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    same issue. WPS button on Stage is half-lit and pressing it does nothing, no feedback.

    Does not connect to WPS. I'm using a Nighthawk R7000 which is buried in a cupboard, so rather than press physical button i can use the admin web page of the router to press the software soft button. The R7000 is not detecting any WPS connection after I press the button on Stage. (and then times out). So no, it appears, like others, that the Stage is not even trying.

    And there is definetly not a rig volume nob on the Kemper Stage. I can find the rig volume when clicking rig and browsing to page 1. However, in performance mode on the Stage itself, I get a message that I cannot save the rig volume. I will now check if I can do this in the software version. But I would really like to know how I can do it on the Kemper Stage without using the software. I need to be able to adjust this on a sound check and I would really like to avoid bringing my computer to gigs.

    press RIG button, adjust Rig volume parameter.
    click the exit button to return to Home Screen.
    press SAVE button 3 times.

    This would be SOOOOO GOOOD!!

    currently to make a really quick on the fly adjustment to a rig volume (stage user) I have to click Rig, make adjustment, then click Exit button, then click save 3 times.

    Having one of the pot dials configurable to be Rig Volume would be a godsend. It would reduce the above actions to turning a dial and clicking the save button 3 times.

    In fact for me, I’d make it the Gain knob (but best it be configurable for people to chose). I don’t need to ever adjust gain on the fly so that cool and useful knob is totally wasted for me.. but I need to adjust rig volume during rehearsal all the time.

    I do theatre shows and I adjust every single slot in every performance with its own unique Rig Volume. This makes my sounds out front 100% consistent every night and means I do less volume pedalling. (So no, Clean Sens is not the answer).

    Don’t use RM to create performances. As you’ve found it’s buggy as all hell and some very weird and potentially dangerous things happen. On more than once occasion I’ve lost work as it’s decided to overwrite slots.

    It seems it’s a syncing issue.

    I have been creating around 30 odd performances for a show and it was so unreliable I gave up and exclusively did everything on the unit itself.

    I find it’s okay if not making major changes- for example in an existing performance just editing a parameter and clicking save. It’s the major ones like creating new slots, naming, moving around via cut and paste, etc that are where it gets crazy.

    I'm only a casual Kemper user, but I know that these problems go back through quite a number of non beta releases. Which stable version number would you suggest we use in the interim to avoid these problems?

    what you’re describing has nothing to do with beta release.

    I’ve been making noise about this random type of behaviour for ages and no one seems to care.

    In my opinion RM is so unreliable in this regard I can’t use it to make what I’d call “major” changes to performances. Ie building/creating performances, copy/paste, moving slots around renaming etc.

    Smaller non structural changes seem okay.. parameter adjustments etc, but anything else is just total danger. And like you, my thinking is it’s entirely due to sync issues. It “appears” to sync but actually does NOT fully sync.

    Just a word of gratitude !

    Using Kemper for the first time .. for a theatrical musical production (so glad to be an Australian at this time when all other shows around the world have no chance!)

    had first rehearsal in the theatre tonight and wow. I’m running in stereo and it just sounds epic through my headphone mix.

    Out front the sound designer sent me a text half way through that simply said “guitar sounds perfect!!”

    happy camper 😀

    it’s been a huge undertaking of programming (about 90 individual sound changes in the show) but so worth it.. lockdowns have been good for some things..!

    Well in the past couple days I’ve been in full swing of rehearsals for a theatre show and frantically making on the fly adjustments to levels and stuff. All minor things. Having laptop next to me to do that without bending down to the Stage is super handy.

    But desperately need fine adjustment enabled by DEFAULT (ie. a preference setting to enable/disable it globally).

    I’m using trackpad on the MacBook to attempt adjusting dials like Rig Level and it’s horrible.

    I know I can press shift key and then use trackpad but this doesn’t work for me- I can’t use two hands.. as it’s not ergonomic to do so and hold my guitar (sitting down)..and therefore you can’t press shift and use trackpad or mouse at the same time.

    please please please fix this. !!

