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    Merry Xmas guys. Just grabbed the AC30 and Vibe Rolex packs. I also grabbed the Free Pack, Thanks.

    I also wanted to thank you guys for putting such awesome value in each profile pack. Not to sound like an advertisement, but I have purchased a lot of profiles from various companies, and while many of them make great profiles. Few of them include so many great profiles in each pack. I go through every profile pack that I buy, and mark my favorites in rig manager. With Tone Junkie packs, the majority of them get marked as favorites. That's saying something.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays, and keep up the great work.

    It is possible to save your input settings, for different guitars, and recall. I have a few different input settings stored, that I can load up when changing guitars. To be honest though, most times, I keep my Input settings locked, and don'r bother to switch, when i grab a different guitar.

    To save, hold the input button until it's flashing, then press the store button. It then asks you if you want to save the whole rig or just the input settings. Select "Input" Give it a name (i use the guitar names) then press store again to save.

    Please post your findings, if you figure this out. Love my Kemper, but this is probably the most frustrating thing that I struggle with, and I'm not sure why. Just when I think that I have my KPA sounding perfect, it goes and gets thin and weird sounding on me at the next gig.

    One thing that I'm looking into though, is my Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller. I have found that it has a tendency to send out controller data on occasion, which can change the tone of my KPA. Most of my performances have a wah pedal in one of the slots, and that wah is usually set to (Bypass&stop). I think that's what its called. It's the setting that allows you to activate the wah slot, just by moving the pedal, then it deactivates, when you stop moving the pedal. On a few gigs, I've been playing, and all of the sudden, out of nowhere, the tone gets weird, like the wah engaged. If I physically move the wah pedal a couple times, the tone goes back to normal. Still investigating this one.

    DId anyone notice any overall tone change, after installing this update? Maybe it's just a mental thing, but I could swear that overall, I lost some high end,after updating to 5.4.0. I checked my settings, and all seems as usual, but all the profiles seem a little dull. My first thought was that the "Monitor Cab Off" button had been deselected after the update, and It had, but even after selecting it again, the tone still seems different. Actually, since the last update, my KPA seemed a little overly bright on many profiles, so it's not necessarily a bad thing, just a little weird.

    Of course we all know it would never happen, but what if it did? What's your... Oh Lawd....My Kemper died during the gig backup?

    As I was going through my gig bag today, I ran across my Roland BR-80, and thought I'd share. It fits in a pocket on my Guitar Gig Bag. In addition, it's a great amp modeler, multi track recorder, and even an virtual band for jamming. Tuner included. Along with the BR-80, I keep a 3.5mm to 1/4" stereo cable in the same pocket.

    I've had mine for a while, not sure if Roland is still selling them

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]

    Boss Introduction video:

    Presets Demo Video:

    Acoustic Tones Demo:

    +1 on the Blank Preset. Works for me.

    FYI. For even more flexibility, your H9 also has it's own internal preset mapping feature, which allows you to map your H9 presets to any received midi program #. By default, the H9 preset midi map looks like this:

    Midi Program Change 1 from Kemper calls up Preset 1 on H9
    Midi Program Change 2 from Kemper calls up Preset 2 on H9
    Midi Program Change 3 from Kemper calls up Preset 3 on H9
    Midi Program Change 4 from Kemper calls up Preset 4 on H9
    and so on................

    But you can re-map your H9, for example:

    Midi Program Change 1 from Kemper calls up Preset 8 on H9
    Midi Program Change 2 from Kemper calls up Preset 15 on H9
    Midi Program Change 3 from Kemper calls up Preset 1 on H9
    Midi Program Change 4 from Kemper calls up Preset 1 on H9
    and so on................

    It would be a cool feature, to have a drop down, similar to the one the rig screen (ie. Date Added, Author, Latest Added, ect) , which allowed you to select one effect type at a time (ie. Delays, Wah, Compressors, Eq, ect).

    I also use the H9 with my KPA. Love it. I never had the volume jump issue, but I use my H9 a little differently.

    What works for me is to keep the loop ON in the KPA, all the time (for all rigs), and I just created a blank patch in the H9. Patch #1 in the H9 for example. For all KPA rigs that don't use the H9 FX, I select patch 1. If I remember correctly, in the H9, I started with a EQ preset, and set everything to zero and named it "Blank".

    For rigs that need a different effect in slot X, i just save the rig with that effect in the slot, instead of the loop.

    I've used the latest beta 5.3 firmware in several rehearsals, and at least 2 previous shows, without incident. Certainly, nothing like mentioned above.

    I probably have the last 10 backups on the USB stick that stays with my Kemper. Restoring a backup in the middle of a gig though, would be a serious last resort. Come to think of it, I've owned my KPA since 2012, and I've never needed to roll back a firmware upgrade. I think I've restored backups, maybe twice in that time.

    I'm leaning more towards the Atomic as the problem. I pulled the EL84 power tubes last night, and noticed what appeared to be black soot on the inside of the tubes glass. If it were one of my regular tube amps, my first thought would be that the amp was over biased and overheating. I had in a pair of my favorite Mesa Boogie EL84 6BQ5 tubes, but they might have been too much for the Atomic. I swapped in a set of Mullard EL84's last night, and played for an hour or so, without problems.

    Searching the web, I've found one person who mentioned that the Atomic 122-18 cabinet doesn't need biasing. Every time biasing is mentioned, it is in reference to the 50w version of the Atomic cab.

    Ok, first the gear:

    KPA un-powered toaster (Latest 5.3 beta firmware)
    Atomic 112-18w powered cabinet (2 EL84 power tubes and 12AX7 phase inverter)
    Behringer FCB1010 Midi Footcontroller.

    The problem - Last night at our bands big 10th anniversary gig, about 4-5 songs in, I start getting tone fluctuations. I would describe it as if I was rolling the tone knob on my guitar, to zero, then back up to 10, randomly. This lasted through one song, then seemed to clear up. The next 4-5 songs were uneventful. Then, right in the middle of a slow blues guitar solo (I did dial up the volume here), the sound started cutting in and out randomly, until finally, all I had were the pick attacks, with zero sustain. Sounded like little blips each time I hit a string. Fortunately, I had a 2nd combo amp setup beside my main rig, running parallel as a backup, and it continued working. Eventually, the sound from my KPA returned, and I finished the show with my main rig.

    My first thought is that the tubes in the Atomic 112-18 farted out. (BTW, does anyone know if this 18w Atomic 112 cab can bias adjusted? I can only find instructions for the 50w cab). Then I remembered the funky tone stuff early in the show, and thought that maybe it is some kind of midi problem with the new firmware?

    BTW, my tone for the whole show was really shrill and high-endy. No amount of tone control adjustment seemed to help. This was definitely not normal.

    Any thoughts?

    Looked interesting until I saw the 5 euro fee added for purchasing just one set. No problem, I'd probably buy at least two sets anyway, but what's the deal with the VAT included in the price. Does that tax get removed from USA buyers?

    Wow.... I finally got some time yesterday, to checkout these new DR Z profiles, and I have to say, I was in Jangle heaven. I'd say 90% of the profiles worked perfectly with my PRS DGT Signature, right out of the box. If you're into low-medium gain jangle tones, ala Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Stones, Smiths, REM, ect. Then you'll definitely want to checkout these profiles. This profile pack also has some of the best clean profiles that I have found. Kudos to the folks at DR Z.

    Thought it was just me........Yesterday, I got to spend some time with those new DR Z profiles, and during testing, I noticed that the wah response seemed really sluggish. Lagging quite a bit behind input. Never noticed that before.