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    I would tune your guitar differently. I use two tunings; one for clean which keeps all strings to within 2 cents , and a dirty tuning which I have strings as much as 8 cents apart to counter how hard I hit the strings and where most of my chords will be played for the particular song. And good intonation setup is key.

    This. Tune the low E a little more flat. The problem is no one learn us how to really tune a guitar and I'm no exception. Tuning all strings to zero and your ready to go. Wrong. And all videos you can watch about tuners on YT. All of them tune so soft and no one tells you to tune as you play. If you play soft, tune soft. If you play hard, tune hard. No matter how well tuned/intonated the guitar is some chords will be less in tune. That's what punch in punch out is for when recording.

    I did demo the vst version soon after it was released and I can't say I was impressed and have tested other amp sims that sounded better and much cheaper. The mesa had really loose bottom. But maybe my opion would been different today if I had given it a spin now.

    its a 22 fret so I'm even happier as I wanted 24 frets - I had not noticed that!

    You wanted 24 frets and are happier that the neck has 22 frets??? :/:wacko::huh:

    If I want to buy a guitar my wife will ask me what guitar is it? Does it have a nice color? I do what I want to do with my money and she does the same. As long as we pay and share 50/50 for the bills, gas, food etc. I'm lucky.

    A LTD Deluxe with FR but you might already have one? Have you searched second hand market? I have only purchased a new guitar the last 20 years and all I purchased second hand have been in mint condition and saved alot of money.

    Maybe it's because sea shipping prices exploded. in october 2021 a 40ft container costs 16.000$ from china to mainland europe. In 2020/before pandemic start it was 2.000$. (source: german finance-magazine "capital")

    For example: i payed 472€ for a gretsch in april 2020. The same guitar (same colour, etc.) at the same store now costs 559€. That's 18% more.

    Also nearly every company and everyone had less profit in the last 3 years and so everyone tries to get this missing profit back. That's the neverending story...

    True but if I go out to a bar and bar A sell a beer for 3 euro and bar B sell a beer for 2 euro. Of course I choose bar B. Which bar will sell more and make more money this weekend? The answer is obivous. Now guitars also have to compete with more expensive food, electricity and gasolin. So why do they choose to raise their prices and insist they will sell the same amount of guitars this year like they did last year? It don't make sense.

    Prices are up (Inflation) because there is too much money going after too few goods. Economy 101. There is a lot of wishful equipment I am going to have to skip for a while.

    "Supposedly" inflation is at 8.2% in the US according to "official" calculation. That's total BS. This EVH bumblebee was $899 two years ago (I almost bought one and the red stripe was $100 more). Bumblebee is now $1149. That's more than a 25% increase. :cursing: That increase is pretty much consistent for all guitar brands.…black-with-yellow-stripes

    I've seen it too. Guitars gone up about 275-367$/euro. Insane prices. :pinch:That will make guitarists purchase more guitars. Not.:rolleyes: Better to wait until a guitar hits the second hand market.