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    A quick recording of the first thing that came to me. CabLab added a lot of clarity for me and am looking forward to playing around with these. Hope that there will be a Chimera CabLab in the works one day.

    Edit: Just went and played some more and it is CabLab 001 not 015, though they all sound pretty good.

    Don't forget to check out celestion or beyma (for higher end ones).

    These should make a nice coaxial speaker for guitar, though I would look into the recommended volume displacement for the speakers instead of just tossing them into any old empty cab. Pair it up with a DIY class d amp and it should work nicely. It wont be FRFR but I usually ended up cutting out the highs from my previous FRFR anyway. Would maybe want a speaker that goes a bit lower end of frequency range for 7-8 strings or drop tunings though. Some of the celestions go down to 50hz. you could also look up more speakers just search "coaxial guitar speaker" or similar.

    It may be subjective as the cab (IMO) is more to complement the speaker used or to change the feel of the sound coming out of the speaker. Though for me I find that Till's recto or Chimera cabs will make most profiles sound really good. Even when there is a profile or pack that is getting a lot rave on this forum and it sounds poor to me, I can slap on of those cabs in and then it will sound much better.

    It is beneficial to have a handful of these know working profile fixer cabs on hand to avoid deleting a lot of potential otherwise good profiles.

    I was going to make this a while ago then the count seemed to be frozen at just under 4000 for a while and ended up putting it off for a while.

    Anyway with the help of the RE, finding and trying out new profiles is a breeze. As a result many new tones are found and whether you find a new tone you were looking for or a new profile sparks some new riffs, I wanted to make a thread where people could say thanks to the uploaders and post some clips to show the new sounds.

    Please save your band plugs or mixing/mastering skills for other topics. I hope to see some raw takes, mistakes and all, just share some jams that you have had while test driving profiles.

    Here is a couple of mine from today/yesterday from the Davoli Jazzy Strat profile (Caution - profile is on 100% volume, lower to 50% before playing, if you try it out)

    I usually play metal, but like it when I occasionally come up with riffs like these. Not sure on the genre but it has a mild distortion/fuzz like sound played with a les paul so that may add to the distortiona as well.

    Two takes of roughly the same riff.

    As already stated, BETA anything, comes with no guarantees whether it be KPA firmware or RM software. We are technically bug testing to help find bugs and make for a more stable official version. We have just had the luxury of having a lot of very stable BETA's so many people can loose focus on that.

    I would though agree that needing a new firmware to match a new RM software update can be a pain but I do know it is somewhat necessary to avoid to much fragmentation and compatibility between the firmwares and RM.

    I think a realistic compromise is to allow someone to be able to have run one official firmware to the next without losing usability of the RM.

    I do not think that we need better profiles I think we need better classified profiles. Sure we can make pretty much any profile work with all the tweaks we do with the Kemper but some just seem to work better out of the box than others. There are certain peoples profiles that just seem to work better than others as is at default and if they release more they usually do as well. It is not that they are better than others it is just that they work for me.

    So I suppose if someone can figure out this formula and sell packs in this category and not amp or genre categories, I would assume that more people would feel like they get more bang for their buck with usable profiles. Sad thing is this would not be easy to do because it is not a certain mic or cab but just the way the profile comes out of the speaker. Granted some people want to hear a mimicked genuine amp sound while some others are just happy when they hear a good tone that they can work with so that just adds to complexity as well.

    Overall (as with all technology) when markets get saturated, those who evolve and come out with new ideas or make profiles in a way not done before that creates new versatility or sounds will stay in the game and keep profitable. There is just so much hardware and software that can be placed in line between the profiler while profiling that I think that even if the KPA stopped dead as of today with updates, profiles would still evolve and improve.

    I have an EPROM programmer... I wish I can download the new code and program it by myself as I did with the UnO Firmware, but I didn't find any contact link to ask.
    IMHO to pay for every new version (this is the fourth) the same amount of a new user it's not very fair...

    I hope this is the last one, I'll wait few weeks to be sure :-)

    There was a comment (on here or the site, cannot remember) that downloading a firmware was not economical due to difficulty and needing the extra hardware or something of the sort. But I agree with you that I would pick up a programmer too if I could get the firmware for a fair price like 5 USD as the programmer is paid for in about 1.5 new chips to buy.

