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    Well, I ran the Double Tracker through its paces and... it's almost there, but there is a phasing issue which is common to this type of effect which basically renders it unusable in either a recording situation or a live situation.

    I was about to ask the question about the phasing that I am hearing.

    I hear it even without the Detune parameter, just using the Default setting.

    It’s not always prominent but it is distracting when it happens.

    I have the Kemper since 2012 and up until COVID, no pedals.

    With the lockdown, I was SO bored at some point that I felt the need to spice up stuff a bit for a change.

    I bought 3 pedals within a month...

    • Digitech - Freqout (because of what I read here)
    • MXR - Green Day Dookie (Sounds exactly as the name suggests using a clean Marshall type amp profile)
    • Zvex - Box of Rock (Because I like Cam Cole and he uses this pedal to get most of his sound)

    Was a good change overall just to play with different buttons AND made me play guitar more often.

    All of this sounds awesome on the Kemper Power Kabinet as well, which I love BTW.



    Dans la section Support du site de Kemper il faut aller dans « Downloads » et choisir les filtres suivants:

    Order: Older Addition

    Category: Older Software Versions

    Il devrait y avoir là le minimum requis pour partir des plus vielles versions et monter vers les plus récentes.

    Ma suggestion est d’y aller par étapes, en plusieurs coups et en paires (Rig Manager et Kemper OS) pour tranquillement arriver à la version la plus récente.

    Bonjour Laurent,

    Il y a une mise à jour du Kemper proprement dit qui adresse ce problème.

    Moi aussi j’avais eu cette mauvaise surprise au début avec le Power Kabinet…

    Potentiomètre au max et volume assez décevant.

    Mais avec cette mise à jour, il n’y a plus de problème. Le son est très fort maintenant. Je ne suis jamais plus monté au dessus de 40% du potentiomètre.

    Le nouveau paramètre pour plus de volume est sous la section du Kemper Kone du Toaster sous le bouton Output.

    Laisse-moi savoir le résultat, je suis curieux.


    Hello and welcome!

    Put a small USB key into the back of the Kemper and use one of the front soft buttons at the top of the screen to go into the possible operations with the USB key. Then, format it using the Kemper (backup your key first, of course).

    I like to format the key with the Kemper because you are sure that it is formatted using the proper format and structure (Apple does funny things sometimes with formatting in FAT32 and adds garbage hidden files).

    Now download a firmware from Kemper main support site and only add the kaos.bin file to the root of the USB key.

    But! If the version of your Profiler is before 7.3, you need to download and install version 7.3.2 first. Only then will you be able to install the latest versions.

    Now, when you reinsert the USB Key to the profiler, it will ask you if you want to update the profiler.

    It took 5 days for me to be shipped from the Canadian store. Ordered on April 18th. Obviously not here yet but in transit.

    Got it last week and it's awesome, I love it !

    Superb slick design, high quality materials, great sound. I was able to dial-in what I wanted in less than 5 minutes. Minor adjustments to my favorite profiles, for the better.

    Being a loyal Kemper customer since 2012, I started with the non-powered profiler.

    Then, the Kemper pedalboard when it was released and I have just ordered the Power Kabinet.

    The Kemper is, by far, the only piece of music gear that I have consistently used almost daily for so long, apart from guitars and I still absolutely love it.

    The new offerings from competitors are definitely sexy and probably sound good as well but I have no interest to change. My opinion is that competitors are complicating their own products lineup by offering too many variations of the same thing. I’ve been burned by one the competitors many times in the pre-Kemper era.

    I like that Kemper has a strong stable foundation.

    Anyway, long live Kemper.

    Michael Wagener's site is also out but it seems you can still buy his packs by sending him an email.

    I still wouldn't do any type of trade model. These sites are out and only what's out-there lives IMHO.

    Same as with defunct physical amp companies.

    Of course, you can sell and buy second hand physical amps.

    It gets more complicated in the digital world since you will never have a proof that the original buyer has deleted or forfeited his digital profiles.

    To me, it is like an honour system. I'd say that most people care about this and some don't.