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    That could very well be :( - more coffee please.

    BUT to not mess them up on my harddrive I'd like to give them unique names anyway.
    I always copy&rename those I "really" use on the KPA with my sig to keep them together in a tight spot.

    It's all all good!

    Guys we know the quality of his work. I will buy (partly just for the fact that someone has the guts & stamina to do this).
    If there are 5 profiles out of 300 I end up using on a regular basis - it was well worth the spending. Couldn't have done any of these myself.

    I especially appreciate different presets for the 3 basic types of guitars/pickups (tele/strat/lp).
    I was always wondering, why this (almost) never went into consideration when discussing the quality of the user profiles.

    Thnx Andy.
    I donated & I will buy.


    Hope I don't get banned from the forum in case I officially admit I love (this kind of) porn!

    Well done and very well performed!


    yesterday i was at rock shop in karlsruhe with a list of monitors i wanted to try, hoping to find a solution for about € 600.00 (hopefully) and an absolute limit of € 900.00
    i went out of the store spending 1100.00 for a box that wasn' t even on my list, the new line6 stage source L3t.
    loads of headroom, convincing sounds for amps of different characters and even a 4x12 like bottom punch feel for metal riffing. it can be run flat and in different eq settings (i tried the pa and the floor monitor modus). it also has ins and eq for acoustic guitar and mic, which was neither what i was looking for, nor making the decision, but a nice add-on. built as a tank, but very heavy (26 kos !)
    still liked it this morning ;-)
    by the way: big "thumps up" for Dave at rock shop who went through nearly two hours of listening to mediocre guitar noodling, carrying different boxes and guitars with an unbelievable patience.
    got 14 days return option - if any news, i' ll let you know

    based on your report I daredto try one too and I like it - will probably return my QSC K10.

    What is your setup?

    Paco, Hec, Wolle:
    could you guys post your "sound setup" - since you mention the clean proifiles in particular. That would be great.

    I really like the basic character of the clean TA30 profiles, but I am still not sold on my setup.

    Over the weekend I experimented with the two setups:

    KPA (cab sim off) -> monitor out -> mesa 2:90 -> Lonestar 2x12
    KPA (cab sim on) -> monitor out -> QSC K10

    The tube amp setup sounds kinda "dull", lots of mids, not chimey at all (cab sim is off!)
    The QSC still has too much bass (i already set the low switch to subwoofer present, which activates a low pass filter), much brighter but almost a bit harsh

    I am kind of a tone freak and I am also hearing artefacts when the clean single notes are picked hard and fade out.

    Before I turn this into a serious GAS situation I would love to hear other peoples opinions - mainly from people who also put some emphasis on clean sounds. If I were just to rock out - I'd be miore than happy with the Kemper and both setups for almost any scenario.

    And TY for those TA 30 profiles - I love this AMP.

    You know - this is unbelievable. Guys like you - get a Kemper, play through a HQ tube amp that many people never get a hand on, take it home, profile it, document the settings (LOVE that! - and wish more profile happy people would do that too!) say "hello" and share the profiles.

    Must be an alternate reality!

    TY and welcome.

    This is totally off topic & full of pointless talk, that doesn't belong here.

    simply said: you're out of line!

    You're on ignore now.