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  • Hi Ash,

    Seems like you are pretty familiar with the Mission Engineering stuff. Going to paste a comment, I guess you can call it that, I wrote at a couple of other posts. I'd like your opinion as I too own a mission product, the Gem2.

    I'm quite new to my Kemper and Gemini 2 by Mission Engineering. Not an expert guitarist, aw hell might as well be honest, I'm someone that owns a guitar that screws around with it probably 2-3 hours a week, maybe 2-3 times a month I jam with my buds. Got the Gemini 2 to take place of my Peavey 6505+112 w/ a V30 in it. The high gain profiles I have from various people sound kinda buzzy thru the Gem2(cleans are good). It doesn't matter where the empower knob is, which almost just seems like a presence adjustment. Those profiles are the profiles that have the cab included. When I plug the Kemper with a DI profile (no cab) of the same amp that has the cab included into the send of my Peavey I get a nice growl type sound instead of a buzzy sound. The whole FRFR seems like a bunch of bull. If every FRFR cab was truly a flat response +-1 dB they should all sound pretty much the same except for the volume depending on the size of the amp. I haven't heard this yet but I find it hard to believe that a 1x12 FRFR cab will sound the same as a 4x12 cab. I've seen many comparison videos of FRFR cabs and they all sound different from one another. One other thing I don't get is that they are profiling a guitar thru an amp thru a GUITAR speaker cab. That guitar speaker usually rolls off quite dramatically after 5kHZ so right there you are changing probably the most important variable in the signal chain. Anybody have any info on comparisons of tube amp power stage frequency response vs solid state frequency response where both are driven into the exact same load. Unless I'm wrong I can't see that being as much as a kink in the armor as a different speaker cab. Now I'm thinking of getting a tube or maybe a solid state stereo amp and feed a couple of 2x12 or 1x12 cabs

  • Hi Ash, her'sz the link if you want to buy Damian a beer :)


    • Thanks Brother and thanks for the great vids too , if your ever in Australia a beer is waiting for you too :), thanks for your efforts man!

  • Hey bud. I just put my Kemper into a rack. My rack has a mixer on top. I should be able to do what I want. What's the best way to set up running in stereo? I did buy that mission cable but that was to run to a cab.


  • posted this in ultimate profile thread but then thought best to send as a message as it's their sales/promotion thread. no need for me to hijack with my opinions on pickups haha

  • Hahaha! Oh man, that drives me nuts when people say that. When I hear "Organic" it just makes me think about buying blueberries at the local Farmers Market on Saturday mornings*. :)

    *Note to Self: Remember to go this weekend. All out of farm fresh eggs :)

    I do get what they think they mean when they use this term but for me personally, if I wanted passive pickups, I'd get passive pickups.

    The "dynamic response" that is referred to as lacking in actives is, in my opinion, also the reason why actives are considered "noiseless" in regards to buzz & hum but also, and more importantly, every little finger/pick movement/error. Gotta take the good with the bad of course and I do actually have actives in some guitars and passives in others. I am about as obsessive with my pickups as I am my profiles. Go figure!

  • Many thanks for the links. He has just had stem cell treatment in Mexico. I travelled with him, we got back last week. He had many iv drips whilst there too.

    Whilst away, his wife has bought a bottle of cbd oil. He tried it for the first time a couple of days ago.



    • David great, okay dont forget the menu REALLY helps keep me updated hope he does well brother -Ash