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    As a fellow guitar player that dabbles in the bass territory, I can only recommend Wedgie Rubber bass picks. Plays like a pick, sounds like it's played with fingers.

    The rubber picks were the first thing I bought when I started dabbling. I have limited amount of memory left in my brain and trying to to learn to play with my fingers would probably push me over the edge!

    Awesome, Thanks! That is exactly what I needed to know. We are a loooooooooooooooooong ways off from ever have to deal with a FOH engineer, but what you said makes complete sense.

    It is all just for fun at this point, I will just find one or two like you said and stick to those. No need to over-complicate something that doesn't need to be over-complicated.

    I Just started playing bass with a bunch of guys a couple months ago. Usually I just plug into the rig that is at the rehearsal space, but this next time around I am going to bring the Kemper and my Atomic cab.

    Since I am more of a Sucky Guitar player than a Sucky Bass player, I am not quite familiar with the standard operating procedures of Bass Playing.

    Do you guys have different Bass Rigs for different songs, or do you pretty much pick a favorite and stick to that one the whole set?

    We mostly play 90's grunge/rock and a little AC/DC and Danzig.


    If you are buying a fcb1010 new it won't have it. It is something you have to install. It basically turns the fcb into a midi-controller for the kemper, and cuts out all the midi programming that you would have to do. It is plug and play and about as easy as it gets.

    I hope it works for you. I have the Komplete 6 and it did not get along at all with my laptop. Thats not to say it wasn't the laptops fault, the combo of the two just didn't work well. When I need to record something I plug it in but it certainly isn't a leave on all the time type of thing for me.

    Since that didn't work well for playing along to music, I bought one of these:

    [Blocked Image:…ll=780,500&qlt=90&cvt=jpg]

    Pic doesn't show up, here is the linky:

    Samson S-mix

    I have my laptop and kemper hooked into it to play along with music. You have to buy an adapter to hook your headphones up to the left and right outputs as the 1/4" out is mono. Hopefully your interface will work perfectly and you won't need to go this route though.

    I bought the LSR308s and finally took them out of the box to setup, they were monsters, looked absolutely ridiculous with my setup. Kinda like when you buy a big truck to make up for your small.....

    Took them back and bought the 305s. Much better use of space for me. Haven't tried them yet though, that will be tonight's mission.

    I completely agree. I have searched the threads here and found many good examples, but most of the threads here seem to lean in the direction of mixing accuracy etc. I was hoping someone could pipe in on more of a hobbyist level, rather than a professional level.


    I have been searching the interwebz and I can't find an exact answer to this so I figured I would go to the experts.

    I am a bedroom/hobbyist guitar player. I play my Kemper through studio headphones 99% of the time, for that last 1% I play through these:
    [Blocked Image:
    100% wood cabinet using 12mm non-resonant MDF
    HF Driver:
    3/4 inch (19mm) dome type, magnetically shielded
    LF Driver:
    4 inch (106mm) diameter, magnetically shielded
    Bass Reflex Port:
    rear panel
    Power Output:
    10Wrms x2 (at 1KHz, 10% THD)
    Frequency Response:
    100-10,000Hz (at -5dB)
    1x Volume, 1x Sub Bass
    Input Ports:
    2 pairs of stereo RCA jacks, internally mixed
    (Line A inputs feature treble boost of 9dB at 10KHz; Line B inputs are flat)
    Input Impedance:
    20K Ohms
    (9-1/16") (23.00 cm)
    (5-7/8") (14.80 cm)
    (7-1/16") (18.00 cm)
    (11.00 lb.) (5 kg), both cabinets

    I bought them because they were cheap and I didn't really know what I was doing when I got the Kemper a year ago. They need to be aimed like lasers into my earholes to get the sweet-spot. If I move my head at all while I am playing the sound completely changes.

    I would like to get something a little better(Bigger sweet spot, louder, better freq response, etc). I have zero interest in recording or mixing so I don't need super accurate, spendy monitors. These are just to play through when my ears get too sweaty from my headphones :D I would prefer not to spend over $500.


    Purchased this yesterday. Thick Heavy Tones. Really, really awesome. I like the fact that they aren't loaded down with a buttload of fx. Loving the 2 mic rigs. My mesa's are also claiming that it is a 6505. I am guessing it is just a tag error, since they do sound different.

    Keep up the good work.

    Okay, had a little help from a friend on this. Hopefully I am thinking this through in my head correctly:

    Find an audio interface that has rca ins. Connect the left right RCA outs from the eband to these.

    Connect the KPA to the audio interface via S/PDIF.

    Connect audio interface to computer.

    Listen to everything through the computer.

    Correct? will there be any loss in audio quality vs. listening through headphones on the KPA?

    Good Morning,
    I bought a new kemper last night and I am very impressed. I have been searching the forums this morning, and while I have uncovered a lot of info, I haven't quite pinpointed an answer to my situation. If this has been answered before, please forgive me.

    I have a boss eband that I use for playing along to backing tracks, learning songs, slowing down songs etc. I would still like to use the tools on the eband and play it through the KPA using the KPA profiles and the eband 'tools'. I read up, and I know I can use the auxillary input for this but I am looking for other options.

    Eventually I would like to record with the KPA into a laptop. I am not talking multiple tracks or anything complicated. Just my guitar sound. I then overlay the guitar sound on a video that I have taken. So I don't need anything super complicated.

    So after all that, my question is: What do I need to buy to accomplish the above? Keep it simple for me please this stuff kinda blows my mind :D