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    I don't know if this is a bug or intended, but if you scroll down to the Kemper Kone area on the Output settings, you can toggle Cabinet Off to enabled or disabled. The result shows in Kemper Kone and also in the grayed out Monitor area.

    The Monitor Cab Off soft button on the Monitor Output EQ hardware page on the Kemper works as well.

    At the moment, the context menu only shows presets from the All Presets\MyProfiler section. You probably have the Kemper Drive presets somewhere under All Presets\Local Library.

    If you copy them to MyProfiler they will be available in the context menus.

    Hopefully they'll decide to make Local Library presets available in the future.

    You can do that in Rig Manager

    You just store the output as a Preset under Presets/Local Library. For better organization, start by creating a new folder like Output. Then after making any changes drag from Output to your new folder. From there you can rename it as you like in that same location. Then you can use this preset however you'd like.

    If you want to also be able to use the preset without Rig Manager, create your preset under Presets/My Profiler. That's where you'd find any you may have already created on the profiler. Tehse can be used from either Rig Manager or from the Kemper hardware.

    A few things I'm seeing on every start up (Windows 10, RM

    I restart Windows, the Kemper and Rig Manager every morning. If not done in that order, RM does not seem able to find the Kemper. I have yet to see this version of RM connect to the Kemper if the Kemper was not started first.

    Also, I find that it takes several starts and stops of Rig Manager before it finally finds the Kemper. Today was 4 times. Never on the first try. When this happens, on the first try I let RM sync up Rig Exchange and give it a few minutes to see if it finds the Kemper. It doesn't, so I close Rig Manager and restart it. Usually at this point after Rig Manager opens (still not finding the Kemper), I get a message I have to update Rig Manager (I have the latest RM and Kemper OS). I stop it and restart it again. No more messages and usually on the third or fourth try it finally sees the Kemper then works normally until the next day.

    Do you have a High Cut on in the Output options or an EQ?

    If not, maybe you're just using a profile that doesn't pair well with your speakers? Like maybe using humbuckers with a profile created based on single coils. You could try turning Definition up a bit, or just treble/presence.

    I've installed the latest RM and the two earlier bets on latest update Windows 10 (64 bit). Took a few reboots before RM saw the profiler, but then it was normal. I have the non-powered toaster.

    Yes, sounds like I pretty much am suggesting the same thing as skoczy.

    I wasn't suggesting this should work if Rig Manager wasn't already running. Although if the double click could interact with the Kemper (since that's where the USB connection is) then maybe you wouldn't necessarily need Rig Manager at all for this. Just load up a disk file rig and if you want to save it, save it on the Profiler. If you want to save it in Rig Manager, as long as Rig Manager is running then save it through Rig Manager to My Profiler or Local Library. Only Kemper would know if that would be possible.

    The main idea would be to somewhat minimize the whole Librarian aspects of Rig Manager. In some cases it's good, and necessary. Like when you're more interested in something about the Tags, Favorites, Rig Exchange, Rig Packs and so on. But just to maintain a library in folders, the computer, at least to me, is much better. I'd rather see Rig Manager as the editor and a place to maintain a smaller useful set. Then use the computer like my own local Rig Exchange. Just not completely duplicated within Rig Manager.

    Think of how it now works. You buy some profiles. You download them somewhere on your computer and usually unzip them. Now to try them you have to either copy the files to a Kemper dedicated USB drive and import them into the Kemper (remembering the Kemper is already connected via USB anyway for RM). Or you probably start Rig Manager, make some kind of folder then find your computer files and copy, drag or import them into your RM folder. Finally, you can try them to see if useful.

    In what skoczy and I were suggesting, you download and unzip them, then double click one to load it and try it out. Maybe RM is running and if possible, maybe not. So I'm not against RM, I just don't see why all of the extra steps to get a rig loaded.

    Sorry, what do you mean by Rig settings page 4 of 6 ? Set on the profiler ?

    In the output section everything is set on "stereo"

    Yes, 4 of 6 on the profiler. On Rig Manager it's Parallel Path on the Rig page. If it's on, the Parallel Mix controls the amount added.

    We can drag KRIG files into Rig Manager folders, and then click on them in Rig Manager to preview in the Kemper.

    It would also be useful to double-click a KRIG file from a computer folder, and have that rig loaded for preview in the Kemper via Rig Manager. Much the same way you'd double click a PDF or document and have it load in it's linked program. This doesn't mean add it to My Profiler or Local Library - hopefully just load it into the edit buffer where it could then later be saved or not.

    This would also allow easier management of large libraries of Rigs. Rather than trying to manage large sets of folders in the Rig Manager treeview, rigs could be managed in the computer folders. For example, I now have thousands of files in my Rig Manager Local Library, but many I rarely if ever use. Takes a bit longer to start up Rig Manager, apply updates, etc. and I still have most of these Rigs in computer folders anyway. If I could preview from a double click, I could just keep a small set in Rig Manager.

