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    Lately I've really been getting into country rock guitar like Brad paisley, Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland, Albert Lee etc. I was wondering what are some of the best profiles for playing country rock and chicken pickin on the Kemper? You can include free and pay profiles. I'm looking for tones especially like Brad Paisley and, Albert Lee and Johnny Hiland. I love that twangy tone. I wish I had a tele but I have some Carvins that could probably fit the bill.

    Thanks for any help!

    This is weird. I just imported a bunch of profiles. Some are cabs, some stacks, some presets. The total in my Kemper is saying its much less than I imported. I scrolled through and see alot of profiles are not showing up at all. Everything seemed to import fine. I also put a slew of Tills cabs in there and I dont see those either.

    Where do I see a total of how many profiles are in my Kemper? As I scroll through profiles I see it says I only have 357 but I should be seeing hundreds more. I'm so confused.

    I am on Firmware 6.0

    I was going through my profiles adding my favs so I could erase the unwanteds. Question, after I save my favs and erase the rest can I just delete the shared folder on my usb stick so I can add new profiles later or do I need to format the usb stick? I dont want it to reimport all the unwanted files and have to erase them all again. I.m unsure if simply deleting them actually gets rid of them or would I need to format my usb each time I am ready to import new profiles.

    1.6 made my Kemper even better! It sounds absolutely fantastic and its hands down the single best piece of guitar related equipment I've ever used. I've had Axe Fx ultra, Axe Fx II, Pod HD500, and various others.

    Keep up the amazing work CK!

    I would like to sincerely thank Armin for this thread and I believe it to be a blessing in disguise, without which I may have not figured out what was going on with my Kemper when I upgraded to 1.6

    When I upgraded my firmware, my Kemper experienced a distinct change in its sounds and its feel. You could just feel it when you played, at least in my case I could. My amazing hi gain profiles were no more, they were shallow, weak, and didnt have the bite they once did. There was no doubt something just did not sound right on my favorite profiles. I also saw some goofy things happening in my volume controls and adding favorites wasn't happening anymore either. Needless to say things changed and not for the better. I realized that 1.6 was a beta and it probably had some issues that needed working out but it was still kind of depressing to hear my great tones gone.

    Anyway I saw others were resetting their KPA's so I thought maybe that would help me as well. Even though I had well over 1600 profiles1.6 installed fine but the changes were undeniable. I deleted all but about 100 profiles and then reinstalled 1.6. Then I did a system reset and lo and behold like a phoenix my KPA rose from the ashes and was once again the magnificent sonic beast it always was! All of my tones were back and they even sounded better to my ears! My volume controls are now perfect! Storing of favorites also perfect! Everything is just perfect from what I can tell. The reset did the trick and I am so thankful I found out about it. It really saved the day for me and after many frustrating hours mourning the loss of my tones I can now rest happily knowing they are all there for me and I can once again jam with the best guitar amp profiler in existence! Now and forevermore!