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    Hi guys,

    im currently trying to put together a live / rehearsal setup that suits what I do.
    So i'm curious, has anyone ever tried to feed a bass and a guitar into the Kemper at the same time, trying to get different Signal paths (like Guitar only left and bass only right)?
    In my live gigs I play bass guitar but switch to guitar here and now. Then our lead singer plays the bass, so both instruments are on at the same time.

    I want to keep my equipment as small and easy as possible. And there's always the Situation that I have to carry different stuff for bass and guitar.

    With my HD500 this is easy going, but it doesn't Sound as good, as the kemper. And my ideal would be to not have to use the hd500.

    Any ideas?

    This, and also the fact, that there wouldn't be a profile of a real amp without a real amp. If no one is buying amps anymore there will be no new profiles. And thats the reason why even if everyone plays a Kemper Profiling Amp (which will never happen) people would still buy amps.

    I will, as soon as I have the money for a vox ac30 :thumbsup:

    The difficult thing about pirating or sharing is that you can't say it is evil in general. For example:
    One guitarist has a commercial rigpack and recommends it to another one. The second one is unsure about the quality. The first one sends him some examples (lets asume they don't live nearby). That is already pirating. But B decides to buy the pack.

    If it wasn't for youtube and free downloadable songs, I would only know half the music I have bought on CD. Simply because you can't buy them in normal stores around my place.

    So the goal is not to make sharing an evil thing but to bring people to be responsible and reasonable. And rather buy a short amount when they like it, than stealing all of it.

    Thats my opinion about it.

    There is a separate thread that is asking for Performance Management within Rig Manager.

    In that thread, I also suggested it would be useful to be able to name, save, and load complete sets of Performances for different bands/set lists.

    If they were saved in Rig Manager, there would be no need to set a limit on the number of saved Performance sets :)

    What about 2 - 4 performance sets in the kemper (for the road) and limitless on pc/rig manager :whistling:

    Hey guys,

    I just found this on ebay:
    EDIT 2: I removed the link. For those new to the thread, I posted a link to an ebay site where someone was selling a collection of 8000 profiles.

    Being curious I wrote this guy to tell me which profiles exactly are sold. And he returned with the following link:…zoy/kemper_new14.txt?dl=0
    EDIT: The link doesn't work anymore. But the list contained stuff from The Amp Factory, Michael Wagener and many more.

    So it seems this guy/ these guys have bought (or stolen) every commercial rig pack that is out there and are now selling them again to make profit out of it.


    Maybe there's a way to make them stop?


    I have two things that would enhance the performance mode for me:

    1. The whole performance mode divided in "setlists". Lets say 8 or more. Each Setlist opperates just like the normal performance mode, with the posibility to save different Setups.
    I'm playing guitar in different bands so I could use one setlist per band. This would be a great feature.

    2. "Intelligent"-Assign. Many people are using different midifootcontrollers for the KPA. Some of them have 3 or 4 or 5 presets per bank. In order to use the performance mode you can only use a footswitch with 5 presets per bank.
    In the "intelligent"-midi assign, the kemper changes midi depending on how much slots you use for each performance.
    So if the first performance has 3 used slots the midi Prg for the 1. slot of the second performance is automatically #4.
    If the second performance has 4 used slots the midi prg for the 1. slot of the third performance is #8, and so on.
    That would make it easier to use performance mode with all kind of footcontrollers.

    Hi guys,

    so today I hooked up my HD500 to my Kemper again to controll it via Midi.
    Tbh i have strange feelings.
    I tried different settings. First of all the "easy sollution". HD in normal ABCD mode switching presets in every bank and the presets in the kemper are setted to the same numbers. This way i only have to dial in the cc comands which work good except for the fact, that the hd gives no visible response. I have to program fake effects on the hd which are turned on and off so that the lights on the footswitch will go on and off. Not the best sollution.
    What I do't like about this is, if I want to make a setup with 1 bank = 1 song I have 16 Songs per Setlist. Which would mean I have to switch Setlists if I'm playing more than 16 songs at rehearsals/ gigs.

    The next step was to set the HD fot footswitch mode and do everything via midicommands.
    Now I can use 1 HD Preset as "1 song". Also worked fine, switching was no problem.
    But in this mode it's even more frustrating without the lights on the footswitch. And since the HD "is thinking" it is switching effects on and off, even with dummy effects the lights will do anything but show me what I selected.

