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    I'm investigating, if this is data related. If it does, a factory reset obvioulsy helps.

    Not sure, what "filtering" authors in Browser Mode really means. You can sort by author or select the View "Current Author". For both, if you do, the Up and Down buttons often make little sense. If I select a Rig of Lasse Lammert - Rig Name starting with "LL - " - and change the View to "Current Author" and then use the Up/Down button, which normally takes me to the next/previous starting letter, in this case it can just switch between the first and the last Rig staring with "LL -" as all Lasse Lammert Rigs are starting with "LL -".

    Or what do you expect from this function: filtering by author and loading a Rig with the following or previous starting letter?

    Is it possible, that you hold the up/down buttons instead of hitting briefly?

    Short hits perform single steps up and down. Holding those buttons initiates scrolling. If I hold one of those buttons for about two seconds, which is right at the border of scrolling, I'm able to reproduce double steps.

    Are you able to reproduce double steps with just short hits of the up or down button?

    Bei richtigen Direktprofilen ist das Cabinet-Modul "Empty". Es ist also nicht nur einfach abgeschaltet. Den Zustand "Empty" kann der Anwender im Nachhinein nicht herstellen, sondern er wird automatisch gesetzt, sobald beim Profilen erkannt wird, dass keine Gitarrenbox in der Signalkette vorhanden ist. Das kann jeder selbst ausprobieren, indem er einfach mal ein Kabel profilt.

    Wir geben eigentlich keine selbstständigen ungemergten Direktprofile heraus, weil man die ja nur in Verbindung mit einer physischen Gitarrenbox sinnvoll einsetzen kann. Und in jedem Merged-Profil steckt ja das dazugehörige Direktprofil drin: Wenn man ein Merged-Profil am MONITOR OUTPUT bzw, SPEAKER OUTPUT bei aktiviertem "Monitor Cab. Off" abhört, liegt dort ja das Direktprofil an.


    a. Rigs für Akustikgitarre wie z. B. "BM - Acoustic Fingerpicking", in denen eine Gitarrenbox fehl am Platz wäre.

    b. Bass Rigs, die am DI-Ausgang eines Bass-Amps gezogen wurden oder die mit sehr linearen Bassboxen - ähnlich PA-Boxen - erzeugt wurden. Derart lineare Boxen erkennt der PROFILER nicht und von denen - wenn sie doch linear sind - benötigt man ja auch kein Profil.

    Welche unserer Factory Rigs Studio-Profile bzw. Merged-Profile enthalten, kann man hier nachschauen:

    Factory Rig-Referenzliste

    Am PROFILER selbst kann man Studio und Merged PROFILE nicht unterscheiden. Wenn der Autor ein "M" anhängt hat, hat man Glück. Es gibt dafür aber keine Konvention. Beide Profil-Arten können für dieselben Anwendungen verwendet werden. Wenn man das komplette Profil einschließlich Cabinet-Simulation benutzt, gibt es keinerlei Klangunterschiede. Nur beim Abspielen über eine physische Gitarrenbox ist das Merged-Profile etwas präziser, was die Abgrenzung des Amps vom Cabinet angeht. Was einem dabei aber klanglich besser gefällt, ist eine ganz andere Frage. Insofern sollte man sich weniger an Etiketten wie "Studio" oder "Merged" orientieren, sondern mehr auf seine Ohren verlassen.

    If Volume Pedal could be located between X and MOD or between MOD and DLY, with pedal in heel position no sound would come out either. That's the nature of a volume pedal.

    Perhaps your real intend is to control the Mix of effects located in DLY and REV modules, which can be achieved via Morph Pedal already.

    If the spring loaded version makes sense depends on what you want to do with that pedal.

    If you intend to control wah effects and - while no wah effects are active - to control volume, a pedal that always moves back into heel position by itself normally makes no sense, because volume pedal in heel position normally means "muted". But if you intend to configure Volume Pedal as booster pedal in Rig Settings (Pedal Range >0), it actually could make sense.

    I would say: If you have no clear idea, why you want to use a pedal, that automatically returns to heel position, stay away from it. As far as I know, you cannopt simply detach the spring from that pedal.

    This oscillation can be observed on page Pedal Links in System Settings. It is caused by an open cable connected to a PEDAL socket, which has a pedal controller assigned e. g. Wah Pedal in the menu. Open cable means it is plugged in on PROFILER side and

    no expression pedal is connected on the other side

    or the cable is broken

    or the pedal is broken.

    I'm testing the following scenario: Loop Mono in module DLY and Formant Reverb in module REV. Just a cable plugged between SEND and RETURN.

    Monitoring via MAIN OUTPUT, which has Output Source set to "DLY/REV Wet".

    Regardless if effect loop is active or not and how DLY+REV Routing is set, I just hear the reveberation and not the dry signal. You can easily reproduce that test: take your external gear out of the loop and just plug a cable into the loop.

    The SEND must send the dry signal, otherwise your external gear would have no input signal. Have you set your external devices to just output the wet signal portion? Otherwise as stated right at the beginning, if your external gear returns dry+wet, the PROFILER canot split those two.

    We just published a new public beta version with the following changes:


    changed: automatic amp volume compensation in combination with distortion effects, which have volume set below zero

    User Interface

    fixed: sometimes replacing wrong Rig after editing via Rig Manager and changing Rig before store

    changed: Tuner and Harmonic Pitch display keys in B instead of #

    Rig Manager 3.0.145 required!

    If you get a signal with ouput source Stack and don't with Master Left check your signal chain - especially the Effects Sections.

    Perhaps an effect loop with no external gear plugged in or DLY/REV Routing screwed in Rig Settings or perhaps Mix of a Delay or Reverb completly Wet. Also check level of Volume Pedal. And make sure, that while you record via S/PDIF and if PROFILER is set as clock slave a second cable is connected to its S/PDIF IN to receive the clock signal.

    That Stack works and Git / Master Left doesn't cannot be explained by a hardware issue.

    This is what the manual says:

    DLY/REV Wet

    Only the wet stereo effect signal of the delay and reverb located in the modules DLY and REV are sent to the output. If no delay or reverb is active, the output will remain silent.

    only available for stereo outputs

    And this refers to internal delay and reverb effects, no external gear. The PROFILER cannot split a delay or reverb genereted by extrnal gear into wet and dry signals.