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    One note of warning, the built-in compressor of the Kemper is based on a vintage stomp style compressor and does not have the traditional parameters one would expect based on a typical rack or studio compressor. Pulling from the manual (Page 158):

     Intensity

    Controls the amount of compression applied to your instrument. At zero position, there is no compression. In the first half of the Intensity range the effect will be fairly subtle, as the compressor will only cut the loud attacks of your instrument. Then, as you increase “Intensity” past halfway, you will start to hear the soft notes getting boosted as well.

     Attack

    Adjusts the reaction time of the compressor. The higher the “Attack” value, the longer it takes for the compressor to kick in. This will let the first peak of the signal pass unaffected when you hit a string, thus increasing the percussiveness of your pick.

     Squash

    This gives you control over the dynamic behavior of the compression. At the center position the compressor will work as you expect. When you turn “Squash” towards zero, the compressor will emphasize the first phase of the strings’ decay, resulting in less squash. When you turn it more to the right, the first phase of the strings´ decay gets squashed, and the volume sags. You will notice that the compressor recovers from squashing when you let the strings decay further - even boosting the sound a little, compared to when you hit the strings. Now, the compressor becomes noticeable!

    “Squash” does not change the compression ratio, as this is always infinite on vintage stomp compressors.


    Very cool! When I first heard Mattias, it was on a tune called "Yngwie 2000", and given that I am a huge Ying-Yang fan, I thought he sucked because he sounded nothing like him to my ears. Fast forward to years later when many of my fellow musicians were raving about him and "Freak Kitchen", I decided to give him another chance and my perspective did a total 180. I love what he does, now... it was all about getting outside of the filter of thinking he was trying to emulate what Ying-Yang does... once I did that, ahhhhhh... delicious! :)

    Be nice to hear some ‘normal’ profiles of a Mk series (although I do personally like them with the graphic in a nice sensible v shape).

    Pretty much every profile of a MK series I have seen posted from people who sell profiles is downtuned metal. Hard to believe that these mk series were famous long before that from the likes of things like Santana, Toto Isolation, Brad Gillis with Night Ranger and even Gilmour on his Wall live solo sounds. Plus, all the LA sessions that were done back then with Mk series amps.
    I have three Mk3 amps in my studio (one is my sons). Two blue stripes and one red stripe. I think they are fantastic amps.

    Yeah, I'd LOVE someone to post some Watson/Gillis type tones for playing quintessential Night Ranger tunes like, "Don't Tell Me You Love Me", and "(You Can Still) Rock in America"!





    Ah, well that changes things, somewhat. I'd still use the compression techniques, obviously using the compressor in the Kemper to achieve this type of thing. Application of compression and some studio EQ to punch up certain freqs should help dial things in to be more "punchy"... at least that's my $0.02, as I'm not a live player... and barely a bedroom player, lately. :)


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    Your message matches mine exactly, except for the CRC code .... whatever the heck that is. Look at my posting and solution. It might help you maybe .... it's a long shot. But I've run into these problems with locking up on two different occasions now because of rig files that were corrupted as loaded.

    Kemper with OS 7.1.22 locks up while browsing thru rigs

    Not that this helps you, but the CRC is a type of checksum often used in firmware and software programming. Programmers use it to verify if firmware/software has loaded into the target device correctly. You will often see things like, "Bad CRC" or "CRC Error" when the loading of said software encounters an issue where the expected "everything is good" code does not match.

    Cool! I guess one thing to keep in mind as far as the Fishman's go is that they sell a rechargeable battery pack to power them... so you wouldn't need to constantly be popping new batteries in if you go that.

    In terms of the output of the DiMarzio's... yes, you MIGHT have an issue with matching the overall volume levels, but you MAY be able to mitigate this, in whole or in part, by playing with the pickup heights of the single-coil sized ones vs. the humbucker.

    My Alder-body with maple cap Ibanez USBRG30 came with a Tone Zone in the bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck, originally. I swapped it out for the Petrucci "Awake"-era Steve's Special bridge and Air Norton Neck models... but that wasn't because they didn't sound good... I was just in full DT-worship mode. I have my MIJ Fender HM Strat setup with the Tone Zone and Humbucker From Hell Neck (with an additional HS-3 in the middle position) and those sound quite good in that basswood guitar (ala Petrucci's setup for "Images and Words").

    As a comparison:

    TZ - HFH = 375 - 226 = 149 mV difference

    SS - AN = 390 - 270 = 120 mV difference

    Given that those are stock combos used in a variety of guitars, my guess would be that, as long as you are 150 mV or less in terms of the difference, you should be fine. And like I said, you can use the pickup height as an additional way to dial in a little more or a little less volume to get them to match better.

    Sorry I didn't go through the math for all the other combos you list, but here are the quick output voltages:

    FRED - 305

    Gravity Storm Bridge - 340

    Dominion Bridge - 360

    Fast Track-1 - 191

    SatchTrack - 245

    ProTrack - 275

    The Chopper - 260


    I'm not an SD guy, so I can't really help on that front. What I CAN say is that, assuming you are willing to spend some money for this reinvigoration, the Fishman Fluence series of pickups are AMAZING! I'd say go with a Classic Humbucker in the bridge and two of their SSA pickups in the middle and neck positions. You can see the typical configuration on the SSA page, but here it is, for reference:

    HSS Positions:

    • Position 1 (Bridge) — Bridge humbucker of choice
    • Position 2 — Combines one coil from the bridge and middle with resonance shift for true in-between quack
    • Position 3 — Vintage single coil tone
    • Position 4 — Combines one coil from the middle and neck with resonance shift for true in-between quack
    • Position 5 (Neck) — Vintage-voiced neck tone

    Now, if you want strictly passive pickups, and without knowing what genre of music you play, I would recommend on the DiMarzio side of the fence:

    Bridge: ToneZone or AT-1 (Andy Timmons)

    Neck/Middle: Satch Track Neck model or Maybe the Injector Neck for a lower output choice

    You could always use their pickup finder to kind of dial in their suggestions based on the details of your guitar and music style, as well:

    Hope that helps!