    Last but no least I tried out the performance mode which is a cool thing in the kemper.
    Since the bank buttons on the hd cannot send midicommands afaik I used footswitch 3 and 4 to go performance up and down. With the strange result that if i hit a switch once the performance on the kemper starts blinking and then the number will increase without me doing anything, up to 125. Same thing for the down command. It stops as soon as i hit the button twice.
    At home trying to figure it out this is "ok", but live this is pretty deadly I think. Image a really quiet song and without noticing your dialing up a "master of puppets" sound.

    So in the end I'm back where I started.

    What I believe the HD500 cannot do is:
    - sent out multiple midicommands with one footswitch
    - show data of other devices like tuner, presetnumber/names etc

    So I think this combination is only useful if you
    1. use the HD for tuning and maybe some effects and then go into the kemper
    2. use it only for basic midi functions (same presetnumbers and few effects on and off)

    So I guess I have to either wait for the Kemper footswitch or go and get something like a liquid foot. (which also means wait since I don't have the money :D)

    What do you guys think of the HD500/Kemper? Has anyone figured out the problems I have?

    Can confirm this. It is extremly important, if you are going to use your sounds on stage. Because most things sound different when you turn up the volume, often unpleasantly different.

    To help you edit your sounds at home and in lower volumes it is good to make some test-presets (clean/crunch/lead e.g.). Turn them to your liking at home and save them. Now you go to some friend with a pa or have time between the soundcheck and the gig, or go to a store, something like that. Play those presets LOUD. Probably you won't like them anymore. Change them again to your liking and save them under a different name (clean-loud and so on).
    Back at home you can compare these presets and the ones you made at home and "calculate" the difference, when making a new live preset. "When I add this much bass it will sound perferct, when I turn it up loud." (e.g.)

    Ok, yes of course. If you are willing to plug/unplug cables everytime you want to use either of your devices, then the patchbay is a good option to have everything "prewired". You then only need to plug one or two small cables from one patchbay channel to another.

    I guess you plan on using this at home or in your studio or something like thatß For that purpose thats a good idea because you can also access one of the devices alone.

    But if you ever have the feeling of using a combination of these live I'd suggest to make things as easy as you can. :)


    maybe I missunderstoud you but a patchbay is only a connector between different stuff. One channel of it doesn't affect the others (or else it is a BAD patchbay ;) )

    You only have one fx-loop on the Kemper but a lot of stuff you want to connect to it. You basically have two options:
    1. Serial switching system.
    That means that you have a switcher that activates only the unit (or units) you want to be active at a time. The rest is out of the signal chain. This is common in the "big racks" but also pretty expensive.
    You could just plug everything in a row but that would give you the same effect as with too many stomp boxes :)
    2. Parallel
    This means you split the signal after the fx loop, send it through every unit seperatly and mix it together at the end.

    I know the feeling of having unused stuff but I'd recommend you to choose one or two favourites and leave the rest. I use a HD 500 as midicontroller and for additional effects. And even that means a LOT of cable work, just to have these two units run together. The more stuff you connect the more likely something will fail and you'll spend your time troubleshooting.
    The HD 500 has all sorts of effects and is a midicontroller. It doesn't do everything perfect (and I have the feeling it flattens the dynamics of the Kemper a bit...) but all in all its a good compromise.

    I hope that helps :)

    Theres nothing wrong with being critical. But I can't understand guys that want to show how certain gear sounds and use their camera-mic on the video. How am I supposed to know what it sounds like if half of what I'm hearing is the dry string sound and the other half is a somewhat compressed cam-mic?
    Thats why I don't take these kind of videos serious (no matter which product they show).

    Or the other possibility is to use one patch by song where you can configure it in stompbox mode with the possibility of doing 8 Program Changes. The down side is that you will loose switch led indication and patch naming I guess telling in which patch/part of the song you are.

    I though about this too. I think I will do a combination where I will do some programm changes instead of effects on and off. That way I have 4 kpa sounds per POD HD patch. So a POD HD patch is my new "bank" :rolleyes:

    Hi guys,

    I'm pretty much done putting together my new rig. My Kemper will be controlled by my HD 500 and I thought I'd use one bank per song (Intro, verse, refrain, solo or something like that). But if I see it right, I only have 16 banks per setlist, and no possibility to switch between setlists with my foot.
    Since I'm pretty sure 16 Songs won't be enough, has anyone any idea, how I can get more out of it?


    A solution would be (not the best but a solution anyway) to save the rig multiple times. E.g. Put a "001" or "006" before the name and then assign the presets to those midi numbers. If you want to tweak the preset change the "master" and safe it as both.

    Should do the trick I guess.