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    Couldn't tell you.

    I just started RM. Message came up saying the update was available, so I installed it.

    Now maybe if they had some better notes...:)

    Yeah, I'm familiar with the Update Window messages. What I'm talking about is the text they include. Like "...contains dozens of bug fixes...", but with no indication of what those bugs might be. It would be nice to be able to verify that what they've fixed now really works.

    I've used RM since it came out and I just find ways to work around things that don't work normally for me. But I really don't want to go through every step when a new version comes out just to see if what might have changed. Guess I don't see why it would be a problem describing the "dozens" of things fixed in the notes.

    I was prompted for another RM update today and it installed (Windows). The previous update was in April for 3.2.72.

    There don't seem to be any notes on what might have been changed or fixed. The What's New doc is just a copy from previous updates. Kemper support - any chance for some info on what may have changed?

    Also, My Kemper STAGE is about 6 months old. I UPDATED it as soon as I got it.

    The double tracker was added in OS version 8.6. Not sure when that came out, but it was probably later than six months ago.

    To find it without RM -

    Update your OS, then select an effects slot and turn the Type knob until you get to Equalizer. Then you should see all of the equalizer presets, the Acoustic Simulator, the wideners and the Double Tracker right before you get to Compressor presets.

    what you are experiencing is a bug in the current OS version that will be fixed in a future update.

    Hello Kemper Support #1

    This is why just somewhere showing a list of known issues would be a really nice thing to make available. It would give us a place to look if we run into something unexpected so we'd at least no you're already aware. And it would also allow us to not bother trying to use something that isn't currently working correctly. Even if it didn't show every minor issue it would still be better than just going along assuming things are working normally and going through unnecessary restores, etc.

    You might try contacting support to see if they could find a particular reason it fails for you. For me, I've never had it fail to transpose.

    But maybe if you're using a stomp for the transpose, you could instead just create a rig with the transpose under rig set to -1. Then there is no effect footswitch involved. When you load the rig it should already be transposed. If you need that only for part of a song, you might then just select another copy of the rig with no transpose and just switch between the two as a program change.

    I didn't play with gain since theplayer didn't mention any changes to this rig he wanted to use. So I just tried the rig as found on Rig Exchange. No change to gain or EQ, etc. Turned off the Compressor and Noise gate stomps. Set the Input Noise gate to 5.3.

    Way too much gain for anything I'd use, but this seemed to be more about the crackling as it decays and the output level.

    Les Paul - hit an E chord on the 7th fret and let it ring. At least 45 seconds before it's pretty much gone. Decay sounds pretty normal here.

    On that rig there's a NoiseGate 4:1 in slot C. Sounds like you 've already turned that off. I used Bypass to mean turn them off or delete them. I turned off the Compressor in Slot B and I see that the Compressor on the AMP page settings is already set to zero. Although if you want Compression, I'd try that one instead of the effect in Slot B.

    The Noise Gate I'm talking about is the Noise Gate knob on a toaster. Or you can click the Input button on the Profiler or Rig Manager. You should see Noise Gate, Clean Sen and Dist Sens. That is the Noise Gate I set to about 5.3 to clean up the noise but still have a pretty natural fade out.

    Then yes, lowering the Rig volume however you like should get rid of the output red lighting.

    Pickup output is still going to make a difference so you'll need to find what values work for your guitar. These are what work for my Les Paul to avoid what you described.

    I tried that AVB Classic Metal from Rig Exchange with a Les Paul and I hear the crackle you describe. I bypassed the 4:1 Noise Gate and instead set the Input Noise Gate to a bit over 5. I also found better result bypassing the Compressor.

    Then I was able to let a chord ring until it eventually fades over about 40 seconds. I found no issue with the output, but maybe you have much higher output pickups than I use.

    The fading away part will be a noise gate. Best you can hope for there is to find a noise gate setting that gets rid of noise you want but doesn't cut off so soon that you get the fading.

    For the red output, you did the right thing to disable effects to make sure that no volume push was happening there. But the volume of the rig is still set to high. You need to lower the rig volume until the Red Led is not lit. If the volume then seems too low you'd have to adjust it with either the Master volume or your amplifier volume. Once you get the rig volume out of the red you could also try adding back some of the effects you had bypassed. If red again, lower the effect volume.

    Hope that helps.

    In RM You can create folders and sub-folders in the Local Library sections. On the Profiler you can't create folders but you can organize rigs in performances. Unfortunately, so far you can't copy complete disk folders directly into RM, but once you create a folder structure you can then import many rigs at once into one of those folders.

    To use any rig from Rig Manager (from Local Library/My Profiler/Rig Exchange/ Rig Packs) you just double click to load it into the profiler. If you really need them stored on the profiler, like at a show where you might not have access to Rig Manager, you can save them individually to the profiler as auditioning them or you can drag/copy/paste from any folder to My Profiler.

    I installed the latest update of Rig Manager. I can't rename slot or rig in it !

    Does anyone else have this problem ?

    Are you trying to rename something in My Profiler or Local Library sections? You can't rename anything in Rig Exchange or Rig Packs. And if in Local Library or My Profiler, you're trying to edit here, in the upper right of RM?

    Hey PRSGary. I don't know if this will help you but it's something you might try if you still have older performances in a backup.

    You can export or drag performances from Rig Manager to a disk file. For example, I just dragged a Local Library performance to my desktop and it is a .kperformance file with the performance name.

    So if you start by making a current backup so you have all your current changes. Then load your older backup and export/drag the performances you wanted to disk files. Reload the current backup then import/drag your saved performances back into Local Library.

    Still a bit of work, but maybe easier than trying to set each one up by hand.

    Hope that helps.

    Hello Gemyneye,

    Probably either way is fine. Many days mine is on for much of the day.

    The boot time can get longer the more rigs you keep on the Kemper. If you also use Rig Manager then you can keep a large library in Rig Manager and only open on the Kemper as you need them. I usually have maybe 40-50 rigs stored on the Kemper and boot time is under a minute. My Rig Manager starts up in about 45 seconds with a local library of over 10,000. So for me, a restart of both is only about a minute.

    If the EQ is flat and you're not using an Imprint, are you using a direct profile - something with no cab loaded? No cab would generally sound pretty bad through a full range speaker.

    No good reason a regular studio profile should sound all that bad through a PA type system like your Bose. The KAB should just give you a bit more AITR quality. Are you saying the Bose sounds bad on all profiles?

    Hard to guess what "harsh" means in your description. You might try posting a recording and someone doing similar might have some suggestions.

    Are you using the monitor output EQ to further adjust the Kemper Kone, and that's what's causing the harsh sound in the Bose?

    If so, does changing the cab in your profile make any difference? Since the Kone idea is to replace the Rig cabinet with an Imprint maybe using another cab that works well with the Bose would work, while leaving your Imprint for the Kone.

    If still no good, can you use the Main outputs with their own EQ for the Bose? If you also had to send Main out to another PA, they should probably be OK with the same EQ.