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    And what are your taskbar settings? Is it always visible or set to auto-hide?

    I notice here that if I turn on the auto-hide, that when running Rig Manager full screen the bottom row of Rig Manager is in fact hidden when the taskbar is made visible. But if not running RM in full screen or when the taskbar is hidden, the bottom row is still visible so I'd kind of doubt this is the problem.

    But both of leopold 44's screen shots are showing RM maximized...

    If your Windows scaling is set other than 100% the problem is probably scaling as DigitalBliss described in the RM on Laptop thread linked above.

    Some software can have problems with relative repositioning of controls, like the buttons being off screen in this case when the scaling is changed. As a workaround until Kemper can find their solution to the problem, maybe setting your Windows scaling to 100% (at least while using Rig Manager) can work for you. If not, you might try just changing to a different scaling value to see if it helps (like 125% instead of 150% and so on).

    In Windows this is under Settings then System, then Display.

    Maybe just finding another rig as a starting point that's closer to what you're trying to get to would help. With almost 30K in Rig Exchange, all of the included Kemper content, and pretty much endless commercial choices, there's a whole lot to go through.

    For me, there are some tweaks I almost always apply. Also like you, I frequently change definition, but for me that's most often to brighten up a rig for a humbucker or to darken it a bit for a single coil. I like adding some Power Sag to increase the dynamic range and to slightly clean up the gain (some may disagree but that's what it does for me). I usually bring it up to between 3 and 5. Probably the most frequent change for me is changing the cab. I find a rig that to me sounds great. I generally find that if I save the cab as a preset. I can then use that cab preset on other rigs, even ones that are nothing like what I'd use. To me the improvement is instant and obvious. I've got a few IR's that I like, but more often than not I find that I prefer Kemper cabs from other profiles. In my opinion, just about any profile can quickly become usable with a switch to a cab I like.

    I rarely use much EQ. I just find that although the overall sound changes, it really isn't better or worse - just different.

    After a few tweaks, if I can't get pretty close to something I like, I just move on to another rig.

    they are definitely on your mac, try to locate them via

    Finder "go to" Tab , use the Alt Key then you see the Library entry pop up

    /user/"your user name" / Library/Application Support/ Kemper Amps/ Rig Manager

    there you find all there ever was on your mac regarding Rig Manager

    Just another thought...

    Maybe somehow you've created a new user profile on your Mac (where it says "your user name" above). Look in that "/User" folder from above and see what user names exist. If you've somehow created a new one, your old files may under a different user name. In any case, check under "/ Library/Application Support/ Kemper Amps/ Rig Manager" for any other User names that might apply.

    Macbook Air M1 2020

    Not familiar with Mac folders. Maybe a Mac person can reply with the location of the Rig Manager database so you can see what you find.

    You might also want to open a support ticket before you try making any changes in case the original file still exists.

    Can you post a screen capture of your Rig Manager?

    Do you see the Local Library Section beneath All Rigs? Is there a number next to it (that's the number of rigs it finds)

    If so, is Local Library expanded (the arrow to the left of Local Library)?

    If you're setting on the Kemper, look at page 30 of the Main Manual at the Output Button section.

    If you're using Rig Manager, I think you'd set something like this - enable the Stereo button for Monitor out and it should select "Master Stereo" for you. You'd probably want Cabinet Off enabled to bypass the cabinet in your Main Out. Set Volume, EQ and output Linked to Master Volume is however you want. Again, I haven't used it in stereo but I think this is correct.

    Good luck!

    I've never used stereo, but the Kemper User manual describes it. There's a diagram on page 91 of the current Main manual.

    Basically should be enabling the Stereo option in monitor settings, and using the Direct out as the second channel. You'll need to set the Monitor Out and Direct Out to Master Left and Master Right accordingly.

    When I use a Fender HR Deluxe I just connect the Kemper Monitor Out to Power Amp In on the HR Deluxe. Cabinet Off is enabled on the Monitor Out settings and the level is set from the Monitor Out volume.

    Works fine for me.

    On the Treeview in RM, near the bottom you should see "All Performances". When you expand that you should see two folders - My Profiler and Local Library. My Profiler has the 125 Performances that are the set physically on your profiler. There will always be 125. You can't add or delete them, you can only change what is in them. Much like patches on a synthesizer. It has some number of slots that you can set up to be whatever you want. Local Library is a set that you may or may not use. It is where you can create and maintain a large library of performances. You might later copy these Local Library performances to one of the 125 My Profiler slots if you plan on using it outside of Rig Manager. Such as at a live show.

    Within Rig Manager you can always select and play rigs from any performance - My Profiler or Local Library.

    To clear a performance, like one of your 125 in My Profiler, the easiest way is probably to right click it, then click Initialize Performance from the popup menu (you could also use the Edit menu item, then choose Initialize...). This sets the first slot in the performance to a Rig named Crunch (the default Kemper rig) and clears the remaining 4 slots. You can't clear slot 1 in a Performance since all performances must have something in slot 1.

    To change the rig in any slot of any performance, there are a few ways to get there. First, make sure your Profiler is in Performance mode and that you have some performance selected for editing. You should see the performance is highlighted and has the headphones icon to the left of its name.

    I find it easiest to open a second Window (in RM, click the Window menu item at the top, then New). A second window opens where you can now scroll through all of the Rigs in the top section of RM (the My Profiler and Local Library sections under All Rigs.). From there you can just drag a rig from the second window to the slot you want in your selected performance (whether a My Profiler or Local Library performance). You would be dragging to a slot in the upper right of you first window where you see the 5 slots in the selected performance. Or you can use Copy then Paste to instead of dragging and dropping.

    Saving can be a bit odd for many of us in RM, so best to make sure you save any changes after you make them. If you've changed a Performance in My Profiler, you should see a button in the bottom right labeled Replace Performance in <whatever performance # you're editing).

    I hope that helps you going.

    When you're saving are you seeing the correct prompts? Should be asking if you want to save an effects preset or the whole performance. And it should be telling you what performance # you will be saving to.

    Have you tried opening a support ticket?

    Yes, it should be that simple.

    When you say it's not saving, you do realize you're only saving it for that one Performance that you're on when you save, right? It sounds like you must be changing to a different performance and then returning to the one you saved. And that's when you see that it had not saved your changes?

    Maybe try it with Rig Manager connected and then again with Rig Manger not connected (unplug the USB), just to see if maybe that's part of it.

    Or if not this, then what steps are you taking?

    Maybe explain in a bit more detail what you're trying to do.

    For example, are you trying to edit an effect in the performance or are you editing in Browse mode thinking they would update in performances (they do not). Are you using Rig Manager or just the Kemper buttons? When you say you hit the Save button 3 times that sounds like Kemper buttons. If you're trying to save effects for use in other rigs, you should be saving then as presets in Rig Manager, or just saving the effect as some name in the Kemper.

    Your recordings have both the transposed and original notes. Do you have Parallel Path on in the RIG page in Rig Manager? That would cause that to happen in the Kemper.

    I tried duplicating this with a piezo electric to verify this. I used Transpose under RIG at -1, and I also tried a Transpose effect in Stomp A. Only way I could get both tones was with Parallel Path turned on. But even with Parallel Path off, although the pitch was correct, the sound quality is nothing I'd use.