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    I can confirm as a married guitarist that the sooner you switch the language from "need" to "want" the quicker you get acceptance ( as you'll never get agreement) :)

    I don't know why most women behave the same way no matter where in the world we live. After all they spend more money on shopping than men do. Ask them how much do they really need all the shoes and cloths they're shopping? :rolleyes: So much they use once or twice or sometimes never and cost a fortune. But they love to nag on their husbands and boyfriends.

    I don't have that problem. If I say I'm going to buy another guitar all she says which one? She never question my purchases and neither do I with her. We take care of our economy and bills and what we do after all is paid is up to ourself. I guess I'm lucky. I couldn't stand anyone question why I do for my money. :pinch:

    But I guess many of you guys are like me. 200$ for cloths? That hurts and so expensive. A new guitar for 2K? Okay that's a good bargain and I open up the wallet without blinking. ^^

    I don't get any added noise with a external OD pedal if I put it in front of the kemper. Or did you use them in the loop?

    The first couple of months that was all I did, browsing profiles. But eventually I found some favv and was satisfied with that :saint:....Nah who the hell am I trying to fool? 8o After a couple of months I find a few other better favvs never stops. :S

    Well EQ is a must for mixing. In theory high and lowpass filter should be enough, but in reality, not enough. How, well it depends on the song. No one can tell you do this and that and it will sound good. It all depends on the sound(profile in this case), guitar and pickup(s)you use. I guess you already have a DAW and the stock plugins will do both for EQ and compression. If you need compression, well it may depend on your goal with a song, profiles used. Oh, and a quite expensive third party plugin so many pro use is soothe. It's kind of a dynamic EQ.

    Welcome. After a couple of years I did the same and fired up Amplitube and even IR's because everyone should know ampsims own cabs sucks at least 90% of the time. And how thin, mediocre and uninspiring it sounded compared to the kemper. Once kemper you won't go back to ampsims.

    Wrong! The tube screamer came out 1979 and was licensed from Maxon until 83.

    Zero gain, bumped level Klon would be up my alley, but I essentially do this with the Green Scream and I believe it has the similar effect. Does it not? From my understanding, isn't the green scream supposed to be that OD pedal, that you turn the volume all the way and tone half way and gain at 0 and it gives you that nice saturated tone?

    Sure but you can use any OD pedal and no one will ever know which pedal you used. It's the same with pickups. It might be just a tiny bit that difference between A and B but you experience that B sounds a little better than A. But when another player uses A you experience that that sounds better. Well at least for him/her. So is the original Klon pedal very few have acually used, the holy grail of tones. Of course not. But myths are created and have their own life. Brands keep on making sure myths continue for marketing. It's like Ibanez. The original one was a licensed product from Maxon. But does that make the majority of guitar players buying Maxon? No they want the Ibanez tube-screamer. It doens't matter that it doesn't sound excactly like the original. The same is true with the tone wood bs. This is how psychology works. Tell ppl something and that's what they will believe and hear and make them believe they're not already biased based on the knowledge they've heard is true. This is true no matter if it's music or anything else commercial product or politics. Make them believe what you want them to believe and you have a customer or a voter. Hopefully for the rest of their lifes.

    This comparison is a bad joke. Take a good plugin and take a bad-mediocre kemper profile and voila, the plugin sounds better. Everyone here can do that. Oh, and I love the first guy's comment:D "Just watching the wave profiles it's easy to see the Kemper is way more compressed.." I mean if you can't see the difference between a DI track and a processed track, maybe you shouldn't comment at all and he can't be guitar player either.

    I'm really excited for the QC - I'm in the second wave of pre-orders. My concern is similar to the plugins though, and as dmatthews mentions above - all demos are all CHUGGCHUGGAWAAAAAAAHHHHH. Completely loses nuances in demos, and it just seems a competition to show how heavy it can sound.

    You're right. But who has more videos on YT with ampsims, kempers, axe-fx? So this is expected.

    I think we can all agree that if you like/use OD pedals then the built in ones do not compete with the high end pedals ( Klon etc).

    For me ( and it is just me - I'm not a pedal guy) I think you can get the same effect through a different Amp/gain level/eq. I've never found an OD pedal that I go "wow" that transforms my sound into something new. Along with the additional noise , balancing the gain structures between the amp, additional pedal board space, power blocks, true bypass vs buffered...just not for me.

    Anyway, I seriously hope they do upgrade the OD pedals for those that want them and perhaps I might then be converted :)

    Maybe you will be converted. :) But you will try them and like them,:evil: You will like them.:evil::D

    I feel the same BUT many people want those boutique OD pedals....personally Amps give me the gain structure and flavours I need..

    And there's a myth that boutique amps och pedals are better. Not true. We'll see what the pedal update will be like soon.