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    I had the same issue with mine...lack of feel of the switch when engaging/disengaging.

    I replaced the switch with another brand, although I dont recall which brand it was.

    It was an improvement, but still not nearly as palpable as a a crybaby type switch.

    Now i just rely on the orange light in Stomp 1 to tell me when it's on/off.


    ...and lose the E. For f's sake, ever since this issue was raised a few days ago, my eyes are just locked on it now. Who makes profiles or downloads, or whatever you wanna call it, and doesn't modify it? Just

    Following too.

    This seems to be a common issue lately and I'm very curious about it.

    I haven't had this problem (yet). And I hope I don't encounter it.

    If it is/was just a bad "batch", I'd like to think that the Kemp Kamp knows which serial numbers are involved.

    If it's a random occurrence, then it is even more concerning.

    Like others have mentioned, your problem may be as simple as volume. Turn it up and get some air moving. You may be very surprised at the difference even a few db can make.

    I will say this though, I didn't much care for 3rd party profiles either. I like what I like and what I like are my own profiles.



    If I grind it all down to brass tacks, I guess I use "my" clean sensitivity as "my" input buffer. So this kinda makes sense for the OP.

    I've nver even F'd with the distortion sensitivity, didnt see a point... so..?

    But then again, what works for me ain't gonna work for some.


    with those settings you are simply increasing the volume since you are adding 2 voices that play the same pitch to the signal. If you turn down mix to -50% you are only hearing the original signal hence no volume boost.

    Yeah, i get that....but there is a second voice. Even though it's @ 0 mix, doesn't it add a subtle "doubling effect? I mean, if it's 2 voices, that would seem logical. Or is it just a placebo effect?

    What are your settings for that boost function?









    In all actuality, this is probably on par with putting a treble booster in the X-slot. But there just seems to be something a little more organic to using the Harmonizer. Ymmv.

    Was fiddle fekkin around with effects today and just happened to stumble on how nicely the Harmonizer is as a boost in the X slot

    ...even with just the factory preset.

    It may just be me but, check it out, if you havent already.

    I haven't updated to the latest OS yet but I have run into similar audio issues with previous recent updates. The Kemper team claimed that there shouldn't be any changes to sound, but my ears say different.

    I always do a back-up (on thumb drive) of my Kemper before I do any OS updates. And this has helped me a time or two when, after the OS update, something just didn't sound right.

    If something doesn't sound right, I just restore my back-up file and all is good again.

    This has worked so far, for the couple of times I've had to do it.

    I have never taken the time to dig into see exactly what had changed after the OS update.

    Yes i did test it, and its not only the effect presets much more problematic are output presets and cab presets or amp presets.

    And yes I don´t like new features if they are not agreed with the customer.

    For professional use, consistency and reliability are much more important than new fancy features.

    In principle, updates should fix errors and not add further sources of error.

    Why not read the change log before you update?

    If you dont like the changes being implemented, don't update your device.

    Greetings to all in Kemper World!

    Stage user here.

    If the Tap button is assigned to an effect or stomp, it would be most helpful if the Tap LED would indicate on/off status.

    That being said, the same request would also apply when assigning stomps/effects to the Looper and/or Tuner buttons.

    I know this has been requested before, so my apologies for any redundancy.

    But now, more than ever, with each addition of more effects/stomps, this is becoming more of an issue. And it will only continue to be exacerbated with each new update that includes any additional presets.

    Caveat: This wasn't an issue for me UNTIL the latest release of Fuzzies! Now I'm addicted to using the Preamp Fuzz preset as a boost/od and needed a button to assign it to so I had to assigned it to the Tap button.

    Damn you CK for making this ridiculously great machine even greater! ;)

    Thank you for all you do!

    i had a similar issue awhile back.

    I went into the system settings and cleared the button that was giving me issues. If memory serves me correctly, mine was the MOD button as well.

    Once I cleared it and set up the preset again, all has been well.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I agree this method is a hassle but it seems like the only one that will work for me, for now. I'll just add a bass prefix to the bass rigs so that they are all bundled together. At the same time though, it's odd to me that a "just guitar" filter is not available similar to the "just bass" filter. I just got the Kemper 2 months ago and I LOVE IT but for it to not have a such a simple function is kind of disappointing.

    If only there were a Bass Clef symbol to use. That way you'd only be taking up 1 character space. Maybe suggest that (along with a Treble Clef) for the next update?

    I've always wondered why there is a "?" character in most devices:/. Replace that sucker with a Bass Clef! :D;)

    Indeed, that makes total sense MM.