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    I still live with my tube amps AND the KPA. For some reasons a combo and a stompbox is still the better solution, when transport is an issue or entering a stage and being play-ready in 2 minutes (f.e. club sessions).
    And though I own my KPA for one and a half year, I don't yet find myself at the end of my soundsearch at all. It's sometimes still much confusing for me which of the numerous parameters is the best to make a sound more transparent or fatter or smoother or or or (Amp-EQ, Cab-EQ, Slot-EQ, Stomp-EQ, Output-EQ and some more ) and when the sound is o.k. the volume must be matched, and again we have (Output volume, Cab-Volume, Amp-volume, Stomp-volume, and the clipping LEDs :evil:
    So I think it's a long process which also makes you listening more careful to your guitar, identifying the right parameter in the KPA, and choosing the least necessary features to achieve your sound-idea. For me the shortest way is the best, so I choose only profiles which already fit to 80% of my needs), but I'm still very far away of this goal.

    To cut things short: Despite of all these things.....

    I'm happy :love:

    On my Orville-SG I'm using passive "Motown-PUs", which drive the Input-LED into totally red.
    I needed to change CleanSens to -4,3 and DistSens to -3,6 to avoid input-clipping, but now the overallvolume is pretty low, so I have to create extra-Rigs for my Orville to compensate this. Additionally the sound is a bit mushy.
    Are there recommendations for different solutions ?
    Am I doin wrong ?
    Should I ignore the Input-LED and concentrate on Output-clipping ?

    Any help would be appreciated

    If you are picky about you tone and use any form of speaker (cab or monitor) you will always be tweaking EQ, reverb and delay to match the sonic characteristics of the stage/room. The only way to get consistent monitoring sound regardless of the venue is by switching to IEM. When you do tweak on-stage you should if possible limit your tweaking to the monitor-out-eq so that you KPA always deliver consistent sound to FOH.

    That's what I've been doin' all the time. But as I understood there are some guys and some TAF-Profiles which they don't need to tweak for live-use which I envy them.

    Not sure if I get what you mean. Do you mean the better amp/cab seperation which is more useable with a real guitar cab?

    yes, that's one example.
    In general: New Profiles are to be embedded into the live-Performances I'm using, so that they fit in volume- and soundwise.
    Live use (consistent sounds between songs together with -or sometimes against- drums and bass on a loud stage) is more challenging for me than finding a great sound for home- or recording-use when playin to backing tracks or just for my own. (can't explain better)
    So there are two sides of the medal: Great new features in OS 3.0 and KFC but much work to make them work

    Very interesting thread for me!

    I'm using mostly TAF-Pro-Profiles and I'm happy with it, though I cannot use any of them without tweaking LIVE ON STAGE !!!
    I own Rig Pack No. 9 and the complete Mashall-rig-pack-bundle.
    Can anybody recommend a few specific rigs of those TAF-Profiles, which can be used for LIVE-GIGs without tweaking.
    Three sounds would be appreciated: clean, moderate-crunch, and mid-gain-lead (I cannot imagine to use them without matching them to the venue, but maybe I will be taught)

    I'm using a RCF Active-Monitors on stage for monitoring and also for FOH (btw: though I'm VERY old fashioned, FRFR is much better than my 2x12-Clestion Heritage-Mojo-Box, so for me FRFR is the way to go with KPA full stop).

    Regarding the original thread I commit that also for me there are too many parameters for a "conventional guitarist". My analog-amps have only a few knobs and many of effect-paramters seem to be more self-explaining (and also have a rather different more musical impact on the amp's sound than the effects in the KPA, f.e. the "Screamer").

    So, back to my intention above: Profile-Proposals for Live-Use are highly appreciated
    Blooze'n Groose

    Well, my spider sense tells me that the KFC and 3.0 will be available at the same time

    That would be very nice, though I will be occupied for the following weeks and months by all the new features (new profiling algorithm, KFC-exploring, matching the live-rigs and so on).
    Hopefully the KFC will be available in acceptable delivery-time (2 hours after ordering)
    I'll postpone my dissappointment just after NAMM'15

    sounds good
    especially version 3.0 with cab-Profiling and direct Amp-Profiling and Merging those should be described in the Profiling section.

    Though it is really laudable how consequently each OS-Update is documented by the KPA-Team, it would be worthy (maybe especially also for the newcomers) to have a consistent documentation from time to time, where all the ammendments of each OS-Version is implemented in the relevant chapter.
    This could avoid printing each "News in OS-Version x.y" and stacking it on top of the KPA-Folder and reading the documentation only consecutively. ?(
    (hope my thoughts are understandable).
    The WiKPA therefore is much more usable for me

    I have to appologize, if this subject has been dealt with already.
    On the download website the Download-Button hides the date-information (partially) so that I often have to guess, what date the new version is (and if I had it already downloaded). ?(
    Maybe the button is supposed to be oositioned a bit higher (half a centimeter). 8o

    That's what I do during preparation of a live-venue:
    1. Create a new Output-Preset by taking one and renaming it (mostly according to the venue name)
    2. During soundcheck I firstly load my performances and make a few tweaks (only sound levels)
    3. To match my performanc-sounds to the stage-sound I tweak my Monitor-EQ (in the Output Preset). This happens several times during our soundcheck all the way by playing, tweaking, storing and again listening several times
    4. To match my performances to the P.A. I then tweak the Master -EQ. Here also by playin and storing a few times.
    I'm too busy to rename every storage
    5. At last I am finished and now find a pretty large number of Output-Presets (all named the same) by turning the browser-Knob.
    All should be deleted (excepted the last version). That's a bit circumstatial, because even during our performance it is not seldom that I "retweak"

    I like all the possibilities too much, as if I would perform with a compromise :thumbsup: