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    The PROFILER Stage offers two SENDs. One can be used to pick an unprocessed signal, the other for an effect loop.

    Have you tried to record from the MONITOR OUTPUT with source "Git+Processing"? Is there a practical difference other than latency, that you might have to compensate.

    Former software revisions cannot predict all functionality we add. So we can support upward compatibility but not downward compatibility under all circumstances. Exporting/importing Performances via USB-memory stick doesn't resolve that. But not knowing the concrete OS revisions involved, I'm not even sure there is any relevant compatibility restriction.

    Why can't you export your Performances via your Rig Manager, store these on your USB memory stick, and import these from this USB stick via their Rig Manager onto their PROFILER? By doing so, you can avoid accidentally overwriting one of their production Performances with one of yours. Since every Performance has a fixed location and the number is limited to 125 import needs to be a managed process and that is possible via Rig Manager.

    I have no clue, how you could possibly change the effect type from Single Delay to Dual Delay and not see the delay parameters. Those are hard-coded in the OS and cannot disappear. By the way you never see all parameters simultaneously. These are spread across several pages. Use the <PAGE> buttons.

    You can use any socket, you just need to configure it accordingly. Specific configuration also depends on what you intent to control with that pedal. You find all information in the Main Manual, but most specific might be a tutorial YouTube video provided by the manufacturer Mission. Search for Mission EP 1 and Kemper Set Up.

    Despite the fact that the PROFILER requires a momentary switch - which the Korg PS 1 seems to be - the ons and offs of the effect modules latch. So one full press/release cycle toggles on or off. First time it's on (or off), next time it's off (or on).

    Instead of switching on/off you could use Morphing the Mix of that delay between 0% and 100%. If you set Rise Time and Fall Time to 0, this is practically like switching on/off. But Morphing allows to select "Momentary" in Rig Settings. And Morphing can be assigned to an external momentary switch. I assume this is a closing switch, so polarity needs to be set to inverse.

    I'm wondering what our pedals are currently configured to be sending. Not aware that the FCB1010 pedals could send program changes. Perhaps you have assigned control change 0 or 32 or one of 49-54!?

    In any case you need to assign control changes

    #1 for wah

    #4 for pitch

    #7 for volume

    #11 for morphing

    And if you use the standard FCB 1010 without chip upgrade, you need to replicate these assignments for every preset.

    It is actually possible to create a PROFILE of a stomp box on its own, but you cannot put it into one of the effect modules. Those are reserved for the affect algorithms. You can only place it in the Stack Section. And there it cannot be combined with another amplifier PROFILE. So, that's why creating a PROFILER of a combination of stomp box and amplifier is the way to go in most cases. Creating a PROFILE of just a stomp box makes only sense if this can be used standalone.

    If your Rigs and Performances are stored under OS 7, the PROFILER with the older OS might be useless for you. It won't recognize that data because its format has changed. Old data is upwards compatible but new data isn't downward compatible. They should consider upgrading their PROFILER.

    If you could lock effect modules just within a Performance, how would that work, when you enter that Performance? Nothing is restricting you to maintain exactly the same effects in all five Slots. So the locked starting scenario would depend on the Slot you start with? So for example if you load Slot 1 first, module A with a Compressor and module DLY with a Single Delay get locked until you leave that Performance and if you load Slot 4 first, module A with a Booster and module DLY with a Melody Delay get locked until you leave the Performance? Or could even the locks vary by entry Slot? While Slot 1 locks module A and DLY, Slot 4 locks module B and REV?

    I'm wondering if what you have an mind could be achieved by a global option "Maintain On/Off State of all Modules within Performance". Then it's up to you, if you store the Slots with identical or different effects.

    Not sure, what the "cab selection parameter" is!?

    If I bring the cabinet module into focus and turn the BROWSE knob, regardless if I select Presets or From Rigs I have the option Autoload available under soft button 4, which is even activated by default.

    Bei Kommentaren wie "bei den Delays und Reverbs verliere ich jedoch den Überblick was die einzelnen Parameter bewirken." habe ich das Gefühl, das da auch Erwartungen mitschwingen, die ein Editor gar nicht erfüllen kann. Beim Editor wird man dieselben Parameter sehen und die bewirken dasselbe und entweder vertraut man auf seine Ohren oder liest im Handbuch nach, was die Parameter machen. Alles was sich mit dem Editor ändert ist, dass man zum Ändern der Parameter eines Effektes nicht durch Seiten blättern muss. Und man muss sich nicht zum Stage auf dem Boden herunterbeugen. Eine künstliche Intelligenz, die automatisch die eigenen Soundvorstellungen umsetzt, ohne dass man sich mit den Parametern inhaltlich auseinandersetzt, wird es nicht geben - zumindest nicht in der ersten Editor-Fassung ;).

    Ansonsten arbeiten wir - einschließlich unserer Beta Tester - mit Hochdruck daran, den Editor so performant und stabil zu bekommen, dass wir ihn veröffentlichen können.

    Yes, at 1000 Rigs the PROFILER is fully stuffed. We recommend keeping much less Rigs on the PROFILER: those that you really play. Dialing through a list of 1000 Rigs is not efficient. Perhaps you can use Rig Manager on another PC to manage your bigger sound collection.