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    I used ATH-M50s for some years before I got the AKGs. I don't recall the ATH being that much better soundwise but the AKGs are more comfortable IMHO. FWIW I'm 60 and my high frequency hearing is nowhere near what it was.

    Well, the differerence in sound was of that kind that I never looked back to AKGs. Fact is that AKGs are more comfortable. FWIW I am 36.

    Hey Bagatell and londonjeepster

    Not meaning to be rude at all. But I had both AKGs K240 STUDIO MKII and K271 STUDIO. K271 is sold. K240 is being sold at the moment. I was searching headphones also and I gave a try to praised (on Fractals Forum :D) AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-M50.

    ATH-M50 kick the s**t out of both AKG's in terms of sound, punch and dynamics provided. Believe me :) I started to play "TAF Evil Robot Blues" on ATH-M50 and I couldn't stop. At the end my ears became little warm. I came back to both AKGs. They were so lifeless compared to rich sound of ATH-M50.

    One thing: AKGs feel lighter on your head and you can wear them for longer time. ATH-M50 are more "closed" to your head/ears and after longer session with moderate to higher volume you need to rest. But soundwise AKGs are like putting towel inside the cans.

    I wanna try BeyerDynamic DT880 250Ohm, how they compare to ATH-M50. Anyway AUDIO TECHNICA are keepers for sure.


    Will the profiles made on KPA with FW older than 2.6 sound the same good, as these made with 2.6 on Kemper profiler with FW 2.6? Does it or doesn't it mater?

    If FW 2.6 makes difference in profiling and profiles are "better" will these profiles made with FW 2.6 sound the same good on KPA with older firmware?

    I'm using DiMarzio Areas both in my Tele and my Strat, had to dig deep into special wirings and even inverted the magnetic polarity on the middle pickup myself in order to have the out-of-phase positions in the Strat sounding closer to single coils, but it was worth it, I feel I've got 99% there :)

    Yes, I read that DiMarzio Areas are the closest to the raw feel of american standard quack and twang. I played the Fender Vintage Noiseless and yes you can hear characteristic changing when switching pikups positions, but it all is flat and polished like from 30$ ZOOM pedal.

    Do any of you players have the experience with noiseless pickups in Strats and/or Teles compared to standard pickups?

    I played Fender Stratocaster Deluxe Player lately with Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups and, yes they are dead quiet but I felt somehow that they sound sterile and Hi-Fi sounding.

    Do any of you have the same findings? What pickups do you have in Strats and Teles when you glory famous Morgan AC20?

    Hello Skoczy!

    Nice to see that you like the profile. I tried to get a very good crunch and punch with these profiles.
    You can turn down the gain and still have the punch.

    Hey DrBertson

    I was just messing with RigManager. "Hey let's try this one". I doubleclicked it and WOW. Wall of grit coming out of my monitors. No harshness or thin distortion.


    This is actually intended. But I see that it might be not that useful than originally thought. :)

    Well, to me as an experienced software tester it appears as bug at least small, maybe nonfunctional 8)

    1) why allow to change rig X for rig X is there any business case to cover? - logically it makes no sense :D you flash Kemper memory with the same profile, so you decrease its lifespan :D
    2) why allow to change rig, if the button for changing rigs is grayed out? (when last rig is reached)

    just my 0.02$

    Thanks for the video. Indeed this is a bug (although, it is completely harmless and just 'cosmetic'). It is fixed in build 10215.
    It only comes up when there is exactly one rig listed in the current view and you're using category browsing. Thanks for the heads up.
    (I can't find the ticket you've opened, but consider the case closed).

    Ticket number is KA00085632. So good to know it is just 'cosmetic'. Anyway I raised once topic here about possibility to change rigs for next or previous, while being currently on last or first rig. It the changes the rig for the same rig without a reason, just making gap in sound between switching. Could I rise ticket for that or this is too tiny non functional bug?

    I decided it was time to expand upon my abilities and techniques. Private lessons were to damn expensive. So joined the Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert. There are lots of lesson videos. Ive also been in contact with him thru email about what goals I want to accomplish. Since shredding speed and techniques are what I want, I have the opportunity to send him a video which he will give me feedback on how to alter or improve what Im doing.
    Im not familiar with the bands he was in, but he has a great enthusiastic personality that I value in a teacher. . Im psyched.

    I met Paul in person during his European tour in 2010 on private classes before the show. He's so straight and enthusiastic person with great sense of humor 8) He is most known for being member of Mr Big (earlier playing in Racer X) but I found more about him listening to his solo albums. For me he is top shredder which put feeling into his music :) Not just 180bpm 16th notes going all over the fretboard, but also bendings, vibrato and all stuff. And he is a person you can talk to like me to you ;) Not the kind of stars that you can contact by his spokesman.

    We used to exchange e-mails when I found some bugs on his previous webpage, he was making itself. I was little shocked while he replied my email the same day. Not his office, not his secretary :D

    Wish you good shred! Let us know about the progress.

    I also own his signature PGM 301 Ibanez. Great white shred machine.

    Well, reproduction of a bug is a premise for its fix.
    So let's just wait.

    Since we have the same backup and I believe Kemper Profiler is the same hardware among the years - guys at Kemper will just load my backup in reference Profiler and perform procedure described here in 1st post and voila :) Like I said I don't know if it affects any functionality soundwise or parametric etc. But I felt need to post it.

    Yeah let's wait :thumbup:

    They'll normally send an email directly to you in response to tell you if they were able to reproduce the same behaviour.

    Strange if they weren't able to reproduce the same behavior. Either they had another copy of Kemper Profiler (other hardware than mine) or other binary file (kpabackup). Since the latter is impossible (they have the same binary file as I have) only other hardware of Kemper Profiler could happen. Possible?