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    Never really understood stereo for live use, the only place that it would really apply is front center, audience to left or right of stage will hear some variance of what you are wanting them to hear re delays etc. I always play mono live. Stereo sounds great in the rehearsal space though!

    I have a non-powered rack with a matrix power amp as my main rig for playing live, wireless in the rack as well. I typically have a guitar cab on stage and also use IEMs for every show.

    If I had to do it again I would have saved a space in my rig and got the powered rack. Some pics before I added the wireless.

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    I am interested in doing something similar, may have BTPA do a custom board that has a panel with a powercon in hardwired to an IEC for the stage, would also have XLR and 1/4” jacks on the panel that are wired to the stage.....not sure how to power the wireless though, thinking of a pedaltrain Volto? Otherwise could hardwire a pedalpower under the board for the 1 pedal (shure wireless in my case - had the line 6 for a prior board and it suffered from a lot of dropouts at venues). Would be nice though, take board out of case and plug in 1 power cable and then any outputs you want and you are good to go.

    I just received the Studio 20. It is excellent! I've gone from super heavy AMS12, to Atomic CLR and now the ValveTrain. It is EVERYTHING that was promised. It's the tubey punch I've been looking for that will cut through the mix. I'm also playing in small clubs and it is way more than enough. Bigger club? We'll mic it into PA. I am SUPER HAPPY, highly recommended and price high tho not quite stinky, but really no regrets.

    Do you have your cab sims on or off when using your valvetrain Matt?

    Recently had to return my 50 for a refund - just died on me one day and AMS was super cool with the return and refund - I LOVED this thing and I am definitely going to replace it. I had gigged small clubs with it and it sounded great!

    1. I am considering going with the Britt model from British Audio as opposed to the generic 50 that I previously had - does anyone have any experience with both? I believe the only sonic difference is the speaker, a red white and blue in the Britt as opposed to a Legend in the generic version. I love Britt profiles, but I really don’t play country, more classic rock tones, so I am not 100% sure if it would be right for me?
    2. Also, I was using with cab sims “on” which seemed crazy but HW and Britt had a YouTube vid where they talked about this and so I gave it a try, really liked it - any others using cab sims “on” with this thing?!

    For anyone considering one of these, I love(d) mine.

    Answers embedded in quote above.

    I have the non-powered KPA rack and have gigged it for 6 years now. Racked in a 6u case with a Furman, a Matrix power amp and a Shure qlxd4 wireless. Sits on top of my speaker cabinet. I have a custom interface on the back for super quick hook ups. It has been rock solid and never skipped a beat.

    I also have the stage and I use it for smaller gigs - plugs into a Valvetrain Powertrain 50 tube amp on stage. Has worked great.

    I morph in some gain and mids +/- delay etc to taste.I don’t really add volume.

    When solo boosting worry less about manipulating your volume (which can throw off gain structure at the board if you boost it too much) and more about adding mids. You can do this with a stomp box ( tubescreamers add mids) or with an EQ block and a drive much like the Tone Junkie tips and tricks videos do to emulate stomps that arn't in the Kemper. Or you can have a lead performance where the amp mid knob is boosted. There are tons of ways but you want MIDS not necessecarily volume. Volume is perceived when you hear the guitar start to cut wit the added mids. Small volume boosts (1-3db) can be ok but it still won't do much for you unless you are manipulating those mids.

    Britts profiles translate very well to live stage volumes without tweaking any eq. Could find one of his you like and use it live.

    I personally have been done with FRFR for live monitoring now for a couple of years for the most part (although I use IEM’s - does that count?). Migrated from Atomic CLR’s on stage, which are VERY good, but just didn’t seem/feel right to me. In addition, we are by no means a silent stage when we play live, and I was concerned for those members of the crowd that are mobbing the front of the stage, immersed in stage wash more so than FOH regarding what they hear, have as authentic experience as possible, which to me is a guitar cab.

    I have been using a traditional guitar cab onstage now for a couple of years - coupled with my unpowered KPA rack and a matrix power amp. Mon out from KPA to matrix in has cab sims off. Sounds and feels right to me.

    For smaller gigs, I am LOVING the profiler stage and the ValveTrain PowerTrain 50 combination on stage. Super easy load in/out. For this rig I am keeping my cab sims on per Britt and HW recs. I have tried this both ways and like the cab sims on better with this PowerTrain. I have the regular 50, not the Britt model.

    In both setups I of course keep cab sims on the main out to FOH.

    I plan to get the Kabinet as soon as it is released just to try it out.

    I still own the CLR’s and use them for evaluating new profiles before using them live.