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    Thanks Man but I don't think it was that I have never used a volume or exp pedal... . I left all my rigs off after doing a reset. 2,7 worked. When I upgraded to anything higher (3, 4 or 5) it instantly came back. So I kept messing with it. I layered 2,7 again and went to 3.3 and the same thing happened. I was trying different things and loaded the factory content and it stopped. I then updated to 5.2 and it is stable with the factory content. I will have to slowly load my rigs back.

    Thanks for the help...

    I have had my Kemper since they were first released. I have done every upgrade and have never once had an issue. HOWEVER, with this new release it turns my Kemper into an oscillating Tremolo unit. No matter what I do it just volumes in and out like a tremolo. I tried to downgrade back to 5.1 and the issue remains. Tried downgrading to 4 no good. Done 3 different resets. Still the issue remains. The only way to get my Kemper back is to install OS 2,7 then it goes back to normal. I am going to try installing 5.1 over it and see. It was working fine until I installed 5.2... YMMV...

    Over the last few weeks I have noticed that when I shut off the
    Kemper sometimes the LCD Screen is flashing red. I do a restart and anther shut down
    and it is fine. But everything else is working. The concerning thing is that
    the other day I came into my studio and the screen was flashing red but it had
    been off since that afternoon and it wasn’t doing it went I left. I came back in 8 hours
    later and it was doing the red thing..

    Has anyone gotten to the bottom of this red flashing and the
    1.54 Update? I saw some others had this as well but I don't see anything saying what is causing it, or if it is damaging the unit etc...

    It would be nice to know what is going on with this.


    hi andy,

    I tried to download the new bundle but I got the message "invalid discount code".
    what I' m doing wrong?


    Just a thought.... If you copied and pasted the code form the web page, try typing it in manually. I have that issue sometimes...the HTML and being bolded may cause an issue YMMV

    I was looking into your Power Amps and just had a general question:

    I use vintage Marshall Cabs that are 100 Watts each, how do I not blow them up using these Power amps that are all rated way above that cabinet rating?

    Is the safety net strictly the KPA's Volume Control? Or is it that because the Marshall cabs are 16 ohms the amp rating drops to 90 watts per side?

    Please excuse my ignorance I come from the old school tube amp world use a 50 watt head @ 16 ohms into a 16 ohm 100 watt cab... So I am little concerned about ruining vintage speakers. That being said I would like to use the Kemper in a live setup.


    I used a GCP with both the Eleven Rack and the Kemper... Even though you are using it with the Kemper watch these 2 Videos. I watched them multiple times and literally stopped them step by step and everything worked. It is not the clearest piece of equipment I have used, but once I watched these I got everything working for both 11R and the Kemper
    hope that helps

    Its an express, the owner does also live in the USA, but the amp at this time was in UK. - the amp is personal to the owner in many ways.
    So lets just say, its express that sounds mighty good. but now you got me thinking it might be a LP...( and you cant mess with my head like that now lol) - and wish I had more time with it... came through the door, profiled and left :)

    Either way it sounds great... I have seen that amp referred too several times in the Amp Garage and other web sites and it is always under the context of being a Liverpool. When I search online it comes up as a Liverpool.

    i actually came across a youtube clip of a trainwreck liverpool supposedly called daisy here;…o&feature=player_embedded
    notice at the end there is a pic of the tubes, and there is a large octal tube in the pre amp, apparantely a few were specially voiced. does that look familiar andy? :)

    That is my question...are the profiles an express or a liverpool? Daisy appears to have been a LP, but the profiles say its an Express

    Andy the profiles sound great and are well worth the money... My kemper is pretty much 90% your patches at this point... They are just very good and very tweakable...
    There is one thing though, you mention the Wreck as being Daisy? I thought that one was a early 90's Liverpool not an Express???
    Thanks Again..

    Andy thanks for all of the hard work. I find myself using your profiles 99% of the time. IMO they are worth every penny..The JCM800, Vox and the /13 are just amazing...
    Thanks again