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    Tune it for yourself, the audience won't care about your guitar sound anyways.... :D
    But seriously: try FRFR, if you can live with not having a guitar cab on stage then it's the best thing you can do - perfect sound for you and your audience.

    I think most of them are quite good. Sometimes I do have issues with the drive pedals, but I do have issues with real drive pedals as well. I always had a timeline in the loop that has now been substituted by a Source Audio Nemesis (man this thing sounds good, much prefer it over the Timeline) - that's not because the Kemper delays are bad, but because I usually lock all the effects in my performance and use the FX like a virtual pedal board. That would leave me with one delay setting - but as a delay junkie I use 8 presets on the Nemesis :)

    Aber gerade bei Rigs ist dann die Frage, sollte Shure auch Geld bekommen, weil ein SM57 verwendet wurde

    Hm, also ich weiß ja nicht wo ihr eure SM57 alle herhabt... ich habe meins gekauft und bin mir recht sicher dass ein gewisser Anteil dieses Verkaufpreises an Shure geflossen ist ... ;)

    On-Topic: Alles dummes Gelabere, wenn man auf der Ebene argumentiert dürfte man auch die ganzen Boutiquepedale die zu 90% Klone von irgendwelchen Klassikern sind nicht tolerieren. Bei Röhrenamps ist der Innovationsschub auch eher... gering, da wird alles zusammenkopiert und neu verpackt - das ist dann der neue heilige Gral. Gitarristen sind in dem Punkt wirklich etwas "speziell", alles was nicht alt ist oder zumindest von alt kopiert wurde kann sowieso nicht klingen, ob der weiße Kemper Toaster wohl mittlerweile auch langsam besser klingt :)?

    Yes, with Setlist Maker you can "add" Midi Commands to your sheets. When creating the Setlist and browsing through it SetlistMaker will also switch the Kemper to the correct Performance/effects.

    mDan, I have asked the same question and got this answer: (sorry it is in German)

    "Das hat damit zu tun dass GPu encoding größere Blöcke berechnet ohne dabei zu prüfen ob Veränderungen innerhalb der Blöcke besteht. Also entstehen bei gpu Encoding so Vierecke bei nahliegende Farben. Wirkt wie wenn etwas geblurt wird. Also am deutlichsten sieht man das wenn man mpeg2 mit gpu encoding ins h264 encodiert. Die Zeitersparnis bei h264 gpu ist minimal [...] und dabei wird die Datei sogar größer wenn man keine Qualitätsverluste haben will. Datei ist dann um Faktor 2 größer. Darum encodet keiner mit gpu, und wenn dann nur für webvideos ohne Anspruch YT"

    Interesting, really didn't know that. Maybe because the instruction set for the CPU is more complex then for a GPU?

    @tylerhb: Why would the output refresh rate matter in this case? I thought we are talking about GPGPU computing and not playback?

    Or he is using a Samsung camera?On topic: Why would the quality suffer if the rendering is done by the GPU, is this the "nitro sounds better then poly" mojo type of thing in the video world :D ? I never heard anything like that, have to check that out later (running a 6800K with a GTX1080).

    Jesus, the f*** is going on here? I think anybody can decide how much he charges for his work, if you think it's too expensive... just don't buy it? I don't go to an Audi dealer and whine about Skoda beeing cheaper.
    I agree... it's expensive for one profile (I wouldn't buy it, but I'm not into metal) and there are many cheap alternatives, but it still might be worth the money for some people I think. If you don't think it's worth... use something else.

    I really don't get it. Internet forums are strange sometimes.

    I spent way more then 50$ for profiles that I don't use.

    Du kannst auch z.B. den Loop button noch einem Effekt zuweisen (mit der 4er Software) - ich nutze den Looper zum Beispiel sowieso nicht und habe mir da global das Delay zugewiesen. Somit habe ich 5 Buttons für alle 5 frei verwendbaren Slots (Reverb, Gate und Wahwah schalte ich nie an oder aus).

    An Tastern kannst du nehmen was du willst.

    This lends me to not feel comfortable that the Kemper through a PA will sound anything like what I hear through the cab, were I to play it live this way.

    Does anyone experience this?

    Of course it doesn't - it's very likely that the baked in cab is different then your cab. Also: mic placement and selection has an enormous impact of the FOH sound.

    Solution: create your own merged profiles with your Bogner cab.

    A7R2 and A7s (yes, my camera gas is strong as well). But you can easily just use your smartphone, most of them already offer decent video quality... if you stick with your Youtube Channel you can also upgrade later.

    For PC use you could have a look on Adobe Premiere... I find it easy to use and the price is ok. Also it is subscription based which I always prefer to "full retail" prices ... because this way you can find out whether the software suits you at very little costs. Only thing that really sucks in premiere is the performance... while I can easily edit 6 4K stream in parallel on my Final Cut Pro install premiere doesn't manage to work with... ONE. (same Computer)

    @skoczy's suggestion looks good too though!

    1) Well... record the KPA with an interface of your choice... I can recommend the Roland Quad Capture (SPDIF records the KPA lossless) - but there are many cheaper solutions as well. Putting together the video track with the audio track: "see 4)".
    2) With a video editing program.
    3) See 2)
    4) Many choices... free ones: iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Davinci Resolve (Resolve is way more complicated then the other 2 but also can do everything you want). There is also Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X... if you are an Apple user I'd recommend to start with iMovie, easy to use.
    5) No, these are all very basic tasks with millions of youtube tutorials.
    6) Good luck :)