    I know I can always just remove them from Rig Manager Local Library and only add a few when I want to use them, but it just adds the extra steps to add them, try some, delete ones I decide not to use at the moment, and so on.

    I don't hear that with the stomps. Any chance you have Parallel Signal Path enabled? That would send a clean signal to the out put. You can see this on the Rig settings page 4 of 6.

    How are you monitoring? Is the output for Master and/or Monitor set to Master Mono or Master Stereo?

    It's a feature request, not a debate.

    I'm sure you can't know any better than I on how they process them on import, or any specifics on the "Kemper" cab format.

    I know they used Cab Maker and I'll guess it's just the same thing now but internal to RM. It's not as if it got any better - just more convenient. I completely agree with many others here that the Kemper cabs are far superior to any speaker IR's that I've run across so whatever they do, good on them.

    So regardless of the fine details, they read IR's, just like everyone else. What they do with them after that is theirs to play with. Hopefully they'll pick this up and consider allowing more use of them.

    Point being that they already read them. I've had no problem importing any IR of any sample rate as a cabinet. I'd imagine their conversion is mostly cleanup/trimming and storing in the sample rate they prefer. IR loading is pretty standard on all competitors, and even on several fairly inexpensive pedals, so I'm sure they've at least thought about it.

    It doesn't seem like all that much of a stretch to allow them in other slots. Of course if they allow two, then what's to prevent using other slots. That would probably quickly cause resource problems.

    But they seem good at figuring things out.

    Windows 10 here. Rig Manager Fast PC and Internet connection. Clean install after de-installing previous release version of Rig Manager.

    Each time I restart Windows it takes quite a while before Rig Manager connects. Both yesterday and today I tried multiple Windows reboots, restarting Rig Manager, restarting the Kemper. No real pattern I can see, but eventually (today after a third restart of Rig Manager) finds the Kemper. Maybe it's just a matter of time. I haven't tried just letting it sit for 15 minutes after a complete restart of everything to see if it eventually connects. No noticeable "syncing up" messages while it's not connected.

    Doesn't appear to be the driver since it eventually connects and from that point seems to work.

    We can already load IR's as cabinets. How about adding the ability to load an IR as an effect in the stomp slots?

    For example, 3SigmaAudio has IR's for specific guitars, to allow simulating various guitar types. This might be a step like Using a Keyztone Exchange or SIM1 to model different guitars.

    Electric Impulses - 3 Sigma Audio

    I already use the 3Sigma acoustic IR's as a cabinet in the Kemper and it works very well. I suspect if could use the electric IR's as a stomp, so I could still have a cabinet in place, it might be just as good.

    Also, this might be a way to add other IR types like reverbs, IR's of OD pedals and so on. It might even be interesting to see how an extra speaker IR as a stomp might work.

    This could already be done by using an external IR loader, maybe like the Mooer Radar, before the Kemper, but if it could be used as a Kemper preset it might be a cool addition.

    PS: The Treeview (the left side of Rig Manager) strictly sorts folders alphabetical. Can't be changed.

    What I meant was trying to change the order by sorting the columns after selecting presets. That allows you to resort in various ways. I didn't really expect it would work for the dropdown list, but it was worth a try.

    And keep in mind, these new drop down lists only show presets from My Profiler which doesn't allow folders anyway. You can't see any Presets from Local Library where you might have created folders to organize.

    I can see the My Profiler cabs in the new Select Cab Preset drop down, but they don't seem to be sorted in any way. I tried changing the order in the Treeview but it doesn't change the drop down list order.

    You can delete any presets under MyProfiler or Local Library that you should see under All Presets. You can't delete any from Preset Packs since those are the Kemper defaults. And you cant delete directly from All Presets since that would include Preset Packs.

    Hopefully you find something that works for you.

    For me, I don't find the snapshot concept a limitation or problem. Even though the controls may not exactly mimic the stack of each specific amp, the advantage is that there are pretty much endless profiles to be found and they can be easily tweaked and fine-tuned. In many ways superior to what's available on the source amps.

    Even in real life, most amps aren't going to be that exact to each other anyway. What tubes do you have? How is it biased? What speaker(s)? What environment are you playing in? What guitar/pickups and so on.

    So if your real goal is to exactly mimic all aspects of a specific amp, that probably doesn't yet exist. But then you wouldn't really know unless you had the amp to begin with to compare to.

    Whether a real amp, the Kemper, or pretty much any other pedals or device, you find something that feels and sounds just right. And it seems like you're done. At least until you find the next one that you decide is better still. And that will never stop.