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    i had a similar issue awhile back.

    I went into the system settings and cleared the button that was giving me issues. If memory serves me correctly, mine was the MOD button as well.

    Once I cleared it and set up the preset again, all has been well.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I agree this method is a hassle but it seems like the only one that will work for me, for now. I'll just add a bass prefix to the bass rigs so that they are all bundled together. At the same time though, it's odd to me that a "just guitar" filter is not available similar to the "just bass" filter. I just got the Kemper 2 months ago and I LOVE IT but for it to not have a such a simple function is kind of disappointing.

    If only there were a Bass Clef symbol to use. That way you'd only be taking up 1 character space. Maybe suggest that (along with a Treble Clef) for the next update?

    I've always wondered why there is a "?" character in most devices:/. Replace that sucker with a Bass Clef! :D;)

    Indeed, that makes total sense MM.

    I have experienced this too. I have found that a heavy hand and a stiff attack are contributing factors for me.

    I dialed back the Clean Sensitivity and swap to a thin pick and that has mostly cured it.

    I still get carried away sometimes and can still generate some of those pops. But for the most part it is now a non issue.

    Other than being heavy handed and using a 1mm pick, the only other contributing factor could be hot pickups...which i also use.

    Hope this helps.


    I wouldn't go throwing money at an expensive IEM set-up and expect miraculous results.

    If you've tried multiple different headphones and they all sound bad, there may be other issues at hand.

    I have a 30yr old set of cheapo Sennheiser eh150 headphones that I bought new for like $100 in the early 90's. The foam pads are so deteriorated that they leave black crap all over my ears after I use them......BUT....they sound so good, that I've never felt the need to upgrade. They translate extremely well to what I hear through my desk monitors and as well as my PA speakers.

    That being said, for live use, I use a Mipro Mi909 system with Westone UM Pro30 IEM's. That is a killer, relatively budget friendly, set-up too.

    Another forum member had a similar issue recently.

    The input signal that the Kemper was receiving was too hot and clipping. The Kemper mistook the clipping as a noise gate.

    You're signal still may be too hot if the profile did not turn out well.

    When you load a preset you're just setting the values that preset defines. There is no name associated to the values once loaded in your profiler. And with the Kemper design for presets that name could not logically be persisted.

    Think of it this way - if you used presets to build a rig, then post that rig on the Rig Exchange, there would be no way to know if anyone else who might download it has the same preset. Or worse yet, suppose they had the same preset name but had altered their copy to be different. Or even in your own case - suppose you load a preset then make changes in your rig to the values the preset had entered. That means it would no longer be the same preset. So what would the Rig now show?

    On the left (darker shade) side of the screen, it would still display the Type of effect in the slot (Vintage Chorus, in this case). So the end user would still know which Type of chorus is being used for the preset. Then the preset name would be displayed on the right (clear) side of the screen.

    So no, that doesn't make sense to me in that regard.

    However, I do see your point point of potential conflict with identical preset names. But I think there could be a work around there as well.

    Such as a flag warning "duplicate preset name, do you want to replace/rename". Or better yet, in that instance, the preset name would be negated altogether and only the Type (again, Vintage Chorus, in this case) would be noted.

    I can't see this as being any more of an issue than having duplicate rig names.

    Granted, I'm not a software writer nor engineer so all of this may be more hassle than what it's worth.

    But in the end, I still find it puzzling (and problematic) to not know which preset is being used on a particular rig.

    Exactly. Yeah, it stays visible while you remain on the same rig, but as soon as you open up a different rig, there is seemingly know way to know what preset is being used. That is problematic.

    Hey ST.

    Yeah I'm referring to the display on the Stage itself, not RM.

    Maybe I have something set wrong?

    This is what I'm seeing:

    These are each different rigs to show that it is a global issue and not rig specific. But both chorus presets are named Troy$.

    As you can see, the only name displayed is the Type of chorus (Vintage) that the Preset is saved under.

    This is the case with all presets that I have made and saved. Maybe I have done something wrong during the "save" process?