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    Press and hold the lock button. Whatever is locked will show show a light. Once know, press the button for what you want to unlock, then press the lock button to unlock (turning the lock button light off for whatever you selected). Remember that Browser and Performances each have their own locks.

    If unlocking doesn't solve it then you've probably somehow saved the changes into whatever you're loading.

    The reason" slot enabled" is grayed out is because you can't have a performance with nothing in slot 1. Any other slot can be empty. I imagine it's grayed out since you can't disable slot 1 so you would never have to enable it.

    If you're saying you can't use the Browse button while on slot 1 to pick some other rig (assuming you have at least one or more rigs available in your Browse pool) then you should probably contact support to find out why. Normally, if you want to change rigs on the profile not using Rig Manager, you would highlight the slot you want (Crunch in this case) then turn the Browse button to find the rig you want to use. Then load it with the load soft button to the left of your Browse knob.

    If you're using Rig Manager, just copy or drag the rig you want to that Crunch slot.

    Hope that helps.

    I don't know if this has already been mentioned - what do your rigs sound like directly in the Kemper, like through headphones? If it's wrong there, then Kemper settings in the rig are probably the issue. If OK through headphones then it must be something about your connection to the interface. Since you said even kind of clean rigs seem too gainy, maybe your output from the Kemper is just to high. Or doubling up somewhere so you're hearing more than one signal mixed.

    At least this might help you isolate where the problem is.

    Yes, it makes sense. It is pity that we can't just micked the Kabinet. Less thing to mangae because now we have to select a profile that sound good on FRFR and then play with it with different sounding...

    Sounds like you're thinking of this backwards. The profile and cabinet in that profile is what is going to FOH. Your Kabinet is just a way for you to monitor that. You have the choice to use it in full range mode, so you hear more similar to what FOH hears, or you can use an imprint so you can tune what you hear to something more custom. The Kabinet is more just a way to get an amp in the room quality as opposed to a PA type of cabinet.

    One thing I do pretty frequently is to try out rigs from various locations - Rig Exchange, folders I've created for purchased rigs, Rig packs, etc. If I load a rig and like it I then use the Store Rig in Local Library or I store it to the Kemper. Problem is that after doing this the window is now set to where I've stored the copy to. If I want to get back to what I was looking through I need to remember where I was and re-navigate to where I left off so I can keep trying other rigs I had found. Even more of a pain if I had sorted or filtered things in some way.

    I know I can open two windows and drag and drop between them, but if there was a way to just leave the focus on where I was when I saved instead of moving to where I saved to, or maybe just a way to return to where I was before the Save it would be a lot more natural. I use multiple windows sometimes for things like building a performance, but I'd prefer to stick with one for something this simple.

    Most programs keep a Most Recently Used set somewhere in the program menus so you can easily return to something you were looking at earlier.

    Maybe because you at Kemper originally designed it that way and pushed the feature at first. Many of us using it since the beginning used the capability to create named sets that we still use. Yes, you can still get to the same end result with up to 8 locks but it's also hard to see why it would be so difficult for you to support the grouped presets you had let us save.

    I don't know how many profiles you'd like to change but here's one way if it helps.

    Go to a profile that has the Stomps and Effects as you want them. Lock the Stomps and Effects (or if you have a Stage that doesn't have the Stomps and Effects buttons you'd need to lock each of the Stomps and Effects individually).

    Now change to each profile you want to change and the stomps/Effects should remain the same. You can either use it this way with the locks or you can save each profile after opening it. Then if you later unlock things the Stomps and Effects would remain on any you saved.

    Unfortunately the Rig Manager doesn't support the Stomp and Effect groups.

    Still might be a lot of saves, but at least the settings are already done.

    If you haven't already, you might want to submit this with a bug report as well. Even though described pretty well and with the video, you don't know if this will get the attention of the right person at Kemper. Maybe providing them a backup could help.

    Also, when this happens are you connected to Rig Manager? If so, you might try disconnecting and see if it makes a difference. Could be something about the Kemper changes trying to update in Rig Manager.

    Hello Josse,

    Seems to be working here with those versions. I don't usually use Browser mode, I use Performance. But after assigning midi program changes to a few rigs it's working normally for me. In performance mode you don't need the program change assignments. The bottom row just selects between the five performance rigs.

    Have you assigned program change numbers to the rigs you want? (System button- page 13 Browse Mode PrgChg)

    Hello BlackWatch,

    Are you using the right USB connector on the Kemper? You need to use the D shaped USB, not the connector you'd use for a USB drive.

    And whatever version of Rig Manager you have installed needs to match up with your Kemper OS. If out of sync it may not be able to find the Kemper.

    You can also save the cabinet from the rig you want to copy from . You load that rig, then drag the cabinet icon in the editor to Local Library under All Presets. You could also create folders under All Presets\Local Library for this. I've made a folder called Cabs that I can put cabinets in that I like. You can also add sub-folders to organize the cabinets.

    You'd have to save cabinets one at a time to get them from rigs, but if you have IR's in folders you can just drag them into one of these folders.

    Then as you load your other rig you can just double click the cabinets you've saved.

    Glad it worked for you:thumbup:

    The difference is that everything under Presets are components, like effects, cabinets, etc. Your IR's are cabs. The top local library is only for full rigs, however you might organize them.