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    Mine stays powered on 24x7 for literally weeks at a time. Zero issue.
    I leave computers powered on too and the Kemper is basically a small embedded computer but with a much more basic operating system.

    Computers are literally designed to do this. I’ve never understood why people think it’s necessary to turn them off.

    I work in a hospital on IT infrastructure - out of our fleet of computers, probably a good 4000 of them are literally running 24x7x365 (hospitals don’t sleep). Not once have I heard of an issue with a computer dying because of this. Yes occasional reboots are needed to clear RAM.

    Leave it on.. turn it off… whatever you feel like doing :) you’re not gonna break it. Just power it down periodically to clear things. And of course unplug during a storm.


    I do theatre shows. They are vastly different to the gigs I assume you do.

    Do I adjust parameters in every single rig/performance? YES. I do not use global eq etc. every sound is unique. Every piece of music is individually mixed to suit the scene of what’s going on on-stage. A solo sound in one song might have a Rig volume set vastly lower than another song, because it’s played underneath cast dialogue (talking). I pride myself on having consistency in my sound from one show to the next as the FOH sound operator is NOT actively mixing the band every night - they are focused on the 30 cast radio mics. They rely on the pre-programmed automation and therefore in turn rely on the musicians to be as consistent as possible.

    I don’t have the luxury of stopping a rehearsal to say “sorry folks just give me 30 seconds, I think my solo sound in that song needs a slight tweak”.

    I make mental (or physical) notes for any changes I want to make that I don’t have time to, and then go back and make them later.

    Quite literally every single sound change throughout the show is a new independent rig that I am either cycling through in order, or by using Performances (depends on the complexity of the show).

    Example; during my home programming I set reverb level on all the sounds to a certain level.

    Once I’m running the show I find I’m losing it in the mix and want to bump it up by 10% in every sound. I don’t need the hardware to make this change. I just need to make the same change on a heap of rigs. That means going through anywhere from 50-100 rigs to adjust that parameter.

    This would be nice to do at home on my couch while the Kemper is back at the theatre.

    Sorry for the long posts.. just thought it would be interesting for folks who may be used to playing in cover bands but not have an appreciation that there is other forms of gigs and we work a little different 😉

    I agree the original poster’s suggestion wouldn’t work given the hardware is needed to reproduce the sound.

    but the offshoot question of having the ability to tweak and create performances without the hardware would be super useful.

    Just because some people think that idea is naff doesn’t mean it’s naff for others.

    I might have a library of sounds and I just want to build the base performances up.. with the aim to tweak later. Being able to do that without being plugged into the hardware would be very helpful.

    Or, let’s say that during a dress rehearsal I felt all my sounds of a given type needed a slight boost… or a tad more reverb. ie. I want to make the same repeatable change to a whole stack of rigs. I do not need the hardware to hear this change. Rather than stick around after the show to make all those changes laboriously on the unit, Wouldn’t it be great if I could do that at home later in RM and then bring the laptop in to the theatre to upload the changes. (Ofcourse would be great to do via usb but alas performances can’t be loaded via usb.. )

    so yes.. this would definitely be a handy feature. Just coz some of you think it’s stupid doesn’t mean it is.

    This drives me nuts.

    I wish there was an option to enable this function.

    I play theatre shows. If the first patch of the show happens to be a huge loud dirty sound, the potential for making horrific sound is very real. Add to that other muso’s might already have headphones on and on more than on occasion I’ve had to apologise for blasting the crap out of their ears until I’ve managed to move the volume pedal off heel and back again to kill the sound of the guitar going off. Even without a guitar plugged in there could be some annoying loud open circuit noise. Not all of us have the luxury of booting up to an audio system that is muted first.

    Add to that, sometimes if I’ve forgotten to power off the night before, it will get powered off by the sound team when they shut off audio power. Then it will boot back up the next night during their system power-up, way ahead of me arriving. This has potential to be very unpleasant.

    It’s crazy that the Kemper does not remember (or have an option to enable) the volume position. Or, if that’s not technically possible… an option that Tuner mode is enabled by default on startup. This would also solve the issue and won’t rely on Kemper determining volume position. My original thought to workaround this was to hit tuner before powering off, but guess what.. Kemper Stage doesn’t remember that either. 😭

    While I’m at it … it also drives me crazy that the operating system causes rather loud audible pops during boot-up and shutdown.. I’m not going to be popular the day that I need to reboot the Kemper mid show for some reason.

    I have the qsc k10 as well as the yamaha dxr10 and headrush 12...the headrush was my favourite until I got the kemper kab. didn't like the qsc at all but when used with the helix stomp it sounds great..much better than all the others... but for the kemper I would go for the kemper kab no doubt.

    luntho i had similar experience with qsc k10. My helix pretty good, but Kemper sounded nasty (even though it sounded great through my home monitors, headphones, and sounds guys say my sounds were great in the PA. It was just waaaay too boomy. Thankfully the Monitor Out has some basic tone controls and by knocking out a heap of bass it now sounds great.

