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    I was just thinking in terms of the most features for the most people, at least on the first release

    Chris, you are aware that I'm talking about Rig Manager in the first place? We're way beyond first release, many years actually. ;) And yes, I have complained before about the lack of scaling ... without success.

    G, are you running yours at full 3840 x 2160 (-ish) resolution, or do you run at 1920x1080?

    Given that G String is on Windows (which is the topic in this thread), he'd have to be pretty hardcore to accept the terribly blurry and awkward Windows system scaling. This would be very hard on his eyes and I would expect G "Eagle" String to turn into G "Mole" String in no time. ;)

    I would think if it was 1920 x 1080 that it would be normal size text but very clean due to the high dpi. However, it's running 3840 then couldn't you just change the res to 1920?

    On Mac, system scaling is much better but it still doesn't make sense to pay for a 5K display just to restrict yourself to 1920x1080. There's apps that can make very good use of the higher resolutions. Rig Manager certainly isn't one of them though.



    ... to be considered an "edge case."

    Hey Chris, thanks for the effort to tell me I should be considered an "edge case". :D

    You might be surprised by the amount of 4K+ screens being used in studios nowadays. Of course I don't have any numbers but it's certainly not so much of an "edge case" anymore.

    Regarding software development: I don't think this would take a "complete rewrite" and 6 months to 1 year. The software backend can certainly remain, only the frontend (UI) needs to change. Yes, it's a little bit of work but it's not rocket science either. It just requires the will to improve the software so it can adapt to pretty much all use cases.

    The 125% on Windows seem to trigger the problem. For some people everything goes back to normal with 100%. It's not so easy to tell "why" though, so sending reports with as many details as possible is always helpful.

    The actual problem is the lack of scaling in Rig Manager in the first place. Sorry to say but it's true. I made a video showing the problems, different solutions and comparing it with Rig Manager. Please watch and discuss in the thread I created:

    Rig Manager | Windows App Scaling



    ... weshalb ist der Stage nicht mehr lieferbar?

    Stell dir vor, 50 Leute bestellen die Stage. Kemper beliefert den Händler diese Woche mit 20 Stück. Während immernoch 30 Leute warten, bestellen wieder 20 Leute neu, bevor Kemper die Woche drauf wieder 20 Stück an den Händler liefert .... etc. etc.

    Ergebnis: Das Teil ist nie "vorrätig" aber der Händler verkauft und liefert trotzdem 80 Stück pro Monat. ;)

    1. Always compare headphones at the same perceived volume. If the DT 770 Pro were lower perceived volume, increase the output gain of the Kemper headphones output. It has plenty of gain to even make the 250 Ohms version blast. Listening loud changes the perceived high frequency response considerably (Fletcher-Munson)!

    2. If you've been using the ATH-M30x for a long time to setup and tweak your sounds at home ... how did the result translate to gig volume at soundcheck? What's the typical corrections you tend to do at soundcheck for the sounds you had tweaked at home? Do you have to turn up Treble for example? If so, your headphones are too bright, too much top end.

    Generally speaking, you don't want to go for the "best sounding" cans but for the ones that lead you to the right decisions when tweaking your sounds so they translate well (with minimal corrections) on stage.

    Get a pair! You really want to listen stereo, no matter if it's just for the great stereo effects you can use in your guitar sounds or at least the stereo backing tracks. Makes a world of a difference, adds depth and "room" to your sound. Much more enjoyable. ;)

    Hi Jim,

    if I get your "upper end of bedroom volume" right, then PA speakers aren't the right choice. You rather get studio monitors AND treat your room a bit (with good absorbers and a high pile rug).

    There's a gazillion of studio monitors and there's something for pretty much every budget. Just make sure they're not too small (no 5" woofers, go for 7"+ instead for better low end response).

    Popular nearfield monitor choices for different budgets (price low to high):

    1. Yamaha HS8

    2. Adam A7X

    3. KS digital C8
    4. KS digital C88

    5. Event Opal

    Again ... treating your room is AT LEAST as important as the speaker choice. Don't underestimate this! :)

    Didn't you go through all this drama 1.5 years ago in a 15 page thread? Even the inventor of the Profiler and boss of Kemper GmbH weighed in and asked you to post clips so he can check if something's wrong. You refused to do so, just like you refuse to do now.

    In my opinion ... you ask for help but don't want to be helped. Guess it's time for you to just sell it and leave ... with a little less of a drama.

    with the advent of the always-connected Windows 10, they decided to give it away for free.

    I won't go into every detail of your post (some I agree, some I disagree) ... but regarding the above statement: This isn't true. Windows 10 still costs money. Buy a new Windows laptop/computer/tablet and be sure that the manufacturer will have paid an OEM price ... and you pay for getting the product being equipped with Windows 10. My rough guess would be around 32 billion US$ revenue from Windows 10 per year (about 25% of their revenue). So it's far from free. ;)

    2. I get http error codes 503 (service unavailable) multiple times a day since a while.

    Seriously guys, get someone properly manage (and maybe even upgrade) the web server!!! ;) I reported this 4 months ago and not much has happened since. Today it's the worst ever (for obvious reasons). It's not going to develop self-healing powers, you need to do something about it.

    I bought the Kemper thinking the editor was close to release

    When I bought my first Kemper, I bought it because it does NOT come with an editor.

    Tbh, I don't even want to imagine how much resources it took from other cool stuff that could have been done instead.

    And on a side note ... I very much enjoyed the Kemper community when there wasn't this constant moaning about something that doesn't affect the guitar tone at all. If someone dearly needs an editor, why don't you just go and buy Bias or whatever "editor" floats your boat? If someone bought the Kemper Profiler because of its (upcoming) editor ... s e r i o u s l y?

    And with these words I leave this thread again, play my guitar and profile some of my beautiful amps.