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    So far we have not been able to replicate this issue and the information, how this hang can be overcome, isn't consistent. In order to narrow in on the root cause, it would be extremely helpful to understand:

    - When the unit seemed to hang, how long did you wait?

    - Does booting the firmware from USB-stick always fix the issue at least for the moment?

    - Does no reset (SYSTEM = Global Settings, RIG = Rig Buffer, QUICK = Midi Program Change assignments) fix the issue at least for the moment?

    - Is it possible to overcome the hang by just trying and restarting a few times without any reset or booting from USB-stick.


    we seem to have introduced this issue with firmware 1.5.1.

    The two knobs Delay Feedback and Delay Mix are working as long as you stay on the main screen. If you open Delay editing these two know are disfunctional, but you can use the two softknobs for Mix and Feedback below the display instead. Please use this as a workaround for the time being.

    Midi Control Change # 68 and 69 are working as well.

    We'll fix this in our next firmware.

    we seem to have introduced this issue with 1.5.1.

    The two knobs Delay Feedback and Mix in the front panel are working while you stay on the main screen. However when you enter Delay editing, those two knobs are disfunctional, but you can use the two softknobs for Mix and Feedback below the display instead. Please use these as a workaround for the time being. MIDI Control Change #68 and 69 are working correctly as well.

    We'll fix this issue with our next firmware.

    The Profiler does have a protection switch protecting the unit from overcurrent. This switch could get activated, if you don't properly use the chickenhead to switch off and the protection will not release before the power supply will be completely empty. You might not notice, if you shut down for more than five minutes.

    The Change Log is the latest and greatest. The manual will be corrected soon.

    The error message is indicating a memory problem, which will depend on the number of rigs as well as presets (e. g. cabinet presets). Two customers have raised related support tickets, but we are still waiting for a backup in order to exactly reproduce the problem.

    In any case it's a great idea to clean up and keep the number of rigs, which are stored on the Profiler, at a level, which is managable.

    .... regarding rig counter. In the Rig Browse screen you can see which position the rig actually selected has compared to the overall number of rigs matching the active filter e. g. 'Favourites'. If you select the filter 'All Rigs' you can see the amount of all your rigs there. In case you have just the factory rigs installed, this amount is actually 314.

    Triggered by a customer request we learned today, that you could use a normal volume pedal e. g. Ernie Ball instead of an expression pedal. You just need a standard Insert cable (TRS jack on one side and two TS jacks on the other ends). Plug the TS jacks into in- and outputs of your pedal and the TRS jack into the Profiler. Now you could even use your Ernie Ball pedal to control your Wah. Sorry, if that's no news for you! 8)

    The Kemper Profiling Amplifier features more than 400 different MIDI parameters. Normally MIDI Controllers can only handle up to 128 parameters max. This is why we are supporting the extended Midi Controller format NRPN (Non Registered Parameter Numbers).

    Please find a documentation of these parameters on our download page for your convenience:…mplifier___Downloads.html

    Please choose category Documents and download our Profiler MIDI Parameter Guide.

    Is there an easy way to move profiles inside the Kemper? Iam using just an up-down footswitch and want certain profiles next to each other in browse mode

    Are you aware, that since firmware 1.1.1 Public Beta you can filter rigs by Current Author, Favourites, Last Imported, My Rigs as well as sort by Name, Author, Date, Amp, Gain?

    If you for example flag 20 rigs as 'Favourite', select this filter and sort them by Gain, your up/down switch will scroll through those 20 rigs in gain order.

    This opens lots of opportunities to organize your rigs.

    what is the impedance of the headphones on the kemper ?(
    a Beyer DT 770 PRO impedance 250 ohms
    it's ok for the kemper ?(

    Specifications: Dedicated Headphone Output: ¼ inch TRS stereo, 33Ohm

    I'm using exactly this headphone (the 250 ohms version) for test purposes and can recommend it. ^^

    I understand, what you are really looking for is an efective way to reduce the list of rigs to scroll through. With firmware 1.1.1 Public Beta we have introduced new filters like for example My Rigs or Last Imported. The new filter Favourites is exactly for the purpose to create a reduced list of preferred rigs. Please apply this new feature. These are normal rigs with the usual Midi Program Change # assignment handling. Snapshots - as the name indicates - have been designed for a different purpose.

    May I ask you to open a support ticket on our web page under support/e-mail us. We'll respond to you and ask for a complete backup of your Profiler to investigate the issue.