do my mixes.. hahha Compressors/EQ's and Limiters are dangerous in the wrong hands.

    Well fwiw u did a remix and tried to get more balance between guitar and vocals. Also tried different compressor on master bus. It never ends, mixing is perfect for OCD... Lol I'm happy enough with the project and guitar tone.

    Interesting, thank you so much for the clarification. After spinning all the dials and just listening to whatever the response would have been what you are saying is what I experienced. The real trick at least from my time spent was dialing in the amount of gain to achieve the blended sounds of profiles.

    Only 2 actual performances but set out to see if I could stack the tones a little better. I found phasing issues on some of the sounds, lots if trial and error but I'm learning the cleaner the amps the more definition is achieved. Tried some egnator, fender, Marshall and krank amps.