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    So yes, the picture works.

    You also have Pure Cabinet on. Some here don't care for what that does to some profiles, but you could easily try it on or off to see if it makes any difference.

    Looks like you have your cabinet locked. Maybe the speaker you've locked isn't a great match to the profiles you're trying?

    Also you could try the Kemper Main Outs (not power amp) directly to your studio monitors. Might want to keep the volume down at first. If it sounds more like what you're expecting then that would tell something isn't really right in the connection to your interface. For ex: maybe you need the -12DB turned on on the Kemper even if it doesn't seem to be overdriving.

    If you don't like the sound directly into the monitors, and with the cabs that come from the profiles, then its Kemper settings or your profile choices.

    Not very clear what it is you're comparing. What is it you're calling a "raw" profile? The sound of the original amp? A Kemper profile in Browser mode?

    And the "preloaded Kemper performances"? Are you talking about one of the Kemper performances? Keep in mind that a Kemper performance is just a group of up to five Kemper profiles - the same ones you might load up in Browser mode.

    On your Kemper Output settings page, do you have it set to Master Stereo? Any extra EQ set on the Output settings?

    Any chance you're trying a Direct profile (no cabinet)? That wouldn't really work with headphones.

    As far as EQ - the profiles are created at whatever EQ the creator thought best. So just like any real amp, you may need to EQ to your taste and guitars. If you're using a bright guitar like a Tele, you might try dialing down definition on the AMP settings page a bit.

    I'm missing choosing Cabs from other rigs in RM. AFAICT, it's only possible to choose IR presets so far.

    Maybe you're looking in the wrong place. You can find all the cabs (and amps, effects, etc.) that are currently on your Profiler under All Presets\My Profiler. But it could be simpler to just add a Cabs folder under All Presets\Local Library where you can then add subfolders and any cabs from any existing profile. Load the profile then drag the cabinet to any Local Library folder you might make. It's also a good place to create IR folders or subfolders which you can just copy your IR's into. Since you're already using IR's you've probably already done some of this.

    Doesn't take much effort to create as large a library of cabs as you'd like.

    You could also try just running the Kemper outs directly to your monitors (start at a low volume). If it sounds good then you have something set wrong on the Steinberg. If it still doesn't sound good it's likely in your Kemper settings. Is Main output set to Master Stereo? Cabinet enabled? Are you trying a DI rig that has no cabinet?

    Not sure what you're describing. All effects are still there in the Profiler and in RM. The difference in RM is that you now get the factory effects from a drop down menu instead of only from the Tree view. Although they're still in the TreeView under All Presets/My Profiler as well (maybe not organized well but you can always copy them to other folders in Local Library if you want). From the Profiler you just select a slot (A,B,C, etc.) then turn the Browse to get the effect list of effects currently in your Profiler.

    If you say you're really missing the factory effects altogether you should probably contact support.

    There's a way you can get pretty close to that, but it takes a little setup since they changed how the Kemper Drives are loaded.

    If you make a folder under Presets\Local Library (I have one named New OD), then put a copy of the presets in that folder. Originally this was the only way to use the presets.

    Then when you're on a rig of a performance, select the slot where your OD will be. Now you can just double click any preset in the folder to load it, so you can pretty easily go through the whole set wi9th just a single double click to change. You can also save any custom settings you like as a new preset to use in the same way.

    As far as showing the names, I doubt Kemper will change that since you could do things like loading Klon1, then customize it to the same settings that would have been Klon2. So is it now Klon1 or Klon2? Not that it would hurt anything, but I'd imagine that's how they think of it.

    There isn't anything to stop you from using imprints no matter what speaker you use. But they will only work as intended if used with a Kemper Kone speaker. The imprints are tuned to adjust the specific specs of the Kemper Kone to sound like the selected imprint speaker. With other speakers, there will be a difference, but much less likely to sound like the intended speaker. Just trial and error at that point.

    Please correct me if wrong, but if I understand correctly, a scene might be B,C,D,Mod, Delay on as a scene assigned as a scene to any one switch. Not a toggle of what those stomps/effects were, just those on and others off. Creating multiple scenes along that line would give you a lot of combinations off of a single switch click. You might be able to do something similar with a morph, but you'd have to have all the effects you wanted on and rely on them having a mix parameter.

    Understood that we currently can't switch any of the assigned 8 slots to a different effect, but if the scenes could not only turn on specific combinations, but maybe have their own morph-like parameters stored in the scene, that would give you quite a few possible combinations. Like Scene 1 with no Kemper drive but other effects on. Scene 3 with just Kemper drive and reverb but low gain. Scene 3 with Kemper drive high gain and longer delay, and so on.

    I don't have the Kemper footswitch, but I'm thinking this isn't currently possible.

    Hard to say what Kemper wanted with the Browse knob at this point, but it might be a bug. But what I described to Dynchrome - if you turn Browse just once to get to your what your screenshot shows, you can then use the Bass, Mid and Treble soft knobs below the LCD to somewhat more correctly choose Category, Type and Preset. If you continue scrolling with Browse you often start way back in a different section.

    You can use the knobs under the LCD as well. So what would be the Bass knob selects a value in the first column, Mid selects column two and Treble selects column 3. The Browse knob seems to only scroll the third column.