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    Just uploaded both Clean and Distorted profiles from a Krank Rev Pro Jr into it's Rev 1x12 cab. The Kemper is really a beast, the tones/sounds are right there with the amp, truly amazing!

    Try them out and let me know how I can improve on them!

    imho ola's profil are incredibly fizzy and unusable in a mix

    I totally agree, i really don't know how to use them although they're really heavy. But they're so fizzy or "plinky" that it's almost unusable. I've tried but failed, maybe someone has better insight on how you enjoy these Ola profiles?

    I just want shout out a huge "THANKS!" for even doing this! It's men like you who further communities and keep it sane. I will gladly appreciate any amp you profile!

    You can adjust the input gain on your monitors, if required.

    Many users have even stated, that the output volume is too high for some audio interfaces.
    This is why we will even lower the volume by 6 db on all outputs in future updates.
    This will also allow for some additional internal headroom.

    Hi Cristoph, thanks for replying. So does this mean the Master Outs are not suitable to connecting to monitors directly? Because even with all the volumes cranked (Monitors + Master Volume 0.0dB), i don't even get 1/10th the volume as when using Monitor Out.

    Yes, if i use with with my Audio Interface (Focusrite Scarlett), i can get decent volume with Main Outs at -5dB and the Monitoring volume of the Scarlett cranked. Is this the right way to use the Main out's (XLR or TRS)?

    Hi all, i've finally got myself a pair of monitors, Yamaha HS50Ms today.

    Previously i used the KPA via headphones or Monitor Out to a power amp/cab. They both work perfectly fine!

    Today, i connected both the monitors to the Master Outputs left and right using XLR cables, and the volume was really low on both monitors. The Main Out volume on the KPA had to be maxed at 0dB to have decent volume and both monitors have their volume cranked. Is there something i'm doing wrong?

    The monitors are fine because putting them into my Focusrite Scarlett played back music at a much larger volume via the computer and that's without cranking the monitor volumes.

    can someone help me with this? Thanks!

    Just a question

    Can i profile an amp via via it's effect send from the effects loop?
    If that is possible, why would i want to use a DI box from the speaker out for profiling?

    If there a difference in the above 2 methods?


    My setup:
    Guitar > KPA guitar IN, KPA Direct out > MB input, MB effect send > KPA return.
    So only preamp profiled from MB, (read somewhere that Mesa Hi-Gain amps have mostly of there "soundcharacter" in the preamp), anyway I am happy with the result :)
    // Björn

    Thanks Bjorn, i was wondering if that was possible 'cos it's not documented in the manual. Well, now i know, i'll try using the efx send from my amps and get some profiles done as well. Thanks for the info!

    Hi Bjorn, can I ask when you say you profile these direct out from the efx loop, what do you mean? Do you mean connecting the efx send from the amp efx loop to the return on the KPA?
    Or do you use a cab simulated output from the amp?


    Do you all notice that some lights are dimmer than others, like the Page left/right lights. They are rather dim compared to the rest.

    Sometimes the Reverb light is dim and sometimes bright.

    Do any of you experience this?

    I haven't experienced this. Have you tried radically reducing the clean and drive sense? Those values set too high will get you the digital clip. Next question - have you set the individual patch volumes higher than usual? If not, have you tried reducing your phones volume?

    Are you using good phones? I find the KPA sounds great through a pair of industry standard cans like the Sennheiser HD-25 1 ii or the Sony mdr7506. By comparison, I do occasionally get breakup in cheaper sets of headphones.

    If none of the above works for you, you may want to submit a fault report with Kemper to see if you have a faulty phones out stage.

    Thanks Andy, i don't usually adjust the default volumes on the profiles. I'll try lowering the clean sense. I notice if i back the volume of the guitar it would clean up.

    Yeah i think i should try to get a pair of better headphones to try.