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    I bought one today but it was a level issue.

    The first one was working.

    Thanks for your attention.

    By the way, i think that the profiling engine has been improved since the first profiler i had 7 years ago.

    It's almost perfect now and so much better. Especially for clean sounds.

    I'm looking for microphone cables that allow me to do profiling. They must have a xlr female on one side (microphone side) and a balanced 1/4 jack on the other side.
    The Stage has only 1/4 jack connection while the head has an xlr in addition.

    Mine seems not to work with the Stage though it works with my Tascam recorder.


    i had both issues. The power cable that is faulty and causes short power cuts (the kemper freeze). The USB key that makes the Kemper Stage freeze again.

    Now i've been able to update the firmware with the Rig Manager, i changed the power cable and the Kemper stops after about 20 minutes while profiling.

    I have to unplug it during 15 minutes then it starts again.

    Any ideas?

    Given that you can output in 96kHz, what do you think the internal system is running?

    I'm talking about the input and the anti-aliasing filter wich is related to the sample rate.

    By the way no need to repeat marketing arguments if you are not able to put your nose into the code and check it by yourself.

    Oversampling is common in audio processing but oversampling a poor signal will give you a bad result.

    The fact is that the profiler work with a low bandwith and can't render the particular top end of clean amps. They all sound the same and they sound flat and steril.

    That's a major issue for me that make me sold mine.

    The difference is obvious here and not related to the reverb.

    If you can't hear it it's just because you have a bad monitoring system and not because the Kemper is doing his job.

    Having a higher sample rate in input (then you can downgrade to 41khz for internal processing) would improve the bandwith and the whole sound.

    It's perhaps doable on this version with just software mod.

    If they do it i will buy one again.

    The KPA lacks in clean tones.

    Yes i miss frequencies, you can hear the low pass filter action on almost all sound cards.
    That's why DSD has been created, there is no low pass filter. It's a huge advantage.

    I don't know what converters they use but my advice is to sample at 88khz then downsample for the processing if requested. They will have a better image like that.

    I wonder if the profiling sample rate will be definitly fixed or if it will be able to change in the futur.

    IMO they use a low sample rate like 48khz and the AA low pass filter kill the tone especially for clean tones.
    It avoids to get the right tone, it miss something and sounds steril.

    I wonder if they could increase this sample rate to 88 or 96khz in order to avoid the low pass filter limitation.

    I wonder when they will release a new kemper hd with 96khz a/d preocessing.
    I think that's the reason why it can't capture the chime.

    The kemper II could be a kemper hd with stronger processor.

    1_ JMP + Koch loadbox + IR
    2_ Kemper profile beta firmware headphones output recorded
    2_ Kemper profile beta mono loop output recorded
    3_ JMP + Koch loadbox + Kemper cab (the same than the profile) mono loop output recorded
    4_ JMP + Koch loadbox + Kemper cab main output recorded (hollow sound)