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    I have the same issue with mine.. I just got mine last Friday. :(

    Disappointing for the price that you pay for this unit.

    Sorry for that!

    Please open a support ticket and our service team will help you asap.

    It has just been renamed to Input. This is the description of the parameter in the current Main Manual:

    ¨   Volume Pedal Location

    Selects the location of the Volume Pedal in the signal flow:


    The Volume Pedal has no effect.


    Directly before the A module

    Pre Stack

    Right after the D module. At this position, you control the gain of the amplifier.

    Post Stack

    Right before the X module. At this position, you control the overall volume of the sound, but delay and reverb tails will still decay naturally, when you swell down the pedal.


    Right after the REV module. At this position, you control the overall volume of the sound, including reverb and delay tails that can instantly be attenuated.

    One general comment:

    Describing issues like this, it is always helpful to use precise terminology. Rig Manager deals with the following data: Rigs, Presets, and Performances. A PROFILE could be included in an amp preset or in a cabinet preset. A stack preset would include both amp and cabinet PROFILEs. However, I'm assuming this issue report was related to Rigs, which include the complete signal chain from Input to module REV including amp and cabinet PROFILEs. But I'm not sure.

    Something else to consider:

    While the Mission Engineering EP-1 is very nice for wah effects as is mechanically mimics a Cry Baby, I prefer a Dunlop DVP3 for volume control as it offers a wider mechanical range. So, it's not necessarily a "one model fits all" situation.

    I also own two EP1 - a green one with spring, and a red one without - both without toe switch. I guess, any of their expression pedals will work with the PROFILER as such.

    However, the EP1 KPs offers an additional toe switch. That switch must be momentary and normally open. I think, Mission Engineering offers pedals with latching switches. Those wouldn't work with the PROFILER! The toe switch can be handy to enable and disable an effect module with a wah effect in combination with WahPedal to Volume.

    I guess, for many users it's just a matter of convenience to have less choice and go with the pedal which is obviously compatible.

    The spring makes the pedal "automatically" return to the heel position. If that makes sense for you, depends on your work-flow and application.

    It doesn't make sense for a normal volume pedal to return to zero volume by itself. But if you use the volume pedal to boost the signal (Pedal Range>0), it could make sense to temporarily boost the signal and then automatically return to nomal level.

    It can make sense for wah effects especially in combination with Pedal Mode "[email protected]". But it means, that you could never leave the pedal alone in a middle position to shape your tone constantly leveraging a wah effect. But do you need that?

    Same with pedal pitch effects or Morphing. The pedal will allways return to base pitch or base sound by itself. Is that what you need or do you intend to leave the pedal alone in any other position?

    If you intend to link pedal functions e. g. "WahPedal to Volume" consider the dependencies as it might work for your wah application, but not for volume.

    I use such a pedal as a dedicated wah pedal in combination with Pedal Mode "[email protected]". That works well for me.

    No signal could have 100 different reasons along your signal chain e.g. guitar pot, cable,... Try to narrow in.

    Is there a signal at the PROFILER's output?

    If yes, check cable and interface settings.

    If no, check PROFILER signal chain.

    What about other outputs?

    Is there even an input signal?

    Does the issue affect all Rigs?

    At which level is Volume Pedal?


    You theoretically could use both pairs of physical outputs simultaneously, but you couldn't control their signals differently e.g. volumes.

    In your case - if you intend to use guitar speaker cabinets - you need to deactivate the cabinet simulation in that signal, while the cabinet simulation must be included in the signal for the mixing desk. The MONITOR OUTPUT is prepared for that puspose. With Monitor Cab. Off you can suppress the cabinet simulation just for the MONITOR OUT. If you don't own a PROFILER Stage model and intend to run two guitar speaker cabinets in stereo, activate Monitor Stereo in the Output Section and use DIRECT OUTPUT for the other channel.

    This subject is covered in the Main Manual by the way.

    I suggest you press Init Globals in System Settings, which resets all global settings to their default, then activate Kemper Kone in Output Section and then verify again, that the KEMPER Power Kabinet is really plugged into the MONITOR OUTPUT, not in DIRECT OUT or any other output. What you describe sounds as if you are not plugged into the correct output.

    The key thing is that conceptually all Pedal Links are global settings and not Rig specific settings.

    WahPedal to Volume has just been added to that page with Rig specific Volume Pedal settings for convenience reasons as it is related to Volume Pedal. But it's still a global option.

    This thread is about a permanent issue of a particular bass model, which seems to deliver inappropriate high voltages by design. Loss of sound is like headaches - can have many different root causes. Or do you have reasons to believe, that the preamp of your acoustic guitar temporarily delivers high voltages as well? And why would that be intentional?

    Die Bezeichnungen wurden irgendwann mal geändert, weil wir uns nicht mehr auf die Bezeichnungen Stomps-Sektion und Effects-Sektion beziehen wollen. Wenn man sich die Signalkette anschaut, stellt man ja fest, dass z. B. Post Stack und Pre Effects dieselbe Stelle ist, Input entspricht Pre Stomps, Output entspricht Post Effects usw..