    Given the extensive feature release of the KPA, this just makes sense to me that there will be more revisions needed for sure to keep up in the future. So the question is not really "is this the last ROM that I will need" it is "is this the last ROM I will need before the KPA footswitch is released (if someone was planning on making that switch).

    That being said, the price of the chip is reasonable and I am glad to have these releases regardless, but if there was the option of just getting the firmware I would jump on that.

    Wow, this is awesome. Love the style and originality and not trying to fit into a genre. I bought it on bandcamp but would like to have a version with a shorter fade in that kicks in at the lyrics. I know it sounds good waiting till the drop, but I am just selfish and wanted more of the song to be loud. Nice lyric combo as well it works well.

    Not off hand. I did see a video at one time and the DI with cab sounded much closer to the real amp than the profile, but cannot remember what all was compared. There are some 5150's with DI's but just searching DI in the exchange should bring up a lot more so you can choose based on your preference.

    Thank you very much for your response.

    After changing the Amp to a Bugera V22 with FX return and changing the power outlet it worked. The sound is sometimes a bit dull when I do palm muting. Way too much bass! Maybe it's just a wrong setting somewhere?


    Try some profiles that have on the rig exchange that are DI profiles and see how you like the sound through your FX return. There are some people that have the same profiles where one is the full amp and one is the DI. This would be a great chance for you to disable the cab in the full profile and compare it to the DI so you can see how much the cab removal feature is affecting the sound.

    There are lots of other tweaks you can do but this is a nice experience to how different profiles work with different gear for future reference.

    I have to say the 8 string is more unique. There is nothing wrong with the "no mid guitar" version. However, if you are searching for your own touch and something unique that would grab the listener; I would keep using the 8 string. Got my attention quick when I heard it.

    I really wanted it to work just for the fact that I wanted something different. So I did proper dual tracks with panning to give it another shot and found a better sound for the 8 string and posted a new one to compare to. It still needs some cleaning up but the progress shows with the little extra put into it.

    Thanks. I wasn't sure if the 8 string was helping or not. I can also pan the rhythm to fill it up as well so will try that next. It is not really song shaped yet and I imagine the lyrics (if they ever come) will give things more structure.

    I like compounding effects to get nice tightness. For example I have a 4:1 compressor locked in and play some of sinmix metal profiles (I think the Hector with mxr) and also put a Misha protone overdrive in front of the kpa. (the od adds a layer of tightness and the tone control makes for a nice easy eq to find the sweet spot). I know we like to get away from pedals with the kpa but that pedal up front, adds enough to get a double track fatness without needing to double track or post eq so it is good for live play and practice.

    And before you give up on a profile, try it with the gain lowered. It makes a big difference in tightness. Made a huge difference when dialing the gain on that sinmix one back to 7.

    These are very good, thanks for sharing. They work better for my gear than others that I have tried. I know the old "KPA can make any profile work with any setup" saying, but some profiles just work better right out of the box and some others just cannot be tweaked to the same sounds. If you want to know what I am getting at then I can tell you that if the tills chimera or Sinmix packs sound good with your gear without tweaking, then these probably will too.

    Actually wondering if it could go to 20 or stay at 10 but have the current 10 be more like a 5.

    The profiler just seems amaze in so many ways with options that go beyond what traditional amps can do. The one setting (that I noticed anyway) is the definition is many times maxed out. It is also a very common go-to tweak for taming or improving high gain amps. So my curiosity got the better of me and wondered what would happen to those tweaks if there was 50% more of it on tap to use?

    So to tide me over or even solve my curiosity, I was wondering if there was an EQ or TS (or whatever) stomp setting that would take over and expand on where the definition stops at its current max.

    Thanks for the pack Andy. Liking the engl's so far.

    Just wanted to point out that the extracted folder inside both the AF Pack 5 and the metal producer packs are both called "Rigs". Might be a good idea to rename them so that people do not overwrite one or the other when extracting them.

    Thanks Don. I did not notice any selections (of deselecting) for favorites. They were not showing up in All Profiles so I selected my rigs from the menu and found them. When I went back to all rigs they were still there among the others.