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    MIne is working pretty well right now. I know LF is working on a new update to firmware/software for the changes to the reverb slot.

    But 98% is working and good. Did you do the V6 updates to firmware/hardware in your LF device? There are notes about changing programming to turn slots on/off without using the old CC commands and working now in performance mode.

    Getting the performance mode to automatically work and sync with the KPA performances is working great here.

    The new update Is supposed to help with showing correct name of reverb slot when it's loaded into any non-normal reverb slot and get the status light of the reverb slot to work 100% of the time.

    I would open a support ticket and see what they say. I didn’t experience any major changes with the latest upgrade. May be worth downgrading your KPA and trying the upgrade again.

    First thing to check is if the RJM or KPA have had their midi channel changed. It's in the System menu on the KPA, not familiar with RJM to point you on that piece of gear.

    But start with something very basic like a single PC command to call up a rig, performance or however you were using it before the upgrade.

    I use a liquid foot midi controller and there are some changes on programming especially around the reverb slot, but all the other midi stuff continued to work for me after the update.

    What version of LF firmware and software are you using?

    i have the same issue and trying to figure out what needs to change on the programming side of things.

    on the LF side, the new software just calls the REV slot, a REV slot, and doesn't contain a specific CC # to turn it on /off.

    That was a change on the LF side to account for different types of effects showing up in different slots.

    I still have the issue you describe, where i have to toggle the rev slot button 2 times to get it into sync. It appears that the KPA doesn't send out the proper on/off status of the REV slot when you first call up a rig.

    Damain, have you located any updated MIDI documentation for 5.7 release? I can't find it anywhere?



    Depends on how you use the controller live. Some would say tap tempo, or looper, or tuner. I like having the buttons open to program however I want them to work so you're not locked into What you pick right now. Today I use the delay mix a lot instead of a morph pedal and then a volume boost for leads is the other one I use a lot.


    For any Liquid Foot users there is a new beta software release that looks promising. It auto senses if you're in performance or browser mode and pulls performance names, slot names etc. or pulls rig names in browser mode without having to program by hand.

    There is a basic startup template for each mode to help with programming.

    Still in beta mode but a step in the right direction as getting the controller to work well in performance mode has been a challenge to this point.

    FYI for anyone interested.

    Liquid foot just released beta software to integrate with performance mode for KPA. Helps with pulling the slot names automatically, moving up/down through performances etc.

    Liquid Foot is not the cheapest controller and takes some programming to get it working, but an option.

    Yes thank you. Please share the NRPN details if anyone gets the full suite of commands working again. I was down to play/record and stop Working correctly. The others like 1/2 speed, undo, etc all stopped working with the original coding several updates ago.

    Anyone else see the slate overloud THU announcement. Directly aimed at profiling devices

    I already have the slate everything bundle so looking forward to hearing these.

    If you go into the settings page you will see the different functions you can assign the pedals/switches to. I haven't used those in a while but in the early days before pedal boards were supported that was the way to engage the tuner, change rigs, turn stomps or effects on/off, wah, volume pedals etc.

    Glad you got it worked out. I assumed you were working on the KPA directly and not in rig manager. When you do get rig manager going, then double clicking on the profiles in rig manager will let you preview the sounds and play them without saving them in the KPA itself. It's a quick and easy way to test out new profiles, then you save the ones you want to keep on the KPA.

    Good luck tone surfing ?

    I run mine as you describe and it works great. You get a good direct stereo sound of your guitar from the KPA and blend in the rest of the band via the aux inputs. I’ve had no issues with the setup. The IEMs will play a part in how hard you have to push the headphone output. I use Ultimate Ears UE7s and my headphone master output level is around -40 so plenty of headroom left if needed.

    Most of the time I'm using the Marsh SL3 and 3P Plexi from pack 2 for dirt.

    /13 and Dumble for cleans and edge of break up sounds.

    At loud volumes these just sit perfectly.

    I use the method of having the full band minus guitar go into the aux input of the Kemper. Then I plug my IEMs into the headphone jack of the Kemper and blend the aux in with the guitar from the Kemper. That way you get a nice stereo and direct signal of your guitar tone, no worries of the monitor path from FOH coloring/changing your sound in your ears. The internal mixer in the Kemper is a hidden jem that's often overlooked.