    Asked before… will ask again… coz it’s something I desperately need.

    PLEASE a “performance/live view” for the iPad rig manager.

    As you can see from below photo - the iPad is super helpful.. I’ve been using it to make on the fly adjustments. So much better than leaning down to the floor.

    But, it would be so much better if the Rig Name (or Performance name, whichever mode you’re using) was in much larger text. Either in the layout as it currently stands, or a separate “live” view you can skip back and forth to.

    I really need to be able to quickly look down and see that I’m in the right rig. For this show I have approx 45 rigs I’m sequentially scrolling though one after the other and some VERY fast guitar changes. Looking down at a tiny screen on the floor isn’t ideal.…&set=a.88766078932&type=3

    This sort of weirdness is common. Rig Manager sync is notoriously buggy - something Kemper seems unwilling to acknowledge or rectify.

    During programming sessions I often have to restart RM or unplug/replug part way through the session as it will all of a sudden start doing exactly this sort of behaviour. RM and the hardware get all confused between themselves and weird stuff happens.

    Really wish this would get sorted.

    Hi, im just trying to run my stage in stereo, my setup was this:

    running 2 channels on pa panned each on L and R. kemper out on the main outs with mono cables

    do you guys have another ways to run in stereo?

    no, what you’ve done is correct. (Providing main outs on Kemper were set to master stereo in the output section).

    There is no “single cable stereo output” on the Kemper.. they’re analog outputs.

    In “master stereo” mode, the main out XLR’s are left and right and you then pan those two channels at the PA.

    You don’t need to use a DI.

    The Kemper has xlr balanced outputs already. You can configure those outputs to be whatever you like (full affected signal, dry signal, etc etc).

    It also has Monitor outputs (1/4”) you can feed to powered speakers. This can also be configured for various similar options, and the volume adjusted independent for foldback.

    So do I. that’s what I have described. What you’re describing is a USB-C to USB-A dongle. That’s what I have too. Then, like me, you’re using a USB to USB-B (the square port) cable to connect to the kemper.

    That’s not what the original poster described.

    They said they have a cable directly from Kemper to MacAir (no mention of dongles/adapters), which leads us to think they’re attempting to use a USB-C to USB-A cable and plugging into the normal USB port of the Kemper (not the square one), which will not work.

    The reason for this assumption is a USB-C to USB-B direct cable without dongles would be an unusual cable to have lying around for a typical person.

    I have a MAC Air and a stage just like the OP and use the USB converter dongle that apple sells (overpriced but hey) and it works fine.

    I use a USB-C to USB-A (the normal usb) adaptor (or a USB hub), then a USB to USB-B cable (same as used for most USB printers). Both items easily found at any decent electronics/computers/office supply type stores

    As shown by the previous response and the diagram.. if you’re using a USB-C to USB-A cable and plugging into the normal USB port on the Stage, that won’t work. That port is for USB STICK only.

    OK no offence folks, but need official Kemper response.

    burkard ?

    Yes i have 'beta versions' ticked. But no, this version did not say it was beta, nor does the 'about' window.

    The kemper website has no betas.

    I really wish Kemper would put "beta" or "B" in the version number/filename so its highly obvious.

    In any case, still confused. Has someone at Kemper pushed a release they shouldn't have?

    Website latest version is 3.2.57

    RM asked to update last night and it downloaded 3.2.65

    I also have a 3.2.63 in my previous downloads archive. these are both later than the current website version.

    So- which version is the current stable and why did RM download a version that isn’t posted about on the website or mentioned in the forum

    2. The Kemper software is updated. I have the helix and a Stage. Both serve me well. I find the Kemper sounds better.

    3. Effects are fine, no complaints so far

    4. No problem. I’ve done this before. Yes it’ll sound fine in those HD600 headphones

    6. Never had a hardware issue so far. forums are not a good indication - there would be thousands of users out in the world without issues who won’t post on forums. has pretty much all the same features plus a few the larger units don’t have.

    7. Fine. Studio very easy when on headphones. Rehearsal when using a powered speaker may need some tweaking of the Output EQ and levels etc but that’s the same for every digital system.

    Bahh .. is there a way to switch this feature off?

    It's quite handy having slots retain their state changes when connected to Rig Manager - but... it also happens when connected to the iPad RM.

    I want to disable this.

    Because - it remembers stomp states. So I want to have iPad RM connected during rehearsals to be able to make on-the-fly tweaks... but if i hit a stomp, then change slots.. then make a change on iPad to say a volume level and hit the 'store' button - it will save the performance as a whole which includes the fact i switched on a stomp in previously selected Rig.

    REALLY need to be able to turn this feature off - as handy as it is when programming at home, it's gonna drive me mad at rehearsal.