    I have similar frustrations building performances.. it’s random and unreliable, and has a mind of its own. I also have had same issue as above with wrong slots.
    I think it comes down to sync issues. Im using latest non-beta.

    last night- wanted to copy a rig from one slot to another on an existing performance. The destination slot was empty/unused.

    In RM , Right click slot - copy. Right click destination slot in same performance - paste.
    Appears to paste successfully in RM (looks right). Little popup on both RM and Kemper stage say “syncing performance”.

    but the sync hasn’t happened properly. The rig that has pasted in on the unit is actually a blank one.


    I flagged this too. Desperately need a “save” shortcut key

    And the ability to create custom ones.

    For example I’d love one that lets me adjust Rig Volume up/down... then one to save.

    That way during rehearsal I could have performances up on screen, with the Rig module selected.. and just reach over, press a couple keyboard buttons to adjust level and save. Without needing to use two hands to use the mouse like I have to do now.

    Turn the guitar volume to "0" before you turn on the Stage.

    what if there’s no guitar plugged in. And just an open circuit cable.

    = Lots of noise.

    Sorry.. I don’t want to sound negative but workarounds for stuff like this is just a pain. Many people have requested this as a feature request and surely it’s possible. (hate comparing different devices but Helix does it).

    The PROFILER resets pedal volume to maximum during a startup cycle. Otherwise it could happen, that the PROFILER starts, there is no sound, and you have currently no pedal attached to crank it up.

    Why can't you switch on into Tuner Mode with Mute Signal being activated?

    current tuner mode isn't remembered. switch tuner on, shut the unit down.. power it back up - tuner is not active, and we have full volume.

    so frustrating.

    I absolutely do not trust RM for creating performances. Basic edits to an existing performance, yes. But not for building them.

    It does all sorts of weird crap and many times caused me to lose stuff. The sync between RM and the unit is full of bugs.

    This is something I also would very much love.

    Surely to overcome the issue described, can the software do a check on boot up - if pedal is connected, set volume to heel (or last known value). If no pedal is connected, set volume to full.

    This actually drives me nuts having the unit power up at full volume even though I always leave the pedal at heel.

    Hey folks what are Stage folks using for raising the unit off the floor to desk height when programming ?

    thinking a tripod laptop stand might be okay - the ones similar to a music stand but horizontal.

    Unfortunately until Rig Manager is workable for programming Performances, I need to do all my programming on the unit itself

    curious what anyone else might be using

    ofcourse, based on the discovery that the XLR's don't seem to make any pops upon plugging in/out - i "could" unplug the XLR cables each night and plug them back in after booting.

    However, i guess my issue is I shouldn't HAVE to do this. And, in an environment where my rig is set up and cables are all taped down, and it's basically a permanent installation for a month or so - we actively avoid plugging and unplugging things to reduce potential for faults.

    Until Kemper comes up with a silent shutdown/startup, consider getting cables with silent switches in them. That way, you can cut off the signal from the Kemper before you start or shut down the unit.

    Interesting idea.

    Unfortunately that would add a point of failure that i'm not sure the audio guys would want... as i'd basically be plugging an adaptor (or short patch lead) with embedded switches into the kemper that then in turn plugging into the XLR cables that run to me from the digital multicores. We (for obvious reasons) try and avoid joining cables in this way. I'll do some research but not totally keen on the idea.

    I totally agree a mute for silent power on/off would be a great function.

    I understand the benefits that you experience with your Helix and agree the KPA should be able to do the same.

    However, the part about plugging/unplugging cables shouldn’t be linked to a mute function. The cable connection happens after the mute so surely you should still be able to unplug the cables from the KPA without any pop in the same way as you do with the Helix.

    Right you are. Kemper does seem to be silent with respect to plugging XLR's in and out. :)