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    Are you really considering buying a Kemper?

    Yes. The closest sounding to real amp is a priority. I suppose to summarize this thread if you could combine the amps of KPA plus effects and possibilities of Axe-FX that would be the ultimate rack. But the arrongant owner and fanboi at the other forum is tipping the scales for me toward Kemper.

    Thanks guys - I am leaning KPA so far. Based on the clips samples compare, the sounds seem more realistic. I connect direct to PA and goal is lightest compact rig to transport. So is "frequencies above 11kHZ" an issue if you direct out, no stage amp, speakers?

    Thanks guys and as you can tell I am new to research both of these. Some of the other fanboi comments from that thread:

    1) KPA is convenient for studio to profile a tone. but Axe-FX is a actual modeler to create your own sound. I don't get it. I though both were amp modeler?

    2) KPA effects are ok but not as many effects or chain flexibility

    I want to like the KPA better, especially with the rack coming out. Are these just fanboi comments trying to cast doubt without facts?

    Hi all - I'm researching amp modeler to buy and considering Kemper. But I saw this in a competitor product forum that concern me. Can one of the knowledgeable members confirm if this is correct? Or if it even matter?

    "Kemper's dirty little secret is that internally it only runs at 22.05 kHz. This means there is no frequency content above 11 kHz and everything above that is aliasing noise. If you have good hearing (i.e. young) you will probably pick up on this more readily.

    It does sound better than many other products, especially at lower gains where the aforementioned limitation is not as critical." [quote from competitor product]