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    A profile is a snapshot of an amp with specific settings. Make any changes to the tone stack and it is no longer an accurate representation of the actual amplifier and sound quality suffers. That’s why there are always multiple profiles provided from vendors for a single amp. If this wasn’t the case then vendors would only need to produce one profile for each amp.

    The reason that I point out Fractal’s flexibility and sound quality is that Fractal models the actual amp including the entire tone stack top to bottom. You can tweak the knobs just like the physical amp and get the same results in the model as you would with the actual amp. This allows for you to tailor your sound without having to search for the perfect profile.

    As a fellow Kemper user I am sure you can at least admit that there is a wide range of quality among all of the profiles available for any particular amp.

    There are some really great profiles out there, but having to wade through all of the crap to get to them is a bit tiring.

    Looper in FM9 is longer (120 seconds), it has built in synth (you can create drone and jam over it), flexible routing, many more effects. But it is a modeler, so you're stuck with what it models (it models a lot though, so I don't consider it as a huge disadvantage). Editing patches on Fractal devices is miserable experience, in my opinion and to get most out of it you need to connect it to computer. KPA has more straightforward workflow, at least for me. KPA is a stable platform and updates don't change sound which is not the case in Fractal world which tends to do hardware revisions quite often and from time to time releases firmware which changes sound of patches. KPA it cheaper in a long run (free, high quality updates for last 10 years!).

    Overall both are great platforms and you can't go wrong with any - both sound and feel great. If you already have Stage I don't think investment in FM9 would be the best move. If you had nothing yet you could toss a coin and probably you'd be happy with either platform.

    I have both. Frankly, if the same question were put to me you would get the exact opposite answer. I like my Kemper, but it really does not match the flexibility and sound quality of my Axe-Fx III.

    you can make subfolders,something like this....

    Yep, unfortunately you can’t move a folder into a sub-folder once it is created.

    I stupidly didn’t check this before I created all of them and moved my rigs into them. If I want to create sub-folders like you show, I’d have to basically re-do everything from scratch. It might be slightly easier because I have the rigs segregated by model now. It still would be a more manual process than being able to move a folder into another nested folder.

    Folders don’t really work well for me in RM. there are too many limitations so I don’t use them at all. InsteadI use the search field with properly tagged rigs.

    In your example, I would identify all rigs that are Fender Amps. Highlight then all then click on the tag to the right for Amp Manufacturer. Now type Fender. All highlighted rigs will have amp type updated to Fender. You can do the same for other tags such as Amp Model wher you might select all Princeton or Twin etc and update the tag.

    With this done you can search for all Fender amps or all Fender Twin etc without he need for folders.

    Thanks for the suggestion but that doesn’t really work for me. When you have over 6000 rigs from just one vendor it makes it hard to find anything, even if they are tagged. The fact that you have to tag every rig manually is too big of a hassle for me and there’s always the risk you may miss one. Using folders, I can just dump the rigs from each amp in its own folder when I get them.

    There is no reason that in this day and age that a simple alphabetical sort and nested folders can’t be implemented.

    Currently there is no way to sort or move folders in the local library in Rig Manager without manually recreating the folders and moving the rigs contained within to the new folder. Once a folder has been created it is stuck in the list where it was created and can't be moved. This is very limiting.

    For example I'd like to be able to create a folder a particular amp, let's say Fender amps, and be able to drag and drop all of the other folders I've created for my various Fender amps in to it to segregate them from other amp types so that when I'm looking for a particular Fender amp it will be easy to find based on the folder name I've given it.

    I'd like to be able to sort the folder list alphabetically also. Is this even on the roadmap?