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    It was hard to tell, but I think I saw the piezo switch on the P24 in the middle position. That would let you mix piezo and humbuckers, and I wonder what the mix was?

    Can't wait to try this on my P22!

    The producer and artist address the piezo in the comments below the video, no piezo was used for the acoustic simulation. The artist says in the comments that the piezo doesn't mix well with the simulation.

    Interesting setup - they claim loads of clean headroom for that thing.

    So do you bypass the Forte preamp sections? From what I gather, you could do this if the KPA go into the FX loop return of the Forte Head.

    I've tried both but I actually prefer direct in vs the FX loop, I just dial the tube saturation to minimal. It is a very flat amp. The benefit to going direct in is that it has a 5 band EQ so if something needs a bit of tweaking, I don't have to mess with the Kemper. As I mentioned I use this amp without the Kemper and it sound great for a SS amp. The video below is the Forte combo with pedals in the front end. I'm not Scott Lerner.

    I went a different route with the power amp. I tried a Duncan 170 but as I also play a lot of jazz "chord melody", the 100% always on fan was too loud for my ears so it was either opt for the 700 which has a temperature controlled fan or find something else. I ended up with a Henriksen Forte head and couldn't be happier. This is the best tone I've had since buying the Kemper in 2012. I'm using a Tone Junkie Pro Reverb ( I own a early 70 SF Pro Reverb) profile with the Forte head into a Kemper Kone with the EV12 imprint. I couldn't be happier with the setup.

    RD, This is super simple. Just download the latest OS from the Kemper website, extract or copy the KAOS.bin file to the USB stick. Make sure it is in the root of the USB stick. You can put it in a OS update folder but keep it simple. Turn on your Kemper and insert the USB stick into the back and it will update automatically. I just upgraded from 4.0.2 and I feel foolish now but I had thought that in the past, one inserted the USB stick into the Kemper, turned it on and it would recognize the stick and install the new OS. Well after inserting 3 different USB sticks, formatting the USB stick etc before turning on the Kemper without any recognition of the new software . I tried sticking the USB stick in while the Kemper was on and fully loaded and voila. It updated.

    Well, I ordered mine the week before last from Sweetwater and it was supposed to arrive on Sunday via FedEx. I stupidly put signature required on the delivery. It actually arrived on Sunday and I was pressure washing the side of the house but I didn't see or hear the FedEx truck pull up to the front. The delivery person couldn't be bother to come around the side of the house and flag me i.e. I was using a gas pressure washer so it was loud. Mind you I have an average size house so I was probably at some point 20-30' from the delivery driver.

    Anyway, they left me a note on the door saying I wasn't home and they would be back the next business day which in this case wasn't Monday but Tuesday. Well it looks like its lost now. God I hate FedEx Ground.

    After some review, I decided to spring for the SD Power Stage 170. I have two CLR cabs and haven't until I purchased the Kone had a need for a separate power amp. The CLRs are now going to be used as monitors. The Duncan although pricey seemed from reviews to be reliable ,powerful enough, and have onboard EQ. Plus they seem to hold their value in the used market.

    I'm not ranting about this upcoming feature. I was surprised the demo was posted to public bbs and yet it seemed to be from this discussion a ways from release. BTW, I've owned my Kemper since March 2012 and very pleased with the progress over the years and the fact that new features are forthcoming. And as far as my uses go, Kemper version 1 development could end tomorrow and I wouldn't be upset in the least. Now Avid ditching the 11 Rack shortly after I purchased was another kettle of fish.

    Sell it and move on. Not every piece of equipment works for everyone. I don't see tweaking fixing your issues. I'm not trying to be negative but I've owned equipment that others thought sounded great and for me it was a big Meh..., e.g. I have an 11 Rack staring me in the face as I type. I decided to use it as a audio interface rather than take a huge haircut. Otherwise its a $700 monitor stand. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and try something else.

    I've been here since the forum was started and I would dispute that. It was a tongue in cheek. More about the longevity of my Kemper's usefulness over the past 6+ years while a whole bunch of other devices have faded into obsolescence.

    I like the statement that one can purchase the speaker separately. I have a great 1X12 that I can use. One thing that struck me on superficial level was that I have owned my Kemper for about 7 years now and my Kemper looks to have aged better than CK ;):D

    I've owned my Kemper since early 2012 when it was first introduced in the US. One thing I definitely appreciate about the Kemper organization is that my unit after 6 years is better than when I received it. If you look at every other competitor, their models have either been discontinued or made obsolete. There are not many other cutting edge consumer electronic components that can claim that kind of longevity. What innovation is the OP hoping for? The basic amp tones are as good or better than any product available today.

    Do I wish Kemper would finish the update teased in June. Absolutely. I dislike installing Beta versions and I'd like Kemper to get with it regarding a final version but right now my Kemper does everything I need it to do.