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    I want to add a simple "Master Boost" parameter for every stomp box in the STOMPS section (You wouldn't need this in the EFFECTS section).
    This lets the output volume boost whenever this stomp is engaged.
    It will save an additional boost effect in the effect section.

    For me that sounds awesome. A way to boost the volume post amp without the need to waste one of the effects blocks, that's like giving me one additional effects block. Great! :thumbup:

    The preset system on the Axe seems to be fast and right as long as you're used to it. Anybody is used to presetnumbers and certain preset locations.

    Naming presets and having no number is strange at first...but in the long run you will see how great that is.

    When you want to edit a preset and make some versions, you don't need to search for a free location anymore. Just name your new preset similar to the old one, like Marsha1, Marsha2,Marsha3..and so on. You can add and delete as many tries as you like, and you don't need to look where you can find unused presets to overwrite. When you want to try your different versions in the rehearse, they are all in a sequence, no need to remember where you put em.

    You still want presetnumbers? Just add a number to the name like 010 Marsha1, 011 Marsha2, 012 Marsha3..and so on.

    The KPA's UI is far better than it looks like, you just need some time to see everything and benefit of new ideas.

    OK - If my wording proves to be incorrect I will be happier than anyone. I have tried to be clear that I am talking about the 'containment vessel' for the Profiler, not the Profiling technology/coding itself - to me there is a substantial difference in implementation between the two...

    PS: All my Strats have humfree pickups, and still sound quite 'stratty', otherwise I wouldn't take them onstage - everyone's different ^^

    Noiseless and stratty, you make some people jealous!

    You could say the same about the stratocaster. It's noisy, the trem doesn't stay in tune when you bend more than a little, the sound can be too harsh, to work on the circuit you need to take off everything and some more dowsides. You hear digital artifacts but do not complain about pickup noises, right? Users got around the strats problems somehow or they live with it. The question is always if these points are that important that you can not work with it at all. Now is it a dealbreaker or just one more backroundnoise?

    Big trick! Can you tell me wich are the best 20 ones, so I can erase all the rest, plz! :thumbup:
    Got to erase some without ever having had the time to audition them...but I need space to be able to import some new ones :D :D :D

    Some unforgiving boosts at 1.0K and 4.0K with an EQ, then a very little phasereffect and then you got to try to get the crap away with the usual tonecontrols...that should work :D :D

    That's how I copy my pre and post effects into the rigs. I go to one of my fav presets and lock section 1 and 3 but let the stack section unlocked. Then I go to the preset where I want to apply my effects and hit store to store the new preset with the fxs from the fav preset.

    Ok, now we have clear informations.
    I have 1,5 k rigs on it, so my booting takes a while. With 30 rigs it only takes 70 secs.
    No need to drama.

    BTW: No big setlist, I only use one bank at 10 presets with the band...of wich I use 7 or 8 usually.
    You could say I'd better delete all the weak sounds? Ok, then I have to keep 1,5k. Should delete all the ones that are not absolutly awesome and the ones that don't blow me away, maybe then I can get rid of more, but it'll be still plenty. Land of plenty guys, no drama!

    With over 1500 rigs on it the booting takes more than 2 and a half minutes. I don't care. But if I would then I'd make a copy of my actual backup file on my pc and look in there using total commander and delete everything that I don't need for the rehearses or the gigs. You can also have a full usb backup on one usb stick and another one with the togo presets only, a livestick.

    When you install total commander on your pc, you can look into the backup files. You can also copy the names into memory and paste them into a document to print it. Very helpful to get an overview.