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    There are some needed things as I look deeper. When you hit "store", it overwrites the rig you're working on. There's no options to "save as" or "rename" like on the Kemper itself. You can "duplicate" the rig if you want to edit a copy. There's no way to save or recall FX presets or groups. There's no "perform" editing functions. There's no pedal or system editing either. There's no way to save or recall amplifiers or cabinets.

    a computer works differently to what Profiles does. "duplicate" is similar to a "save as" - you can rename it once done in the inspector. presets can be dragged in and out of a preset location. performances can be edited as well. amps and cabs can be saved and loaded as well by drag and drop.

    Hi there,

    a first beta version Rig Manager 3 is available for you. The new version contains a visual editor among other new features.

    Please note that the purpose of a public beta version is to iron our remaining and unfound issues. By downloading and installing Rig Manager 3 you will potentially put the content you create at risk. Therefore we advise against using this version in a production critical environment. And if you do, please make a backup first.

    Rig Manager 3 is available for macOS 10.12 and higher as well as Windows 8 and higher. You also need Profiler OS 7.1.6 or higher to make things work.

    Rig Manager 3 betas can be found here:

    Profiler OS betas can be found here:…ting-System-Beta-Versions

    I heard the broken LED issue, but I read also that is a defect well know repaired as free by Kemper. Did I understand wrong the Kemper policy?

    Apart from that issue, are there common issues with the Kemper? Something that happens most frequently?

    I read that the repair is very expensive, some users spent 300-400€ for a fix out of warranty.

    The policy is simple: any repair on a product which is out of warranty is not free of charge. Unless it's a curtesy which our team decides on a case by case basis.

    For my needs, it would be ideal if you could load MIDI presets(AMP/CAB/IN/OUT/FX/UserScales) using commands as in the old 6.0 system. Then you can use a simple VST plugin to recall presets saved with a DAW session. This does not interfere too much with the new way of saving KPA data (databases) because the parameters are uploaded to the modules and not saved as files (as far as I understand it). Just simple upload and make it sound command.

    the MIDI documentation shows what's possible (and therefore what's not). everything on top might change at any time and should not be used at all.

    Avoids any further timeline.

    we are running test. i cannot predict the future, so i cannot know what we will find next. I thought the word "release candidate" give you a good indication of what state the product is in. when i'd read this, I'd think "that's good news". but if you want to know if it's 2 weeks or 4 weeks - the answer is simple: i could only guess and that does't help anybody.

    A current status would be desirable. If they say that the editor won't come this month or this year then so be it. That would be very annoying but at least you could adjust to it. The latest status reports have given the impression that the release is imminent. Now it is almost mid-November and there is still no editor and even no new status. Nobody knows what's going on now and it's not good to leave people with it.

    you're right, you guys deserve another status update. sorry for not positing sooner.

    we've spend the last weeks making certain aspects more robust. that means, we've started to conduct test on more OS versions and also more hardware platforms. so, in a way, we're still fixing things but - and that's the good news - we're getting there. the features, we've envisioned for the first version are completely implemented, what we do right now is preparing release candidate versions and test again those.

    hope that help, gs

    Thank you for the advice dmatthews. Unfortunately, that didn't solve the issue. Rig Manager is still frustratingly slow. Hopefully, a Windows update will come out and fix whatever broke.

    We don't have a single, related report so far. You should de-install everything (including the driver, including possible old version of the driver) and start fresh.

    "Profiler part"? Did I miss the part, that there will be an option to do an amp profile initiated and adjusted from the editor?


    "Profiler part" as in the functionality the the hardware needs to provide in order to communicate successfully with your computer.

    Hi folks,

    as promised, here's the next update for you. Yes, as it turns out, we're still working on things. It's a bit two steps forward and one step backward right now. The editor itself is fine now and we're tying up loose ends on the librarian/communication/Profiler part. We do those things to make the overall experience better and the combo more reliable. I'm glad that we have found the time to work on those important details now.

    We will do everything to roll out the first beta quick but stability is first for us. Chances are that we will not see a release this month, but we're getting very close.

    Best, GS

    I doubt it. GString said, "we sincerely believe that it's better to invest a couple of additional days"...if he knew it were a couple of Weeks or even the end of October, I don't think he would've used the word "days". Especially how eager everyone is to get it.. Just my thoughts.

    the simple truth of software development is, that things can change at any time. The underlying issue, in many cases, is, that the more an application comes to completion, the better you can test it. In this case, the current state is, that all features have been implemented and we keep running into little things we were not able to see before. From what I've experienced over the years, this is very normal in software development.

    I'm totally happy that my last post received such a positive response and I very much appreciate that. I'll try to keep you posted on the progress from this point onwards. I don't think that "a few days" will mean "a month" but when you take into account what I wrote above, you might understand that what I write right now is entirely based on what I know right now.