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    Thanks everyone for the feedback.

    I'm just saying that for the way I use these rigs, having the extra locks would be helpful. Being that we can already lock lots of parameters, it seems odd that these can't be usefully locked. Seems you can lock the whole amp section, which would basically keep you always on the same rig. To me that would seem pretty useless. But I can't lock things like sag that I pretty much always change. But then I don't care about exact representations of the original profiled amps. I just find ones I like the tweak then until I like them more. For me, sag up around 4 or 5 improves almost every that rig I'd use.

    I get by fine without these few locks, but it just struck me as a way to need a few less "per guitar" copies of rigs so I thought I'd get it out there. Actually I'd extend it to suggest they just make all the parameters lockable instead of clustering these few things as they currently are.

    Also understood that the Kemper folks are busy with much more important stuff like a final V4 and getting on with V5, but hopefully they listen to stuff like this as well.

    Not really sure what you mean. I'm just saying that if I lower the definition on may of the rigs that I like for a humbucker guitar, they will general then be fine for my single coil guitars. Sure they could still be tweaked but that's true of any rig.

    I'm sure it wouldn't work in all cases, but then neither would locking anything else. I just find that a majority of the profiles I like for my Les Paul have very high definition (not all but most), and most I like for single coils have it and 4-5. So having a way to lock it would give me an easy way to use a set of rigs for either guitar.

    I just started using a Turbosound IP1000 for small solo shows and I've gotten quite a few compliments on the sound. Only thing I added was as equalizer to flatten it out a bit and to tweak a few frequencies where I'd occasionally get some vocal feedback. No speaker cables or monitors to play with and if I want to add speakers, I can just connect active speakers and/or a sub as an extension. I really like the line array even level across the room.

    Is there a way to lock definition and sag without locking the profile that's loaded? I use this all the time to use rigs that I like for my Les Paul for use on a Strat or Tele. I know I can just create extra rigs, but I find that it's pretty much always just a change in definition for me. Maybe having these parameters on the Input screen where you might lock a Clean Sense for different guitars? That way you could lock in these parameters so they could be saved per guitar instead of only per rig.

    I haven't said that all commercial profiles are good (agreed good is just an opinion anyway). I'm just saying buyer beware, and since you've made a decision through whatever means (audio demos, free samples, word of mouth, etc.) buying them was your choice. If anyone has spent thousand's of dollars on profiles that they aren't happy with, somewhere along the way they should have thought about those purchases a bit harder.

    Sorry, but I completely disagree with what's being said here.

    First, I have to think that the idea that a timed demo could work without significant work on the Kemper side is just wrong. If you load any rig you can just save it again to another file. Unless Kemper made huge changes to their OS and the rig file design it wouldn't happen.

    But more importantly, what is the need? The commercial vendors are providing you a chance to get hold of rigs with amps and outboard equipment that many of us can't or wouldn't want to get, and generally at maybe a few dollars per rig. Sure, there are some bundles that cost more with maybe only an amp or two you'd really like to have. Welcome to sales and marketing.

    Like just about everyone here, I've purchased quite a few, and there are many that I probably won't find a use for, but I just think of them like a library that I now have available that I can go to when I'm just looking for inspiration. Honestly, at any point in time I probably only have maybe 10 rigs that cover most of what I care about, but that set just continually changes as I go back to other rigs I haven't tried in a while.

    We all have already made the decision to buy the Kemper and there are thousands of free profiles to use. Buying commercial programs is not a requirement and if anyone tried passing off really sub-standard stuff, I'd imagine we'd read about it here. Would I buy hardware like the Kemper without some kind of return policy safety net - no, probably not. But I look at purchasing these rigs like purchasing most software. Look at what's offered and make a decision and hopefully these guys will continue to make more and better profiles available to us.

    Been a while since I used them, but I just hooked it up to see if anything had changed. Works fine.

    Using the AB200 and a TRS to dual mono cable. Both AB200 switches set for non-latching.
    TRS to Kemper pedal 1 or 2 jack, Ring to B1 jack on the AB200, Tip to A2 jack on the AB200.
    Kemper System/Pedal menu. Set to Switch stereo controlling Stomp A/B (for example).

    The two switches now toggle stomp A and B on and off.

    I used two with the first set to control A and B, the second to control C and D, although you can set them to control just about anything.

    How about adding a "Solo boost" setting on the Main output screen? Maybe you could set a value to add to the current Main output level and have this assignable to a controller.

    I know I could use a volume pedal, but I'd prefer a switch for a simple boost. I currently use a locked clean boost effect, but it would be great to not lose one of the effect slots for something so basic. And a boost is likely generic enough to be a global setting - not a per rig setting.

    So for example, maybe you could set the boost for +3 (or any value) over the current master volume, then toggle it on/off with one of the assignable footswitches or maybe with one of the effect on/offs or in place of TAP (since it looks like Tap will be one of the switches on the KFC and it's probably too late to add a stand alone Boost switch).

    What do you think?

    To expand on that, a probably easy to implement way would be to allow a "primary" and "alternate" program to be assigned per switch on the pedal. The first time you hit it you load the primary program. If you then click the same switch, rather than just doing nothing (like what happens if you click the active switch again on the FCB1010), it could load the "alternate" program. If there is no alternate assigned it would just do nothing on the second click.

    With a limited number of switches, this would be a good way to get double duty out of them. The Control One pedal from Digitech was kind of like this, except it would just toggle you between the "primary" patch and whatever patch you were last on. So with any one switch you could easily toggle back and forth between the two. This was really useful when one patch might be on a low bank, and you'd like to quickly get to a patch several banks away. Performance mode on the Kemper is good, but not really the same thing.