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  • Hey Man!

    I have seen your Mark 4 Profile of the Mesa Mark 5, Mesa Noogie Boost i think it is called, which i can t find in the Rig exchange. Could you share it with me?

    By the way, awesome tone!!

    Greetings Alex

    • Hi Alex, thanks for the kind words. I'll have to see if I still have the profile, I hope I didn't delete it in my latest round of spring cleaning. Will pm you if I can locate it. Cheers.

  • Hi there, I noticed you have the same setup as me (Kemper - Apollo 8 - Logic) and was just wondering the best setup for recording. I'm kinda new to this, literally got my Kemper today.

    S/Pdif connection? and then there seems to be an option for a DI signal as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much...

    • Hey man, unfortunately the Apollo 8 doesn't have a coaxial SPDIF connector like the Kemper, it's optical. As a result, you have to use some kind of SPDIF coaxial to optical converter box going from the Kemper to the Apollo and then an optical to coaxial converter back from the Apollo to the Kemper.

      However, having wasted money on two of these types of boxes, all I can say is, don't bother. The only ones you'll get are usually really cheap quality and I think the ones I bought messed with the clocking signal, which resulted in poor recordings. In fact, mine just stopped working altogether one fine day and I was left scratching my head.

      Going analog to and from the Kemper is a better solution, and it does not really effect the quality of your recordings or ramping in my experience. Just send a couple of outputs from the master outputs into the interface, then a single mono output from the direct or monitor out for good measure. Set the master outputs to master stereo and the mono/direct output to record the DI signal.

      That's all you need and you should be good to go.

    • Thanks so much, appreciate it. I'll give it a whirl...

  • Hola buenas

  • Hi, I have VH4...and have been looking at an amp to compliment in a dual amp recording you like your Mark 5: 25 for that? Cheers, Greg

    • Hey Greg, the Mark V is great, but I'd suggest checking out one before committing in case you have a different tone you're aiming for. The Mark V is a great amp though. Listen to some audio clips. Also, if you have the cash, I would recommend going for the larger version of this, it will have more punch than the 25-watter. Don't get me wrong, it sounds huge and is very loud.

    • Cheers, I watched the official MB video with Andy Timmons and I liked the range of sounds and the versatility! I did have a MB recording rectifier - that I utterly hated - so it took me by surprise I liked anything of theirs so much! I'll have to go for drive one day and check one out!

    • Cheers! A good idea. It’s a common complaint that the rectifiers don’t sound great to a lot of people,. It’s because they have a certain sound they are good for. The Mark V on the other hand is Super versatile: like having five amps in one. They don’t sound exactly the same as the ones they’re based off, but they sound pretty damn good.

  • How's the tube experience going, dude?

    • Hey man, didn’t see this! The tube journey is ongoing!