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    Thanks Viabcroce, you make a good point. If the only thing getting a FRFR speaker will give me is an increase in volume then maybe Im barking up the wrong tree and should just stick with my monitors I currently have. I am happy with them and my Kemper sounds amazing through them. I think maybe I will re-evaluate things and maybe get me a new guitar instead! :) I mainly use my Kemper in a recording environment so maybe I will just stick with that option for now.

    Ok, you MAY get away with it, but i have read high gain in the atomic CLR wedge (like metal and Dejent etc) can get muddy (search in the forum posts). Will that happen in the Friedman (dont know)

    My friend, i would bite the bullet, save up and get a mission engineering gemini 2, OR TRY THE FRIEDMEN IN HIGH GAIN FIRST, you get stereo and a great sound with mission, i would save up, do not buy the friedmen until you try it , i would hate for you to waste that (at least try high gain through it) I think if its low volume in the bedroom?, you most likely not care or notice, but stereo is awesome :)


    Thanks Ash. I checked out the Gemini online briefly. Looks to be around $1500. That actually looks a bit more to my liking than the Friedman! I could probably swing the few extra hundred to go with the Gemini if it's going to be superior to the Friedman. I also like that its a 2X12. So this Speaker sounds great with Hi-Gain? How would I connect it to my Kemper? Standard XLR? Would that be in Stereo?

    Thanks you guys, Ash, yes I'd be using it for alot pf Hi Gain, metal and rock is what I mostly play. Some clean stuff as well. I was thinking of the Friedman ASM-12. I hear its pretty good but it is cheaper than the Atomic CLR and some others so I'm not sure if it is as good or not. This will be for bedroom jammin.

    Hi everyone, I am about to buy a Friedman ASM-12 FRFR speaker for my Kemper. My reason for it is ordinary jammin. Mostly along with backing tracks and just practicing and playing in my bedroom. I dont intend to use it for a band situation. I currently have a pair of Mackie M8 monitors that I use for playing and recording.

    My question is, do I really need a FRFR speaker? What advantage will it give me compared to my monitors? Will it give me a true 'Amp in the room' sound? Is it worth it to get the Friedman FRFR for what I want to use it for? I am just wondering if it will give me much more than just a slight increase in punch and volume.

    Thanks for any opinions. Currently I'm swayed to buy the FRFR but I'd like to hear what some of you with FRFR speakers in addition to monitors think before I plunk down the cash.

    Thanks so much!

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some great quality authentic sounding AC/DC profiles. Profiles that sound like from Hells Bells, Thunderstruck, Dirty Deeds, Highway to Hell, The Jack, Back in black etc. I'm doing covers of those so any of those tones are much appreciated. Thanks!

    Hi everyone. Pretty soon I am purchasing my first ChopTones profiles. I am a metal/hard rock player and I am interested in the Dave Mustaine sig, Randy Rhoads sig, Kerry King sig and Zakk Wylde sig. Anyone have these? If so what are your opinions? I am about to buy my first FRFR speaker. It will be the FRIEDMAN ASM-15. I believe thats the model. Anyway I currently play through my monitors but I have been wanting a more 'Amp in the room' sound and I'm hoping the Friedman will bring these profiles to life and bring some amp like power.

    Wow, this pack looks awesome! Megadeth is my favorite band and I plan to buy this pack this coming week along with your Randy Rhoads sig, and Kerry King sig packs. I'm really impressed with your packs and feel its high time to try some of them out. I'm also ordering a Friedman FRFR speaker so playing these profiles should be a whole new awesome experience compared to recording and playing through my Mackie M8 monitors. I'm hoping for more of an amp in the room feel.

    Do you want to buy another speaker because you think it will sound better? You could otherwise buy a small mixer and use the monitors for both the situations, and save a lot :)

    No , I am wanting to get that amp in the room sound with a separate larger speaker. My Mackie m8's sound great for recording but for jammin I'd like to have more of an amp like sound and feel.

    Hi Everyone. I'm finally dipping my feet into getting a FRFR for my KEMPER. Currently I'm thinking of this one......

    Does anyone have this speaker? If so what are your thoughts? I have a non powered Kemper but this speaker is active so I assume I do not have to buy an external Power amp, correct? Just hook my Kemper into it and jam.

    Anyone else have any other FRFR speaker recommendations? I already know about the CLR Atomic. Right now though I'm leaning towards the Friedman.