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    Hi all newbie so please don't shoot me ...downloaded and upgraded to new 1.8.1 FW but can't find the new pitch programs in 'stomp ' or modulation ??? also any news on when we might be able to use a delay before the amp stack ?? loving my KPA ..used it in an emergency yesterday Fantastic !!!

    Ah right thanks for the reply's really just the sound of the delay being overdriven by the amp that I wanted preferably a Tape delay ....for an authentic Rockabilly sort of tone ...
    fingers crossed this update comes soon ...

    Hi all I've had my Kpa less than 12 hours so forgive my ignorance in advance if this is a case of rtfm !
    I'm trying to put a stomp delay effect on before the stack section but can't find the delay in the menu I have everything else mods,dist,eq,wahs etc but no mention of delay ...I can add delay after the stomp and have all the different types there ? am I missing something ? I have updated to fw1.7
    Thanks for any help