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    Just letting you know that the problem you describe isn't on all systems. Must be something more specific to your system. Maybe Mac/Windows 11, etc. Open a support ticket and describe your system. Maybe they already know about it or might have some suggestion.

    Glad it's working for you now. I think the Copy may only be in the newest version of Rig Manager. I see you don't have the new morph controlin your screen shot so you must be using an earlier version. You should see it at some point when you update.

    No problem with drag drop here. I have a folder named amps beneath All Presets\Local Library shown here. I can load any rig then drag the amp to this folder to add new presets. Exactly the same for Cabinets and any effects. Then to use one of the amp presets, you load any rig, then double click the amp preset name to load it (or drag it from the window to the Amp button in the editor). This isn't specific to any particular version of Rig Manager. It has worked this way for a long time.

    These would not be in the drop down set of amp presets if you right click the Amp button in the editor. That set would be the Amp presets currently under My Profiler, not LocalLibrary.

    And yes, copy /paste works just as well as drag drop. I load any rig, right click the AMP button in the editor and click Copy. Then I can right click and Paste it into any folder under All Presets Local Library. I don't know if this worked in older versions of Rig Manager but it works fine in 3.3.38.


    Maybe you're trying to save them in the wrong location?

    Find the All Presets section in Rig Manager, then the Local Library that is beneath All Presets. (This is not Local Library that is beneath MyProfiler).

    There you can save any presets you want, including Amp and Cab presets. Or you can make folders and sub-folders to organize them however you want. Once saved, you can load them into any rig you want.

    The thing is, someone (like me) using the Kemper primarily as a guitar amp (e.g., powered toaster) doesn't know what the FOH sounds like because we are not listening thru a PA or console - all we hear are the sounds going to the guitar cab/speaker via the powered monitor out.

    This is why you might want to pick your profiles using some kind of FRFR speaker, and at a show like volume. That's what would give you (as close as possible) the sound you are sending to FOH. Beyond that, it's out of your hands anyway. You at least know what you're sending to the board.

    Then you can handle your monitoring however it works for you. Some may want the same as FOH, some might prefer guitar cabs, some in-ear. Whatever inspires you to play best.

    Even if Kemper were to include cab files for each imprint speaker it wouldn't work. As Ruefus said, maybe you'd like whatever mic and placement options they used, but surely just as many others would say the cabs weren't even close to what they'd expect they should sound like. If they provided multiple cabs for each imprint, you'd still have the trial and error to pick one, and still you may not find any you'd think were a good match.

    So I'd be a bit surprised if Kemper added cabinets specific to imprints, but then who knows what they might have planned?

    For me, I'd pick rigs that I think sound good for FOH, then worry about tweaking a monitor mix for myself from that point.

    To find a Kemper cab you can search in Rig Manager for EVM12L. There are quite a few rigs that come up as using this speaker. You can save the cabinet from any of those to try in your rigs while still using the EVM12L imprint for your monitor. Or you could look around for and IR based on that speaker that you could then import as a cabinet.

    Beyond that, it's pretty much trial and error to find one that you like the sound of through FOH.

    On page 1 of the Output settings there's a checkbox at the top labeled Monitor Stereo. You didn't mention that in your descriptions of what you have set. If can still be checked if the Monitor is set to off. When checked, it says beneath that checkbox "Direct Output used for Monitor Stereo".

    Or you see it in Rig Manager as a button labeled Stereo to the right of Monitor Out.

    If it's on or checked, try turning that off.

    Don't know if this would be to your taste, but maybe something you can try. Here's a Cab I like and a Rig of a H&K Tubeman ch3.

    In Rig Exchange find the rig Laney LH50 Pedal Jensen by Markus Hagen and load it. Cab should be a Grossman SG-Box with a Jensen Neo 1X12.

    Save the cabinet as a preset or Lock it in Rig Manager.

    Still in Rig Exchange, search for #Tubeman Ch3 by Heinen.

    There should at least be a noticeable difference between the default cab of #Tubeman and using the Markus Hagen cab. If these aren't anything like what you're looking for, try the same with other Rigs/cabinets.

    Hope that helps.

    Can you profile the H&K tubeman II preamp that you do like? If that profile still worked for you, then you probably just aren't finding rigs that respond as you like.

    For me, it's mostly in finding cabs that I like from other rigs. As I find ones that I particularly like, I find that I can then use them in just about any rig, even those that I normally didn't like at all. Real easy to try out. Find something close to what you want. Lock the speaker and go through other rigs to see if they seem improved.

    Three things I'd hope for -

    Pickup simulation like the Keyztone Exchanger, SIMM X1 or even as on some Mooer pedals. Just like the Kemper can be multiple amps, this would allow it to simulate multiple guitars.

    A way to assign more than one thing to buttons. It would be nice to just have assignable buttons that could each turn on/off specific groups of effects. Pretty much like multiple morphs, but that could be assigned to buttons. Rather than click one to turn on a boost, another to turn off delay, another to turn on a chorus, etc. when I just wanted that new combination. And yes, I know I could have whole rigs set up for each, but then you get into all the more rigs and performances to maintain. The way I think of it would be a named preset that has all the options set that I'd want. Then just one click to toggle everything from that preset on or off as it was defined. I guess that would be scenes in other devices.

    Finally, if I can have KRIG and KPRESET files, etc. on a computer, why not the ability to just double click that file to load it in Rig Manager Editor and/or the Kemper? That way the filing system is already handled. Folders, save, save as, copy, paste, search, etc. are handled as the computer handles them and all that functionality doesn't need to be duplicated with RM functions. Rig Manager could really be more editor than librarian.

    This isn't something I normally use, so I just checked it based on what Max Power Ottzen described. I don't know when it last might have worked. But definitely not working for me with

    RosboneMako - is it working for you? And on what OS?

    Could still be a problem with a pedal even if you don't use it. Some kind of electrical issue, etc.

    You might try just playing the Kemper with nothing connected - no remote, no Rig Manager or computer, headphones for output. If that works add one more thing at a time until it starts to fail again. Might save you sending the whole thing back only to find out it's a pedal or computer issue.