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    Don't know if these would be to your taste, but two free cabinets I use frequently -

    In the Kemper Lars Luettge Rig Pack, look for a Rif with the Mars 1960AV cabinet. This one says it is from a merge. A similar one you can get form the Rig Exchange from author Martin Suijs. Get his cabinet called Marshall. I also use his cabinet from his Fender Deluxe sometimes.

    I use both cabinets with lots of guitars and for me they work with various amp types.

    Probably depends on what you're listening for. Some think that cabs from merged profiles are more accurate to the originals. For me, I'm not concerned with how accurate a rig might be. I just tweak them to what I think sounds best. And I most often use a few cabs from studio profiles I like and haven't found any real improvement in the merged ones I've tried. I also find I like IR's even less. They just don't sound as real to me, and there are so many to go through.

    As I try out various Rigs, if I find a cab that works well, I just add it to my cab presets so I can easily try it out on other rigs.

    On Cab maker - when I got it long ago I don't remember getting any IR's. But if you use Rig Manager you shouldn't need it anyway. You can import or drag IR's directly in for use.

    I will try that. Thanks! I just wish you could do this in the editor. So much easier to see the workflow and signal chain in the editor.

    What is it you think you can't do in the editor?

    You can select from presets (the default ones or ones you create). You can also easily create your own folders to hold presets you might use frequently or maybe presets you modify.. You can add one of these to any slot you want, then you can edit the parameters in the editor. Keep in mind that any effect you use is really a preset. It's not required that you save them as presets, but you can if think they might use them elsewhere. Easiest way to save a preset is just to drag it from the editor to a folder somewhere in the Presets section.

    So for example you could make a folder named Wha, then add any Wha presets that you might use to that folder. Then you can add any of those wha's to slot A (or any slot). You can just double click presets to try them out and see which you like best. Once added to your rig you can edit any of the wha parameters.

    Same thing applies to distortions, cabinets, EQ's and so on.

    Since merged profiles know the real separation between amp and cabinet, if you just save the cabinet from any merged profile to a preset wouldn't that be what you're describing?

    You can also do this with any Studio profile, and the resulting cabinets are easily as good as an IR. They just wouldn't necessarily be as accurate to the original since they'd be based on the Kemper's guess at how to separate amp from cab. I use cabs from studio profiles all the time and find no issues with quality. Any I like, I just save as presets to try with other rigs.

    Unless I misunderstand, you wouldn't find Wah types under System. They are presets. You should be able to find them in Rig Manager under All Presets, or you can see whatever presets you have local from the Browse button on your Kemper. Select the slot you want for your wah, then use Browse setting Category to Wah, then picking a preset.

    As a test, I select one of the "New Performances" under My Profiler. I have the Kemper set on Perform mode. Next I opened a second Rig Manager window. I found a performance I use all the time and I dragged the 5 rigs from my existing performance into the New Performance of the first window. Lastly I named the performance. I normally don't drag from performance to performance. I'd normally get them from the rig library, but both cases seem to be working here.

    The new performance works normally without saving anything (I thought I had read that a while back, and it seems to be working for me). I can change to other performances and still see this new one in the list of performances. If I reload that performance it still looks right. I rebooted the Kemper and Rig Manager and it's still there and working just like any other performance that I've created.

    You might also take a look at the Performance section of the Rig Manager User Manual. All of the current User Manuals are available under the Help in Rig Manager.

    Just one quick thing - the first performance screen shot in that Rig Manager User Manual isn't quite right anymore. Now, all 125 performances are always shown in you are looking at the Profiler performance list. Any you have not edited (or if you clear them) just show up as "New Performance".

    One way to add or change rigs in a performance is to open a second Rig Manager window. Then just find and drag the rig you want from the new window to whatever performance slot you want in the current window (in the upper right where the performance's rigs shown).

    Do you have Pedal Range for the wha set to a positive value?

     Pedal Range

    This parameter determines the maximum impact of the pedal, as an offset to the value selected for the “Manual” parameter. Negative values of “Pedal Range” will reverse the swell direction of the pedal or touch effect, so the effect will go down when you push the pedal forward.

    Yes, you can use IR cabinets.

    Also, Rig Manger comes with several Celestion IR's that you would find under Preset Packs/Kemper Factory Content. You can click the column header Preset Class to sort the list. Then look for Cabs and you should find several to try.

    If you have your own IR's, I'd start by creating folders probably under All Presets/Local Library (maybe named Cabs or IR's - you can then add other sub folders as you need to keep organized). Then drag your IR files to these folders and you can just double click any to load them into the current Rig you have loaded.

    Try increasing the Definition that you'll find under the Amplifier settings. This would work with any profile so if you've got something close, this might ad what you're looking for.

    Or you could try changing Cabs to something a little brighter. Keep in mind that you can use the cabinet from any other profile for this, although it will take some trial and error. If you find Cabs that you like you can also save those under the Preset section in Rig Manager to make it easier to use them in the future.

    Here is the spec of my audio interface (UR22) I picked the cheapest one of the line up. . (I regret it) Now I am willing to buy any interface (any names Motu Focusrite, M-Audio, Avid or etc etc whatever) I want something that could improve my sound a lot better than the Ur22 Any suggestions ? Thanks

    So are you saying you've now got the sounds you want when you aren't connecting through the Ur22?

    I got 2 decent guitars (fender tele and Gibsons les paul ) I know there is a lot of place in our Kemper to ajust tone. But I cannot find the right one.

    Another thing to try for what you describe here...

    The Les Paul will likely be much darker sounding than the Tele. Try playing with the Definition setting on the Amplifier settings. Set it higher to brighten the sound or lower to darken it. So for your Les Paul, you might try a higher value. For the Tele you might try lower since it.

    An example might be MBritt profiles. Many of his profiles are built for performance volume and he often uses P90's. I find for my Les Paul that I almost always want to brighten them up with Definition for in the house and JBL monitors.

    To add a bit of touch sensitivity (cleaner on soft picking, more gain on hard picking) try increasing the Power Sagging. I find around 4-5 is pretty noticeable.

    And check out the Rig Exchange. There are a lot to try and probably many you won't like. But there are also a lot that are easily as good, or better than the commercial profiles. Point is, rather than spending a lot of time tweaking, just find something pretty close to what you like.

    To see if it's the profiles or something on our sound card settings, you could try connecting the Kemper directly to your monitors. If it sounds better that way then you have something set wrong for your interface.

    If it sounds about the same directly from the monitors, maybe the level is too high from the Kemper, overdriving the interface? You might need the Main Out -12 db on the Output menu settings.

    Are your Input or Output leds on the Kemper getting into the red? If so. lower the Clean sense for input or maybe Rig Volume for the output.