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    studio monitors are designed to reproduce full mixes, why should a bass guitar signal be a problem? ;)

    I've had zero experience with studio monitors before purchasing the Kemper. The only reason I bought them to use with the Kemper is they were recommended by so many people. I thought my question about the possible harm to the speakers was reasonable. Now I know. Thanks.

    Excellent post and I couldn't agree more. I owned and ran a service company for 26 years. CK, as brilliant as you are creating the cream of the crop in profiling amp tone, you have a long way to go in the PR/Customer Service Department. And you last statement in the post above "I Am Out" proves my statement. That was just plain BS.

    Not necessarily true. It depends on how they plan the librarian software and what features it would have. If they plan some Performance configuration with the Librarian software through USB connection (or 2-way MIDI), then it depends a lot on the Performance Mode implementation on the KPA. ;)

    But don't get me wrong: I would rather have the librarian yesterday than tomorrow.

    Hopefully, updates and add on's will be on going. Like the Performance Mode. I would think updates to Rig Management would take care of changes like PM. Come on guys, be the squeaky wheel instead of a best friend. If Fender can come up with an interface for an inexpensive practice amp like G-Dec, well, you know.

    its been said several times its in the pipeline. if they give dates though and dont deliver on them, again people get disappointed. once performance mode is released they may get round to it, no PM has been the biggest gripe aimed at the kpa so i expect that is priority

    Rig Manager and Performance Mode are two totally separate issues. They can't work on both at the same time? Is there one person sitting in his office working on all the updates? Absolutely not! Sorry to sound like I'm picking on your post, but working on the PM is no excuse.

    It's going on 8 months since C Kemper said they were working on a Rig Manager. Has anyone heard anything from C Kemper since then?

    I owned and sold a KPA Lunchbox to buy the KPA Rack. A good friend was reviving an old blues band and I thought the Rack unit would be easier to gig with. I had some medical issues pop up and had to drop out before I ordered the Rack unit. As much as I love the KPA, I find it very irritating that there's not some sort of librarian. Especially for a higher quality/price unit like the KPA. Enough so that I'm seriously considering just going back to an Eleven Rack. No, It's not a Kemper, but it sounds darn good to me. Especially for clean and blues crunch that I play.

    At the least, C Kemper should keep us better informed on "all" aspects he's working on. If he has put the Rig Manager on the back burner, just say so.

    Learn the methods to easily delete unused rigs and develop or determine the sound you want...then fine tune it as Will mentioned above. Even at 100 rigs you will find you use the ones you love and most of the time it will be 10-20 at that....there are always exceptions.

    Can anyone point me in the direction a good thread that covers this. A good step by step tutorial would be great. I'm still hoping a Librarian for the KPA is on the way.

    I downloaded The Amp Factory Rig Pack successfully to the KPA (at least it said it was successful). So, what are these rigs called and where do I find them? I scrolled through the amps/rigs, but didn't see "Amp Factory" or any rigs I might recognize as being the Amp Factory Rigs?

    By the way. Is there an easy way to find and store amp/rigs without scrolling through all the presets? Any word on a Librarian yet?


    Windows cannot open a .bin file. This is normal, do not worry.
    By extracting I mean copying the kaos.bin file from the zip file that you downloaded from the Kemper webpage. Simply copy the kaos.bin onto the OS update directory of the pendrive.

    Thanks so much. the upgrade was successful. I don't know why I'm so afraid of this stuff. I'm always afraid I'm going to do blow it up.

    How do you go about "Unzipping" the Zip form the file? Are you saying I need to do this "unzip" to the kaos.bin file before loading it on the USB drive? If so, how do I go about performing the "unzip" function?

    I've owned my KPA since November of last year. I was afraid to upgrade the Operating System because I'd read about different problems with new updates. Well, I'm getting ready to update the OS to 1.6.1 and want to make sure I understand this correctly. I've downloaded 1.6.1 from the website. I have a new 8 GB thumb drive. Now, do I need to do anything to the file "kaos.bin" before copying it to the "OS Update" folder on the USB stick? Also, should I do a system reset? If so, how do I go about this? How about creating a backup? is this necessary if all I'm doing is installing a new OS?

    I know a lot of you guys will roll your eyes with these questions. But like I said before, this digital stuff makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I'm an old (and I do mean old) guitar playing, tube amp guy. I do as little as possible when it comes to computers. Thanks