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    It's just the way they designed it.

    When you save presets, you are saving the settings you want for whatever effect, cabinet, etc. When you then add that preset to a rig, the preset just makes the same settings in your rig. So, you haven't "linked" it - you just used that preset to adjust the settings in your rig. You'll notice that there is never a preset name shown if you later look at the settings in the rig.

    Making changes to the preset would not make any changes to rigs where you had already used that preset. Although you could always lock whatever effect it was so that the values would remain as you change rigs. But to keep them permanently you'd have to save each rig again.

    Not sure why they designed it this way but evidently this is how that want it. Maybe in the future they'll develop some way to link them instead of just inheriting the settings.

    Hope that helps.

    They influence, of course…..but if your pickups are crap (or just the wrong ones), none of the other stuff is going to ‘fix’ that. Certainly not for the effort required vs changing pickups.

    I agree that everything on a guitar contributes, but what you say here is what pickup simulators like the Keyztone or Sim X1 try to handle. Not exact, but close enough for a lot of use. I don't exactly how they work, but it seems very much like what the speaker imprints do. But on the input instead of the output. They take your guitars raw output and adjust it to their saved outputs.

    Can't say if they have enough range to fix real crap, but I get a pretty reasonable Strat, Tele or P90 out of a Les Paul and PRS, and a good humbucker out of a Strat and Tele. So I was just saying if Kemper could do something similar, they might even do it better.

    Completely agree on pickup simulation.

    There have been so many comments from people saying "..profiles don't sound like demo's". And this is probably why in most cases.

    We have any number of amps, cabinets and effects to use. But the pickups in your guitar will have more influence on what you hear than just about all of these. I've been using a Keyztone Exchange for quite a while and being able to select a different pickup can make a very noticeable difference. They may not be 100% accurate, but still more than worthwhile.

    Imagine being able to save a pickup as part of the Kemper rig. For example a Fender rig with a Tele pickup no matter what's in your guitar.

    I was looking back through some of your older posts and at one point you had said that it sounded good through headphones and monitors. Did you mean through the same monitors you're using in Cubase? And are you still using those profiles that you thought sounded good?

    What I would try is connecting the Kemper directly to the same studio monitors you use for Cubase. Not through the interface, just directly Kemper to monitor. If it still doesn't sound right, you've at least eliminated Cubase/Interface and SPDIF. If it does sound good, I'd next try skipping SPDIF (and XLR's in case it's a MIC level vs Line level type of issue). Just connect your Kemper with 1/4" to a Line level in on the interface. Does it monitor OK? Record something and listen back. If still OK then it must be somehow in how you're using SPDIF.

    Hope that's helpful.

    So yes, the picture works.

    You also have Pure Cabinet on. Some here don't care for what that does to some profiles, but you could easily try it on or off to see if it makes any difference.

    Looks like you have your cabinet locked. Maybe the speaker you've locked isn't a great match to the profiles you're trying?

    Also you could try the Kemper Main Outs (not power amp) directly to your studio monitors. Might want to keep the volume down at first. If it sounds more like what you're expecting then that would tell something isn't really right in the connection to your interface. For ex: maybe you need the -12DB turned on on the Kemper even if it doesn't seem to be overdriving.

    If you don't like the sound directly into the monitors, and with the cabs that come from the profiles, then its Kemper settings or your profile choices.

    Not very clear what it is you're comparing. What is it you're calling a "raw" profile? The sound of the original amp? A Kemper profile in Browser mode?

    And the "preloaded Kemper performances"? Are you talking about one of the Kemper performances? Keep in mind that a Kemper performance is just a group of up to five Kemper profiles - the same ones you might load up in Browser mode.

    On your Kemper Output settings page, do you have it set to Master Stereo? Any extra EQ set on the Output settings?

    Any chance you're trying a Direct profile (no cabinet)? That wouldn't really work with headphones.

    As far as EQ - the profiles are created at whatever EQ the creator thought best. So just like any real amp, you may need to EQ to your taste and guitars. If you're using a bright guitar like a Tele, you might try dialing down definition on the AMP settings page a bit.

    I'm missing choosing Cabs from other rigs in RM. AFAICT, it's only possible to choose IR presets so far.

    Maybe you're looking in the wrong place. You can find all the cabs (and amps, effects, etc.) that are currently on your Profiler under All Presets\My Profiler. But it could be simpler to just add a Cabs folder under All Presets\Local Library where you can then add subfolders and any cabs from any existing profile. Load the profile then drag the cabinet to any Local Library folder you might make. It's also a good place to create IR folders or subfolders which you can just copy your IR's into. Since you're already using IR's you've probably already done some of this.

    Doesn't take much effort to create as large a library of cabs as you'd like.

    You could also try just running the Kemper outs directly to your monitors (start at a low volume). If it sounds good then you have something set wrong on the Steinberg. If it still doesn't sound good it's likely in your Kemper settings. Is Main output set to Master Stereo? Cabinet enabled? Are you trying a DI rig that has no cabinet?

    Not sure what you're describing. All effects are still there in the Profiler and in RM. The difference in RM is that you now get the factory effects from a drop down menu instead of only from the Tree view. Although they're still in the TreeView under All Presets/My Profiler as well (maybe not organized well but you can always copy them to other folders in Local Library if you want). From the Profiler you just select a slot (A,B,C, etc.) then turn the Browse to get the effect list of effects currently in your Profiler.

    If you say you're really missing the factory effects altogether you should probably contact support.