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    Make sure to set the gain dial on the KPA at the position you want it to be in the finished profile before you start the profiling process. That's the value it will be at at the end. Normally that means set it to the same position on the KPA as on the amp itself, but you don't have to do that, you can set the KPA gain dial wherever you want, and regardless when the gain is set to that position on the Kemper then it will give you the sound of your original profile when the gain is set there by a user using your profile, and lower beneath or higher above.

    Excellent! That's how they fix it so you can either add or reduce gain. Does the same apply to the EQ controls?


    Hmmm...I see the logic (being able to reduce or increase gain). My problem is that I profiled my Rivera M100 for a clean blackface-type sound. If I turn up the gain to the 12:00 position (where it theoretically would have been set by the KPA), it dirties it up to a crunch tone. I will have to do some more profiles and see what happens.

    Thanks for your input!!


    Curious about this. I thought that when you profiled, you got your "tone" dialed perfect on your reference amp, profiled the amp, refined it by strumming hard chords, then saved it. Then when someone downloaded it they would get the tone you profiled with no EQ or Gain adjustments. The gain knob would be all the way left and the other knobs would be set at the 12:00 position.

    Then if you wanted to tweak a profile a little you could add a little gain or take out some mid, etc.

    The profiles I have downloaded with a few exceptions have the gain knob turned up past halfway. The profile name says "crunch tone, etc." but when I turn the gain all the way to the left it is a clean tone that comes out.

    Another example, If you are going for a searing lead tone shouldn't your amp be dialed in that way so you don't have to turn the gain way up on the Kemper to get it profiled?

    Am I looking at this wrong?

    Your thoughts on this?


    Hi All,

    Took at stab at turning Pete's 72 100watt Super Lead into an Eric Johnson tone. Check it out for me and let me know if its close. Sounds pretty good on my rig but could certainly be refined. I am sure I got the delay wrong and didn't spend much time with it yet so help there as well please.

    Patch is out on the Share site.


    My first stab at profiling. Its out on the exchange site. This is an old Rivera M100 on Channel 2 (Blackface) set for clean. The cab is a matching Rivera C210 (2x10) with Eminence Legend 105s. I used an Agile 3000M Les Paul double cutaway style guitar with Lindy Fralin PurePAF pickups. I refined the profile using the neck pickup.

    Seemed to work out alright but you be the judge and let me know what you think.

    Recommendation: Play it LOUD on the neck pickup.


    That's fine by me. The only thing is that if we go straight in and say we are going to profile their amps they might say no (or they might say go ahead).

    I know Ken Volpe who works for Gene who owns the place. I could talk to Ken and find out if they will go for it.

    I don't want to raise awareness with them unless you guys think that is the way to go.

    If they say no then we could still rent the really special amps (Dumble, Trainwreck, etc.) for a day and take them someplace to profile them.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Great guys.

    I live in Orlando but would be willing to drive up to the Big Apple to do this. Anyone in NYC or near that would like to attend and help? I have the usual mics like SM57s and I have a modded Oktava MK319 that might be sweet for a "room" mic.

    I have no idea how to do a "fund" to collect the dough. Anyone with any experience at this. I would want this to be all above board so no one is uncomfortable with putting their hard earned cash into the pot.

    Any ideas?


    To the OP: check if they let you do a profiling session, possibly with their sound guy. Let's try to estimate how long is going to take and get an offer. Lot's of people here are prepared to pay for it, I'm in by sure!!
    We could organize a found raising.

    We can check or we can just do it. You rent the room, it is yours. You don't need to let anyone in while you are there. It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

    I think say 3 or 4 hours of room rental plus rental of Dumble #167 and at least a vintage Trainwreck Express (more if we can afford it.).

    So let's say 4 hours at $40 for the room is $160. Maybe the Dumble and Trainwrecks can be rented by the hour (especially since they wouldn't be leaving the building). I am guessing we are looking at $500ish to get it done. Divided by __ ways means $___ cost to each of us.

    Personally I would contribute $100 to get all of those profiles.


    Let's take up a collection and send one of our New York KPA brethern (or 2 or 3) to Ultrasound Rehearsal Studios. They can rent the Ultra room which has an awesome amp collection and profile all of them. It costs $38 per hour weekdays and $40 per hour nights and weekends. See the current list of amps sitting in that room below. They also have a couple of Dumbles that can be rented including one which is legendary.



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