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    Found this today:

    Double clip on rig and now the down/up arrow keys will move and load the data to the KPA.

    It didn't work for me on my Local LibraryHD profile/rigs. Cursor moved but no sending of data to KPA automatically. I had to hit enter to send it to KPA.

    I tried the same thing with the actual KPA "My Profiler" folder and it worked correctly.

    I then tried the process in my Local Library folders. Fixed it. Now it works correctly.

    Using this feature is a God-send even if the RM did nothing else.

    Worth the cost of the software right there!

    I've just copied my 999 KPA profiles in my KPA to a new folder on the HD and with RM I emptied the KPA of everything except my own profiles, loaded the 2.3 Kemper profiles and I now I have 500 profiles in the KPA and access to all six thousand profiles (searchable) in mere seconds..

    I am not sure what you mean by work arounds. What specifically are you referring to? I found the program works perfectly as described and expect improvements in the future. If you care, check out my experience posted under the "... Disappointment?" topic.

    I didn't deal with subfolders.

    TAF rigs sometimes contain three versions of an amplifier in three folders ie.- high output (hum-bucking), low output (single coil) and the raw versions.

    I just created three folders in the local library with the same beginning and the variable at the end. For example:

    P6 Matchess DC30 HB

    P6 Matchess DC30 SC

    P6 Matchess DC30 Raw

    Close the program, reopen RM and all three folders are alphabetized right next to each other. I find this organization works well for me.

    Maybe there is a way to alphabetize without close/reopen RM too but this only takes a few seconds.

    Windows 8.1

    Yesterday, after reading about the 2.3/RM on this forum, the manual and WiKPA I gave 2.3 and RM a try. Win 8.1 on Thinkpad.

    Every aspect worked as expected. I now have over 6000 rigs (3821 from Rig Exchange) with my Local Library containing about 50 folders with the balance of my rigs.

    The entire Rig Exchange download took less than 20 minutes to complete with Verizon FIOS.

    No crashes. No drama whatsoever.

    My (our) patience, knowing this was in the works, was well worth the wait. I am sure that Team Kemper with continuously work to make RM a more powerful tool. Kemper Amps and the users as well as future users will all benefit.

    Thank you Christoph Kemper and the entire Kemper team for an even better integrated organized system.

    I have been using 2.1 beta for the past two hours and it is another step in a positive direction. Nice (subtle) changes, sounds excellent and no issues.

    Thank you Kemper engineers.