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    Yep, was thinking of the Airdock which I believe is in Springfield Township. I got it confused with Springfield the city. I grew up in Canal Fulton, Ohio... about 6 miles away from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I'll be returning briefly next year for my 30th Year Class Reunion. Scary!

    I literally just had this discussion with the head of manufacturing here. In THEIR world, they know how long it takes to build widget X down to the second. They go all cross-eyed when I try to explain to them that 4 months of design time may be nowhere near as long as what is needed to design new widget Y, even if it's based on widget X. "But, why don't you know???" she cries.

    Because, Karen, a lot can go wrong in 4 months when you are doing something you've never done before and have no idea if the concept is even going to work! You are asking me to have a magic crystal ball and I'm going to tell you, the ball is cracked, broken, filled with smoke... and, as it turns out, is a BOWLING BALL... so I can't do what you want. We can UPDATE you with our progress as time goes on and we learn more, but right now, our sight as to what we can do and commit to is about 1-2 weeks out... not 4 months.

    Karen is not getting a Christmas card this year. ;)

    Don't be like Karen.


    I'll throw in my vote for the Fishman Fluence series of pickups. I stuck the Tosin Abasi set in my customized 7-string and I absolutely love them. They are active pickups in that they require a battery, but they each have multiple voices (up to 3) depending on how you wire them and which switches/push-pull pots you install. They really allow the tone of your guitar to shine through with minimal coloration. Check out any of the gazillion YouTube vids on them for reference. Typically all of them in the Humbucker size have a "Passive" voice and an "Active" voicing. The Abasi's also have a single coil voicing. It's really the best of all worlds, tone-wise... at least for me. I will be placing the 6-string Classic Open Core Zebra set into my LP clone when the funds free up.

    Also, if you follow Ben Eller on YouTube, he also can't say enough good things about them.



    Hey gang,

    I just wanted to say that I am absolutely LOVING this pack from STL Tones. Literally every single tone to me is great. The SLO lead tones actually make the "dead and flat" stock pickups in my ESP LTD EC-256 Les Paul knockoff come alive! I may even love them more once I get around to swapping out different cabs. As it is, a Friedman cab loaded with V30's and another with Greenbacks is included for each one of his preset tones. The amps include a Bogner Ecstacy, Mesa JP2C, Peavey 6506 and 5150, SLO100 and Diezel Herbert.

    Anyway, to me, at least, they were well worth the money for the pure enjoyment of playing them.



    Don't be negative and make assumptions before you know anythng. You might be positive surprised when it's released.

    It's not being negative... it's the science of physics. I'm not getting down on the product that hasn't even been released. I'm just saying it's best to temper your expectations on the bass response. That being said, we will see when it hits the market.

    I've reached out to gainfreak on Facebook after doing a little sleuthing to find out his real name. He's a under the weather currently, but did say he never got a chance to profile his Le Tekro tone. That being said, he mentioned he was able to get the tone with a TJ profile of a Marshall and a Boss BF-2 flanger. As mentioned elsewhere on the forum, a Mesa Boogie profile with a parametric EQ boosting 800 Hz with a very tight Q (bandwidth) will get you the Stryper tone.

    He's also graciously offered to send me a few profiles to try once he gets better. so stay tuned.


    Probably should be clear on what type of bass will be suitable. I don't believe it will be able to handle 5-string bass with the low string tuned to B or lower, at least that is my understanding. For typically tuned 4-string bass, I think it will be fine. I'd love to hear that my understanding is wrong, though.