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    Yesterday ordered the cabinet (will take a week to ship) and seperately a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170. Got the Powerstage today and was very disappointed by the continuous noise of the fan. Now saw in reviews that others have similar experiences.

    Will return it, but what power amp to order now???

    If you don't need so much power...I'm using a DV Mark CMT as a power head. 60 watts into 4 ohms.
    It sounds good and the bonus is that it sounds good by itself into a normal guitar speaker.
    I originally bought it as a multi-use device. When used by itself, it uses a small tube for the preamp.

    1) Using a Mini Brute circuit preamp pedal as the front end for jazz guitar sounds
    2) By itself as a small, good sounding amp.
    3) With the Kemper Kone.…ature-50w-guitar-amp-head

    Let's not kid ourselves, MDF is strictly used for its cost. The best cab builders don't use birch or pine to "accentuate the right frequencies"

    That is possible.
    It's also possible some people won't buy a cabinet unless it's made of traditional woods and some cab builders realize that. $$$.

    So far, it seems everybody is pleased with the sound of their MDF Kabinet.

    Very cool and I'd love to buy some stuff, but I can't get to your website. I tried IE, Edge, Chrome, and FireFox from a Windows PC, and Safari from an iPhone and iPad. They all seem to take issue with a secure channel issue. The most useful error came via FireFox; 'Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG". I found your Facebook page and it looks like someone reported the same there (though I don't use Facebook or i would have posted there). Are you actively working on something?

    I was able to get in a minute ago with Firefox and Chromium on Linux, plus using Safari on my iPhone.

    Really? The room where my Kabinet sits and my relative position to it doesn’t allow for much more than 12:00 o'clock.

    I sit about 4-5 feet in front of it, off angle. The more I reduce the level of the Directivity, it sounds more like the faux, stereo widening effect on some boom boxes with that circuit. When I leave it at maximum, it sounds more amp like to me.

    Its here!Now, people have been talking about “amp in the room” sensation... Im not a tone savy person, but when I switched from my Fender Twin Reverb combo amp to the Kemper with the Xitone cab, although I liked what I was hearing, something felt different. I eventually got used to it and never went back and played the Twin Reverb.

    I discovered I did not like the Directivity control at anything other than 10 (full up). Anything less sounds diffused and strange.

    There are no actual shortages of food or anything else, but people keep creating an artificial shortage in the stores by hoarding stuff they don't need. My mother lived through the Depression and WWII and nothing phases her now. She's 97 and not worried and neither am I. If the world would just use precaution and think the same way, it would get better quickly.

    I can't speak for your line of work; when business shuts down for a while, some people will be affected. Look at your savings and if you think your job will be affected, then make a decision to keep or return.

    I had about 35 minutes as I have other things to do. In the open back T21 cabinet, it sounds exactly the same as if you used an open back combo. I only tried the MBritt Deluxe Reverb from his Vintage Pack and it sounds very amp like. I prefer this MUCH better than using my QSC K10 FR. I'm thrilled; a total game changer. Fractal should be really worried. LOL.
    I should have more time with this on Monday.

    It's also the first time I've tried the new editor. Very nice, For my workflow, it's not as easy as using the KPA knobs as my KPA is on a stand and not near a desk. My laptop sits on top of the rack and I simply use the editor to choose rigs.

    Received Kone and installed (late tonight so not possible to try out yet; will try tomorrow) in an old model Tech 21 Power Engine 60. Tech 21 informed me the power amp can not handle 4 ohms without overheating, so I'm only using this worthless piece of gear as a cabinet powered by a DV Mark CMT head. I soldered the speaker cable leads directly to the speaker terminals of the Kone.

    Apologies if this has been asked already:

    Can you fit the Kone into a powered speaker cab? I'm currently using 2 RedSound LG12 powered cabs in stereo, and it would be great if I can swap the speakers to Kones.

    ... (Misunderstood question)

    I wonder if I can replace the speaker in a Tech 21 PEDD w/the K.K.? The amp is 100W into 8 ohms, but if you run a PEDD extension speaker it becomes 4 ohm load and 200W.

    Things that make you go Huhmmmmm.

    I have the old T21 PE 60 and the T21 people told me it would overheat the Power Engine if I used a 4 ohm load. I'm going to use the PE cabinet to hold the Kone and use a DV Mark CMT to power it.

    I use one of the amp stands that tilts your amp back at 45 degrees. I *turn the stand around* backwards and put the Kemper's rack on it so the controls are now pointing up at me 45 degrees.


    Currently the following Speaker Imprints will become available with the PROFILER:

    • Celestion Vintage 30
    • Celest G12M Greenback
    • Celest G12M Creamback
    • Celestion G12 Blue
    • Celestion G12H Anniv
    • Celestion G12H Herit
    • Celestion G12-100
    • Celestion G12T
    • EVM12L Blacklabel
    • Eminence MFD
    • Goodmans Audiom 61
    • Oxford 12L6
    • Jen P12Q
    • Jen P12R
    • Jen C12N Ceramic
    • Jen Vintage P10R
    • Jen Vintage C10R
    • JBL D120F 12'
    • JBL 2110H 8'

    I wish @lonestargtr could convince ckemper to include an imprint of the Celestion Classic Lead 80 since MOST of Mike's profiles use that speaker.
    I know there are many of us who use MBritt profiles 99% of the time.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Since the Kemper Kab will be closed back, wouldn't you expect better performance (given a choice for your own cab) to use a closed back cab?

    It's more of a personal preference thing. A closed cabinet will give more bass, but that may not be desired. Raising a closed cabinet off the ground will lose bass which might be comparable to an open cabinet on the ground.

    Some players like the open sound of an open cab. Metal players would probably prefer a closed cabinet.