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    Just updated to RM 1.6, or whatever the latest public version is.
    Every time I open RM it loads all 700+ rigs in the system. It literally takes minutes and minutes to go thru everything. Is this normal? I'd imagine that the software would sync/load everything once and not need to reload unless I added rigs to USB stick and imported on the actual KPA.

    Any info is appreciated-

    Hey everyone,
    Wondering if this already exists as a feature, and, if not, would love to see it implemented. Can the Rig Manager store "playlists" or groupings of presets? I'm thinking about it like an iTunes playlist, or a setlist. Let's say I want a folder containing rigs I like that are "country" tones, and one for metal, one for blues, etc. Anyone bring this up already? Thanks!

    Dealing with the same issue over here. Brand new iMac, OS 10.11.5, yada yada yada. Rig Manager sees my KPA about 1/2 the time. Quite frustrating.

    Hi everyone,
    Just downloaded the Mac version of Rig Manager. Been waiting for this since before it was announced- now the KPA and its software truly covers everything I, personally, need out of a guitar processor (though my Line 6 Pod X3 Pro doesn't sound ANYWHERE near as great as my KPA, the editing software/manager is sooooo easy to use...).
    Is there anywhere to view basic instructions on using the RM? Can I simply keep my KPA plugged in to my Mac via USB at all times to allow for transferring/saving/editing of patches? Do I still need the USB stick for system upgrades, or does that now get handled via a USB cable? Stuff like this and other basic starting point questions answered would be very helpful. Thanks!

    Every once in a while I like to chime in to show my support for a software/computer editor for the KPA. Anyone who says they don't see the need has possibly never used one. To be able to change the configuration of your rigs/sounds on your computer (or even iPad, though not as important, in my eyes) would put the KPA over the top. To me, it's a no-brainer. Any device having to do with digital/computer recording should have an editor for ease of use. I look at it as the biggest drawback to the KPA. Being able to see all the rigs/amps/pedals on one page on a computer, as opposed to having to scroll through them all on the little KPA display, would be a HUGE improvement!

    Thanks everyone!
    Some of you have mentioned the 66 Pro Reverb... I've been using that for bluesy, gritty leads and it's KILLER! You guys had some other great suggestions, too. Thanks!

    Thanks everyone!
    I've obviously played with the Gain knob, but sometimes it doesn't do what one's looking for. I'll try those profiles suggested by some of you. Thanks again!

    Hey everyone!
    Curious if anyone can recommend any great clean tones for the KPA. I recently played a Divided by 13 in a store and that thing just blew me away. There are so many distorted tones people upload on here; would love some great clean ones. Any recommendations are appreciated!

    Mine wouldn't start up just now, so I unplugged the power cable from the back, waited a couple min, plugged it back in and now it's up and running. Not loving this...

    I find myself using a profile based around a Fender Pro Reverb with a little bit of grit to it for leads, less-so for rhythm stuff. These days, I, personally, don't use super heavy stuff, as a lot of amp sims can emulate those tones. The Fender rig I'm using on the KPA actually sounds pretty close to a tube amp breaking up a bit; something other products can't really get accurately. How many "Marshall stack" rigs do I need? For me, I'm into the cleaner/crunchy stuff as to the heavy. Just my take!

    I got my KPA about 2 months ago and, though it's the 1st generation, it still impresses me. Even the carrying case is well thought-out. Obviously, if and when the next gen comes out, I'm sure there will be great additions/tweaks, but in my mind, there's no reason to hold off on getting one if you're seriously interested!

    Before my KPA, I was using a Line 6 POD X3 Pro for my studio work. It sounded ok, and I got good use out of it. I still use it for certain things, actually. One of the biggest reasons I use it is due to the "GearBox" editor. I can understand not caring about an editor if you're only using the KPA live, but for those of us doing scoring/session/producing work in a home studio, the ability to quickly recall rigs and tweak settings via a computer GUI is an incredible asset.
    Currently, I have to take notes of my settings and document them in each session I work in (within Logic, fyi). It's not ideal.
    An editor would be such an efficient tool to handle this task by being able to have all my rigs and info in one place, on a display that's MUCH easier to read and navigate than the 4" x 1" interface on the KPA.
    To me, it's a no-brainer. If it wasn't so common among other gear, I could understand the issue. But it's kind of crazy that a piece of gear this detailed is missing such a major component.
    I'd love to hear that the people at Kemper are at least sympathetic to those of us who desire this feature, and more so are working on getting this implemented.